July 2020
Welcome Everyone & Happy Independence Day!
I hope this newsletter finds all of you safely settling into a more normal routine. Last month held new procedures and developments with COVID-19 front and center in all our lives, so let’s continue to make the best of it.

Thank you everyone for your patience with the restrictions arising from CDC suggestions and the mandated adjustments we have had to enact. We are trying to be diligent in protecting everyone as much as possible, which unfortunately sometimes ends up placing people in uncomfortable situations. As suggested by the CDC, please remember to bring masks for your little ones 2 years or older and to use the restroom before coming to the store since we do not have public restrooms right now.

Keep in mind we will be adjusting our operational modes to coincide with the increased uncertainty and development of our cities heightened restrictions. We will try to keep you informed as quickly as possible of any operational changes that may be necessary. One major change in our policy is that we will no longer be requiring gloves to be worn in-store since the CDC has announced that the virus is not likely transmitted indirectly by surface contamination. Fear not! We will still provide you with gloves upon request if you forget to bring your own!

When we were making our list of things to achieve while in quarantine, we decided to take the opportunity to review all areas where we could make Nature's Treasures better. As we continue to grow, we find it’s hard to keep our internal operations growing as rapidly as our customer needs, so we have decided to make some behind the scenes interior structural changes and spiffy up the place a bit.

Because of the massive growth in our online store and our inventory needs ballooning, we have decided to change the studio location into an internal operating area for these two parts of the company. This change will, in turn, allow us to re-design our auditorium with interior improvements for better space rental options and conditions. These improvements will allow us to grow and better serve you. Please excuse our dust while we make these changes. We anticipate being able to reveal our new look by our 15th Annual Fall Denver Trunk Sale in October.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Fourth of July celebration. Let’s hope someday there’ll be a national holiday that will be celebrated just like the 4th of July in that we will declare independence from the COVID-19 virus. Please everyone continue to stay safe and healthy.
Karen and the Staff
Read Our New Welcome Statement!

As a sanctuary for people seeking peace and harmony within themselves and the world as a whole, Nature’s Treasures welcomes all walks of life. Although we cannot control injustices in the world, we can bear witness to them and acknowledge that they exist, especially in light of recent events. Our thoughts and blessings are with all those who are suffering injustice and we will continue to strive to provide a safe, just place for innocent people of every political view, race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation/preference and spirituality. We hope that all people can find common ground and unite to treat each human being with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Nature’s Treasures has always supported education, and we affirm that education is key to enlightenment. Especially during these emotionally charged times, it is important to learn through listening with our hearts, holding space for individuals suffering injustice, and evaluating information presented to us.
Nature's Treasures Continues COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Nature's Treasures will continue to review recommendations made by the Center for Disease Control and local government to move forward in a socially responsible way to best support staff, customers, the community and the economy.

If you would like to be added to a COVID-19 Response Notification to stay updated on the Nature's Treasures plan-of-action, please update your e-mail subscriptions HERE .
The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge
Seriously Sirius Amethyst
A recent post on our  Facebook page  stirred up quite a bit of interest over the rare and beautiful  Sirius Amethyst , its history, qualities, and healing properties. After a bit of digging, we found and resurrected this previously published article from the vault of our Treasure Tome blog posts.

As usual, the Universe has perfect timing as the  Dog Days of Summer  are upon us, which is the hottest time of the year. The reason why this time period is called this is because it coincided when Sirius the Dog Star rose and set with the Sun. Sirius was very important to the Egyptians and other early cultures (for both timekeeping and myth) and continues to be the brightest star in Earth's sky today.

That said, I can think of no better way to honor this natural cycle of Summer and revered star from the constellation Canis Major than put up an article about a very special amethyst crystal that was named after it. Michael J. Kallstrom's article "Seriously Sirius Amethyst" follows below.

Read all about it HERE

Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve, is a large-scale work in ecology and environmental restoration. The ranch covers 5,500 square acres of land once plagued with invasive species that consumed the lands water and nutrients. Upon the removal of these invasive species, water and wildlife returned to the land. Now the ranch educates the next generation on the importance and rewards of good stewardship of the land.

