July 2020

Sure is hot out there! There's still time to pick up a few supplies for your hurricane preparedness kit. Did you know that Manatee County suggests you have a 7-day supply of food, water and medicine for every person and pet?
From the top

A British author explained,  "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain."   As it pertains to our pandemic, our LWR CERT team is doing just that.

In the last few weeks:
  • Deb Diven set up video meetings with Town Hall, IDA Operations and EMFR to improve coordination during an activation.
  • Nigel Pilling completed a Hurricane Preparation video. Look for it on the LWR CERT YouTube channel.
  • Pat Knowles ordered hundreds of surgical masks for our team kits.
  • Dave Cashbaugh documented our updated processes in our new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document. Find it in the members' section of our website.
  • Tom Hickey held virtual meetings with 70% of our Team Captains to discuss updates.
  • Connie Farmer and Karen Emanuelson met with representatives from SMR and CAC to strategize how to work together to share hurricane preparedness info.
  • Many of our Team Captains are communicating with their neighbors and teams about how to prepare for this season.
  • Valerie Stafford-Mallis is helping us stay out of trouble legally.
  • John Rocco found an interesting presentation for our Sept. 3 member meeting.
  • Jan Kuhn is keeping track of our action items to keep things moving along.

The Coronavirus has challenged our ability to hold public meetings and training classes, but it has not shut us down.

Stay safe!

Jim Emanuelson
President, LWR CERT
2020 Hurricane Season Response:
What our Members Need to Know
If we activate this Hurricane Season, we will have to deal with COVID-19.
  • Wear a mask during activation. You also have googles and gloves in your backpack.
  • If you need a mask, team kits are each supplied with 20 surgical masks for members, volunteer responders and survivors.
  • Assembly areas will be set up to support social distancing.
  • As in all situations, activate only when you feel safe to do so. If you are uncomfortable performing Search and Rescue activities, consult with your Group Leader who may have another role you can perform while social distancing.
  • Treat everyone you encounter as if they have COVID-19; understand that survivors you encounter may look at you the same way.
During Basic Training you were trained for a Cat 5 storm with search and rescue, basic first aid, triage and tourniquets. There has been confusion about how to respond after a less intense storm.

NEW IN 2020: LWR CERT will now stand up radio communications and activate after any storm in which our Activation Manager has send out assignment emails to our members. You will still self-activate, making the individual choice based on your safety.

After a less intense storm, the Manatee County Emergency Operations team has asked LWR CERT to serve as their eyes and ears on the ground conducting damage assessment. After an intense storm, teams will conduct search and rescue as needed in addition to providing damage assessment for the County.

Check out the Activation Types and Examples below.
Active Responder 2020 award distribution continues
Congratulations to these members who have earned 2020 Active Responder awards. Awards are distributed by Team Captains. * indicates newly announced

2020 Active Responders Tier 1

Gary Anderson - Diane Anderson Norman Baillie - Tammy Barg - Tricia Bauer - Mary Benfer - David Benfer* - Carole Bernard - Ken Bertram - Gail Boyer - Lenoire Bredt - Robin Brill - Jerry Buhr - Mark Burton - Marty Burton - Joseph Butch - Matthew Cangemi - David  Cashbaugh - Larry Clemons - Tom Cofer - Barb Davey - Mel Davis - Deb Diven - Don Diven* - Bob Donato - Donna Donato - Jim Emanuelson - Karen Emanuelson - Connie Farmer - David Forgash - Nick Frederick - Lou Goodman - Karen Goodman* - Tony Gula - Tom Hickey - Kris Hoekman - Jean Hritz - Paul Jackowski - Stan Jernigan* - Philippe Johnson - Dennis Johnson* - Judith Johnson - Sue Joy-Sobota* - Jack Kerber - Pat Knowles - Jan Kuhn - Gordon Kuhn - Karen Lemley - Larry Lemley - Karen Lilly - Vijay Mahadeo - Samuel Mallis - Kay Marcus - Mark Marcus - Dennis McSherry - Michael Miller - Brenda Nusbaum - Cynthia Olcott - Preston Olinger - Kalena Ostrosky - Nigel Pilling - Pat Poyle - Tom Pratt - Richard Raymond - Teresa Reeck - John Rocco - Jan Runci - Mike Runci - Marty Saia* - Stan Schuer - Tim Sherer - Alan Silverglat - Valerie Stafford-Mallis - Mike Staley - Patt Staley - Arline Stein - Ken Strahs - Susan Strahs - Robert Swiatek - Brian Thompson - Stephen Voutsas* - Valerie Voutsas* - John Waggett - Sheila White - Kim Wright - Bert Zinkand

2020 Active Responders Tier 2
Lenoire Bredt* - David  Cashbaugh - Barb Davey* - Mel Davis - Deb Diven - Jim Emanuelson - Karen Emanuelson - Connie Farmer* - Tony Gula - Tom Hickey - Jean Hritz - Pat Knowles - Jan Kuhn - Gordon Kuhn - Karen Lemley - Larry Lemley - Vijay Mahadeo - Kalena Ostrosky - Nigel Pilling - Richard Raymond - John Rocco - Tim Sherer - Valerie Stafford-Mallis - Mike Staley - Patt Staley - Kim Wright
Videos worth the watch
Click the video image to view
Shortened version of LWR CERT's popular in-person Hurricane Preparedness session with the addition of special prep needed due to COVID-19.
Created by Training Manager Nigel Pilling and Treasurer Pat Knowles. Available on LWR CERT YouTube. 25 minutes

