July 2016
July Insights
When we meet people outside of the office and they ask us what we do, the simple answer is to say we serve as trustees of trusts, we act as executors, and we manage assets. That’s usually the quick response. Those are the services we provide on a daily basis to our clients. The real answer to what we do at Garden State Trust Company, is help our clients preserve and pass on the wealth they worked so hard for during their life. From the time they become a client, through retirement, estate planning, and beyond. We are there to guide, assist, and support them through big and small life changes. Then do the same for the next generation.

How do we do this? By administering to estates, trusts, and investment management as a fiduciary serving with unwavering loyalty to our client. 

Our clients experience the Garden State Trust Difference:

Dedicated to finding solutions
Strong commitment to quality and caring service
Deep understanding of retirement needs
Careful analysis of client goals and circumstances
High level of responsiveness by seasoned professionals

At Garden State we believe in teamwork. Partnering with a client’s other trusted advisors we can establish a plan that preserves their assets from generation to generation in a way that incorporates the specific needs and circumstances of their family. Every family is different, we make sure that the individual needs of each client is considered and integrated into the vision for the future. 

Wishing you an enjoyable summer,

Below are a few articles which we hope you find useful. Let us know your thoughts and reach out with any questions. 
Brexit fallout

One thing is certain about financial markets—investors hate uncertainty. They hate being surprised. And the biggest surprise of the quarter was the decision by a slim majority of Britons to leave the European Union. The next day Japan’s Nikkei dropped 8%; France’s CAC fell 10% in two days; and the S&P 500 lost 5% in two days. Learn More.

Should your investment program be a trust?

Investors with $50,000 portfolios have stockbrokers, it has been said, while those with $5 million have trust officers. That may be true, but it’s also misleading.The fact is, few of our customers are in the truly high-wealth category. A good number of business or professional people, active or retired, count on us to maintain and enhance their hard-won financial independence. Some rely on us to invest significant sums that they have received as a result of a death in the family or the sale of property. Learn More.

12 reasons to review your will

Creating a will and an estate plan is not a “one and done” event. Many events can cause a plan that made perfect sense when it was drafted fail to meet expectations and the needs of the family. Life happens. As a rule of thumb, a will and estate plan should be reviewed every five years or so. Here’s a checklist of 12 reasons why a will might need to be amended.  Learn More.
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