July 2 018
Jose Caballero
We are happy to have Jose Caballero as a part of our coaching staff here 
at the gym. A native Houstonian, Jose has loved gymnastics since he was a young boy, and remembers being completely amazed watching the Olympics on TV one year because there were so many impressive gymnasts in control of their bodies flipping through the air. Jose also enjoyed playing several different sports all the way through high school, including basketball, track, soccer, football, and tennis. Tennis became a big talent of Jose's, and he earned the #1 rank on his Varsity Tennis Team due to his skill. Jose coached tennis for a time, and then got into coaching gymnastics because he loves the sport so much. At twelve years old Jose tried a Cheer/Tumbling class, and was grateful he could start to master most of his self-taught skills up to that point.
Jose is really known well by our students in the recreational classes of gymnastics and tumbling, but he also makes so many children's Birthday Parties a wonderful experience here at the gym too. Camp students have a blast with him because they get to learn from a very patient coach that knows how to make class fun and welcoming. Jose loves coaching gymnastics just as much as he loves training in gymnastics still. When he is out of the gym, Jose spends time learning to tap dance, photography, rock climbing, and catching up on the latest releases on Netflix. 
Before Jose came to Discover, he was attending classes toward his degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Houston, and he hopes to continue that one day. Jose also looks forward to helping more students unlock their talent in the sport of gymnastics, and is excited to one day make an impact with our growing Pre-Team and XCEL Gymnastics programs.

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