July Museletter

We are thinking about what freedom means when our Facebook posts light up with "How to Move to Canada" articles, when we watch others imprison or abuse innocent children, when we protest for what we believe is right, and when we recognize our power of choice. As children, as parents, as sisters or brothers, as teachers and students, as ONE, we are given a birthright of all humanity: Freedom. Commit to independence, not from disillusionment or at the demise of others, but from the place of shared being. You are the fireworks.

There are ironies. There are red herrings. There is confusion. There are power-hungry people. There are people who are hurt, who hurt others. There is sickness. There is doubt. There is undeniable pain.

There is source. There is protection. There is divinity. There are moments of truth. There is essence. There is prosperity. There are dreams. There is healing.

“I hope we once again have reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts.” Ronald Reagan

Without rearing the political dialogue on my own rendering, my message to you for this month is to discover your personal freedom. Break the shackles of "shoulds" and the tight containment of "what ifs" and live your truth. Living your truth gives you personal freedom and shines a light for all the world to see. Lead by example, as it is the way through the blocks.

Whether you are seeking strength to move beyond the pain and the darkness of struggles, or are seeking to find new ways of sharing your gifts, finding triumph; we are indivisible. As ONE - unified and whole -we may be scarred by the events that we hear about in the news or by the struggles that we experience, but as ONE we can live freely. We cannot create experience, we must undergo it.

To stand strong, to live peace, to believe in the light during our darkest hour; is that not what freedom is? We have a chance to be better, to grow stronger, to heal the global divide.

Your truth, your light, your explosion...We give proof through the night that our land is still here.

Choose freedom, as it is a choice we make to live and die for our ideals. Freedom once was a word we could throw around to stake claim, but it is now more than ever a word to remind us that the claim is of the Source.

To return, we must free ourselves from the body of pain that exists insidiously without forgiveness. To forgive and to heal, in the deep essence of receiving personal freedom, can be our path of resistance.

I honor the light in each of you and THANK YOU for your sense of purpose, of compassion and of wondrous strength you share in our special space here in Hendersonville.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela.

Walk the path; encourage others. I look forward to lighting up the sky with love in each moment of bliss we have, in prayer, in service, in heart-based living and through the practice of freedom.

Construct/Deconstruct/Reconstruct was a powerful "takeaway" from my college days in learning about weaving stories and understanding process. On a note of moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, as we watch the structures that worked before deconstruct, reconstruction is happening.

If you are interested in learning more about the Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age , Jagdeesh (Suzi Johnson) will be leading a 5-month series on them, beginning with an introduction on Sunday, July 22nd.
We will have Chair & Standing (10-11am) and Gentle Yoga (11:15-12:30), with Kathleen. We will not be meeting at 8:30am for Good Morning, Yoga or at 5:30 for Yoga Happy Hour with Sandi or Pam. Celebrate freedom.
Heart of the Matter
3-Part Meditation Class:
 Power for your Lunch Hour
Monday, July 9th 12:30-1:30
Suggested Donation $15
Light Refreshments Provided

"Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit." Jeremy Taylor

ACTIVE – A guided process that uses various types of music, allowing for stress release and a deeper connection to self and your intentions. Emotional as well as mental and physical
relief, opening and clarity.

CALMING – Done through sitting meditation and restorative yoga

MEDITATIVE THINKING – Access your higher intelligence and find answers and ideas about important aspects of your life.              

Laura has been practicing meditation for 19 years, and has been practicing this meditation practice for ten years. She chose this practice because it is both active and calm, and also has an opportunity to just listen for any information that may be coming in. Sharing this meditation practice with others is a passion for her because of how much better it has made her life. She hopes to share it with you now!

We look forward to helping you make meditation a part of your day, whether between work or personal tasks. We welcome both the curious and the experienced to try this meditation class with us! Set an intention for success.
Yoga for Relief Subtle® Yoga, focus on Chronic Pain


Maria White, RYT, LCSW, MSW

Maria is trained in a model called Subtle® Yoga and has created a class that is focused on our mind/body connection for relief of pain triggers and chronic pain concerns. With or without chronic pai, you can strengthen and soothe your body's pathways for improved resilience. The practice is very gentle and, well, subtle; the positive results are vast.

What is Subtle® Yoga?

A growing body of research demonstrates the efficacy of yoga for mental health, including the neurobiological benefits of this ancient practice. Healthcare is often delivered in a fast-paced, volume based context. With minimal training, athletic or physical capacity, most people can learn some of these safe skills. Healthcare professionals may begin to experience the powerful benefits and share these practices safely with others. 

Subtle® Yoga is an exceptionally adaptable person-centered approach to yoga practice which may be tailored t o clients with differing abilities. It fosters the development of attention and mindfulness, and promotes spiritual development in the context of any belief system.


Starts 8/3, Fridays, NEW
12:45-1:45 Chair & Standing (Denise)

Returns 8/9, Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:45-7:00
ELDOA Returns! (Jennifer)

Starts 8/11, Saturdays NEW 11:30-12:45 Children's Yoga with Polly Wing MORE INFO TBA

Starts 8/16 Thursdays through October 2:30-3:30
 Tai Chi for Health (Suzanne)

In July & August, Maria and Marian will be alternating Fridays for the 10-11 Chair & Standing Class. In September, Marian will be the primary instructor for this class.
Welcome New Members!


Membership Ongoing ($99/MONTH UNLIMITED)

Current members and anyone who signs up before July 31st will continue to pay only $99/month for the following year. We will continue to offer unlimited classes and 20% off workshops to members. As of August 1st, the new monthly cost for membership will be $120.

Note on Class Package Rates & Loyalty

We will not be raising the cost of our Drop-Ins or 5-class package ($55), but we will be raising our 8- and 12-class packages just a couple dollars. 8 Classes for $80 and 12 classes for $90. We will have loyalty rewards available for our regular students...stay tuned!

Are you leaving work around 5pm or getting ready for your third shift? Dreading your commute? Not sure how to “switch gears”?

Easing your transition between work and home is a goal of ours. We know that when we don’t make time for ourselves in our busy-ness, the results can be less than desirable-affecting our mood, our alignment & posture, our sleep, the way we eat, our frustration tolerance and our overall functioning (both on and off the clock.)

Pam's classes are appropriate for both beginners and intermediate. Props will be used & chairs are available. This can be a very gentle class, based on your level of need and desire.

The Shift Studio, 708-B Fleming St., Hendersonville, NC 28791