125 LIVE Center for Active Adults
125 Elton Hills Drive NW, Rochester, MN 55901
507-287-1404 | F riday, July 26, 2019
Hello Members and Friends,

Our friend Paul Widman from the City of Rochester was kind enough to give us an update on the Elton Hills Drive bridge and traffic patterns. As an assessment is made to either make repairs or rebuild the bridge entirely, the City will be looking into traffic controls (cones and barrels) to see if there is a better configuration or other measures that would be more helpful in directing 125 LIVE entry/exit traffic. We will keep you updated as we receive more information and a timeline from the City Engineer.

Those of you who use our lower level entrance may have noticed our newest safety and security measure, a video buzzer. While its first weeks may have been frustrating you can rest assured that we are trying to make the entry process as easy as possible. A set of instructions can be found posted above the buzzer. If you aren't a fan of the system, please feel free to use the main level and / or fitness entrances. Your continued patience is much appreciated.

We have a photo and promotional video shoot scheduled throughout the building from 9am-12pm on Thursday, August 1st. The video will be used for a slot on KTTC and the photos are for an advertisement spread in Shop Rochester. We would love for the building to be full of your smiling faces as you go about your morning enjoying 125 LIVE. We're hoping for fitness classes to be filled and the fitness center to be buzzing with activity.

Sylwia Bujak Oliver
Executive Director

125 LIVE Member Survey
The results from our member survey are in and we could not be happier. Thank you for taking time to help guide the future of 125 LIVE. Here are a few results and updates with more to come in future newsletters.

86% of you said that you are satisfied with the accessibility of 125 LIVE. However, our efforts to increase accessibility to the building continue. The newest initiative implemented is a set of parking signs in the upper level lot reserving spaces for those using walkers and canes. Please feel to share any ideas that you may have for creating an even more accessible 125 LIVE.

84% of you said that you are satisfied with the cleanliness of 125 LIVE. We would like to see that percentage increase and have made adjustments in hopes of doing just that. A new overnight cleaning crew was contracted along with adjustments in staffing to our day crew. Our goal is to provide you with the cleanest facility possible.

We were proud to see that 87% of you are satisfied with the friendliness of our team. Know that we try very hard to gather a group of caring, kind and friendly humans that will make your experience a memorable and enjoyable one.
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