National Association of Congregational Christian Churches:
The Messenger- July 10, 2017
Now What?
Michael Chittum, Executive Director

From all reports that I have heard, the 2017 Annual Meeting is considered to be a great success. The hospitality shown by Piedmont College to all of the attendees, the uplifting atmosphere of the worship times, the GREAT joint mission project on Monday, the informative workshops, the inspiring Bible lectures, and everything else we experienced helped make this one of the best Annual Meetings in recent memory.

With that great time of family reunion, worship, and business behind us, the question comes, "NOW WHAT?"

My answer to that is simple, and it is nothing new or earthshattering. For the NACCC to continue as an Association of churches and to continue, as an entity, to provide needed and timely services to our member churches, it will take MORE of you to be willing to be part of the process.

Each of our Ministry Councils has 5 participants who are elected by the delegates. Each of the Councils also has plans for far more projects to benefit our member churches than 5 people can do. That is where having willing, able, skilled individuals to be part of Task Teams to help do the work for these projects can make a difference. Further, there are openings now or soon to come  on Boards, committees, and Councils.

For those of you who attended the Annual Meeting, a Nominating Form was included in your packet. For those who were not there, access the form here. PLEASE, please consider making a difference in the work of the NACCC by being part of our elected leadership team or the Task Teams for the work of the NACCC.

Jeff and Julie Robie and Jo Ann Pearson (Team J) visited The Word Alive Mission Association in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, West Africa. Rev. Charles Nyane, President, told them that when he sees how the mission has grown, he sees "The awesomeness of God." Over 1,000 students have been through the nursing school and 30 children live at the orphanage. Hundreds of students have been through the elementary school and 25 churches serve multiple villages. 

The Bible College offers a three month leadership development class, a one year certificate of Biblical Studies and a two year Associate of Theology.  Mandatory Leadership seminars are held. Youth forums in both countries each have nearly 100 in attendance. Sustainability projects such as rubber plantations and water purification have been started. And best of all, adults who lived in the orphanage and were educated in the school returned to help and plan to stay. Team J saw it all, and it was "The awesomeness of God
Post Annual Meeting Appeal Kicks Off
We had a great Annual Meeting & Conference at Piedmont College in Demorest, GA this year! With spirit and energy fresh in our minds, we recently launched our 2017 Post Annual meeting Appeal. Dreaming, Talking, Acting was our theme at this year's conference

Our 15 workshops inspired people to dream of new possibilities for their church. A cornerstone of the Annual Meeting & Conference is our ability to talk to other Congregationalists from diverse backgrounds and fellowship together. As people return to their churches, we hope they will act by sharing what they learned.
The Board of Governors generously pledged to donate $8,300, as a challenge, towards our goal to raise $13,000 by September 1st.  Contributions will support the Shared Ministries Fund, which supports our operations, the Congregational Foundation, who ensures the financial well-being of the NACCC, and the Providence Fund, which provides grants to member churches to assist them with sending a delegate to the Conference. Please considering supporting the work of the NACCC and helping us reach our goal. Fill out this  form and mail it to the NACCC, or donate through our website.


NACCC Word of the Month

Annual Report
[an-yoo-uh l] [ri-pohrt

1. an organization's yearly report to stakeholders, documenting its activities and finances in the previous financial year. Look through our FY2017 Annual Report now!

The delegates of the NACCC accepted the following churches into our membership at the Annual Meeting & Conference.
First Congregational Church of Tomahawk
Tomahawk, WI

Haven Congregational Church
Haven, KS

South Bridgton Congregational Church
Bridgton, ME

St. John Church
Idalia, CO
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 Help us to reach our goal of $13,000 by September 1st. Donate on our website or send in this form.
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