Mini member skills refresher. What's in your backpack plus tips on additional items to add. Created by the LWR CERT Training Committee. 11 minutes.
Official 2020 Hurricane Season update presented by Manatee County Chief of Emergency Management Steve Litschauer. Includes chart showing what level of hurricane your home can handle by year built, where to evacuate, and special considerations when seeking shelter with COVID-19. 3 minutes.
Created by our CERT friends in Waterlefe. Useful tips and suggestions for how to prepare your home for a hurricane, whether you plan to leave or shelter in place for the storm. Tips include designating a safe room and turning down the AC and fridge and freezer temperatures. 18 minutes.

Created by our CERT friends in Waterlefe. Learn how to prepare and properly tie down your boat before a tropical storm or hurricane in less than 2 minutes.
Okay, this isn't a video.... but, did you know that you can now show your LWR CERT pride (and hide the messy room behind you) during your next Zoom meeting?

Click on the graphic to download the LWR CERT Zoom virtual background.
Training during the Pandemic by Nigel Pilling, Training Manager
When earlier this year FEMA provided revisions to CERT Basic Training, the first major revision since 2012, no one could have predicted the impact of the pandemic on our training activities for 2020!

While the work to incorporate those revisions is complete, we are now taking a further look to see what else we need to do given the social distancing and similar pandemic guidelines that we expect to be in place for some time.

Clearly there are significant implications for how we conduct our training sessions; "hands on" training won’t work from 6 feet away!

So, we are examining how we can fulfill our training requirements in this changed and changing world. We will ensure that we operate with all the best possible guidance and meet all the requirements from authorities before commencing with in-person training.
In the meantime, we are also examining how we can offer both Basic Training and refresher skills training through alternative methods and will continue to leverage our website and our YouTube channel . We are also looking at when we may offer training again in conjunction with Manatee County, Town Hall and EMFR and will keep you posted.
Thanks again to all for their hard work including David Cashbaugh, Jim Emanuelson, Pat Knowles, Jan Kuhn, Phil Johnson with support from Mary Benfer, Ken Bertram, Eileen Cashbaugh, Karen Emanuelson, Deb Jernigan, Kalena Ostrosky, Tom Pratt, and Tim Sherer, so far!

Please email Nigel Pilling at ncpilling@lwrcert.org . if you have questions or suggestions.
LWR CERT members volunteer for Mega Food Pantry
Last month, Deb Diven and Don Diven volunteered at the Mega Food Pantry Event. Deb learned of the event through connections she made as LWR CERT Liaison.

In June, members of Team 26 loaded food into cars and directed traffic at the Mega Pantry. Team Captain Connie Farmer was joined by Mollie Saia, Jim Emanuelson, Karen Emanuelson, and Marty Saia.

The LWR CERT members who have volunteered said it was a hot, but very rewarding experience, and they all plan to volunteer again.

The Mega Food Pantry Event is conducted in partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay and runs every Tuesday through the end of July at the DeSoto Mall. They are currently in need of volunteers. Water and PPE are provided. Click here for details and registration information. Consider sharing this volunteer opportunity with your neighbors and friends.
LWR CERT In The News
Thank you to our friends at the Community Activities Corporation (CAC) and LWR Communities, LWR CERT has been mentioned in several electronic publications including on the new hurricane prep page on MyLWR.com, in the " What's Happening Around the Ranch " newsletter, and in the June MyLWR newsletter .

LWR CERT also contributed a full-page article on How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in LWR during COVID-19 on page G4 in the June 17 Around the Ranch, which was distributed with the Herald-Tribune.
Member News
A thank you and shout out to Sheila White for contributing her skills and time to provide PPE and isolation gowns to Tidewell Hospice workers. Sheila's contribution was highlighted in the LWR Life magazine.

Happy July birthday to members Gary Anderson, Diane Anderson, Mary Balazic, Joseph Butch, Amy Franceschini, Karen Goodman, Joan Grossel, Barbara Guter, Posy Havens, Bill Hubbard, Jack Kerber, Lorie Kerber, Michael Miller, Madelyn Mirwald, Marty Saia, Valerie Stafford-Mallis, Robert Swiatek, Valerie Voutsas, and Douglas Webber.
Upcoming LWR CERT Meetings and Training
Board Meeting - Video Call - Monday, July 6 at 7 PM
Communications Committee - Video Call  - Tuesday, July 7 at 4 PM
Operations Committee - Video Call  - Thursday, July 9 at 6 PM
Radio Communications Committee - Video Call  - Wednesday, July 15 at 7 PM

CANCELED: Public Session: Hurricane Preparedness - July 18
2020 LWR CERT Executive Committee

President - Jim Emanuelson
Vice President - Jan Kuhn
Treasurer - Pat Knowles
Liaison - Deb Diven

LWR CERT 941.404.8606
Newsletter Editor - Karen Emanuelson, Communications Manager

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