Selah was recently featured by The National Geographic for their story. Check it out HERE !
July Birthstone
Carnelian: Stone of Strength
Today most people commonly associate  Ruby  as July's birthstone. Did you know this is a relatively new development? In ancient times many societies considered Carnelian to be July's Birthstone, including Arabic and Russian cultures.
Whether you are born in July or just intrigued with this stimulating stone, learn more about  Carnelian , its history, and metaphysical healing properties here.
To learn the fascinating history of
Carnelian, click HERE .
Meet Our Staff
Tami W.
Tami was born in the Quartz-filled foothills of Arkansas, and raised in the shady pines of East Texas, where Tami developed a profound love of Nature. An avid learner and excellent student, both academically and spiritually, Tami learned how to focus her intuitive abilities at a young age which allowed her to open her own metaphysical shop before coming to Nature's Treasures. She has a passion for Tarot, astrology, history and mythology. With her sharp mind she also learned much about coding and computers, and now brings her expertise to Nature's Treasures Online as the website and online store manager.
Featured Customer Comment
The following words were e-mailed to one of the store managers and was so heartfelt and uplifting to us that we just had to share with everyone! Thank you Mia for sharing your experience with the Spirit of Nature's Treasures!

It felt great to be in Nature's Treasures the other day when I picked up some Sage for the house I just moved into. I'm in the middle of moving! I could feel the powerful Energy of the store being sooooo grateful for all of you on the frontline - in the process of preparing & bringing the physical energies (all the people & customers) inside & outside again...

The Spirit of Nature's Treasures thrives on the Universal & energetic, expansive buzz that occurs when people are in there experiencing exchanges with other people, all of the amazing and wonderful inventory that has been chosen and implemented to be felt and utilized energetically and also chosen as gifts for their friends and family...the Spiritual Life Fairs and other events bringing community together..

The Energy of Nature's Treasures feels your Love...It understands the evolutionary process (just like Nature itself), It knows us humans have been wounded and have undergone extreme challenges...It understands patience...It is supporting you supporting it, and together it will thrive again with its amazing & powerful energy...It has everything we need to support people supporting each other in this new and evolving world!!! 

I could go on and on with the expansive & infinite benefits that "are coming to mind" that the entity Nature's Treasures and its affiliates bring into this community and the World!
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6. Aventurine for luck
7. Carnelian for creativity
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July REMOTE Practitioners
In order serve you during these uncertain times,
these practitioners offer REMOTE SERVICES!
Click on a practitioner's name to read more about them or contact them directly!
Don't forget to mention that we referred you to get special rates when available!
Freedom Jennings - Aura Soma, Reiki Healing & Tarot Readings
Available: Su-W & F, 10a-7p
Call: 512-923-9228

Mia Loweree - Akashic Record Consulstant & Universal Intuitive
Available: By Online Appointment

Available: 10a-8p
Call: 406-334-0646

Available: By Appointment & Divine Timing
Call: 512-922-4723

Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 512-203-6320

Available: By Online Appointment

Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 210-560-1189

Available: By Appointment Only
Call: 512-577-4055
Deborah Dahlman - Spiritual Energy Healer, Channeler, Mentor, Teacher
Available: By Appointment Only
Call: 512-454-0529

Available: By Online Appointment; Mon-Wed, 12-6p

Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 559-779-5510

Available: Most Afternoons, E-mail for Appt

Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 512-998-6089

Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 512-351-1032

Available: By Appointment; Su, Th, 1-3p
Call: 512-695-5851

Available: M-F, 10:30a-6:30p; Sa, 11a-2:30p
Call: 512-577-7310
In the Community

Join Austin's Crystal Whisperer for

Friday, July 24th
Choice of Two Sessions
3:00pm or 7:00pm
via Zoom!
$45 Registration Fee

Crystal Land is an interactive workshop for all ages 5 and up! Fun and educational for the whole family, this virtual workshop teaches the basic principles of crystals, what they are and how they work! Learn how to care for and integrate crystals into your life!

Workshop includes a Crystal Reading with Austin's Crystal Whisperer ($20 value). Kits for the various activities will be available for purchase with Austin's Crystal Whisperer until 07/15/2020 and can be picked up at the Nature's Treasures Front Counter.

For registration, kits & more information,
please e-mail [email protected] .
Nature's Treasures teams up with renowned author Leah LaChapelle to bring the 5D Experience home!

Looking for a metaphysically interesting and engaging Summer activity ?

Take a break from your regular Zoom conferences, and proactively challenge yourself.....!

You are invited to host a grounding-in of 5D frequency and Self-empowerment, with this uniquely interactive experiential! The 5D Planetary Community Watch Party comes with a simple script to follow for just yourself, or share the cost and make it a party! Perfect for 3+ friends to get together. Visit LeahLaChapelle.com for more info.
Looking Ahead to August!
Join Spiritual Life Productions

Saturday, August 15th
Free Admission

Practitioners, Vendors and Healers

For more information,
please visit HERE .

Due to state mandates and CDC recommendations, space may be limited.

Join The Eagle's Nest

Saturday, August 29th
Free Admission

Practitioners, Vendors and Healers

For more information,
please visit HERE .

Due to state mandates and CDC recommendations, space may be limited.
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