July 2022
News + Updates
ESI offers its deepest condolences to the family of David Crawford, who passed away on May 27th of this year. Dr. Crawford was President of Econsult Corporation, which he founded in 1979 and out of which Econsult Solutions, Inc. was formed.

Dr. Crawford was an accomplished labor economist, acclaimed teacher of economics and statistics at the University of Pennsylvania, and a friendly colleague, mentor, and inspiration to many of us in ESI. His obituary can be found here.
ESI Highlights The Center for the Future of Cities all Month Long
ESI Center for the Future of Cities brings together experts in urban economics, policy, and strategy to craft new evidence-based research on the most important issues facing cities around the world, and to provide consulting services for public and private sector organizations working in urban settings.

Learn more about ESI's Center for the Future of Cities today.
Applications for SEPTA Key Advantage are now open!
Applications are now open for SEPTA's new institutional pass program, SEPTA Key Advantage! At ESI, we're very pleased to have been working alongside SEPTA in leading the development of the SEPTA Key Advantage program, and are excited to continue working with SEPTA to expand the program to create positive economic, educational, and environmental benefits in the region!
ESI has Been Named Among The Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia for the Second Year in a Row
ESI has been recognized by Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia once again, which is hosted by Philadelphia Foundation, as one of the most community-minded employers in the Tri-State area. Civic50PHL honors leaders for their commitment to supporting communities and advancing social causes. See the full list of 2022 Honorees here.
ESI's Work with Montgomery County: Return on Environment
ESI assisted Montgomery County, PA in developing a Return on Environment study gauging the value of protected open space in the area. The report demonstrates the economic value of the open space. You can find the normal and audio-narrated presentations here.
Greater Philadelphia Cell and Gene Therapy Sector: An Updated Workforce Analysis
ESI conducted an updated Workforce Needs Analysis regarding the Cell and Gene Therapy Sector in Greater Philadelphia for the CEO Council for Growth and the University City Science Center. See the full report here.
2022 e-RACP to Open in Two Weeks
The next round of RACP will open in July 25 and close August 19. See here for more information.
Philadelphia to be a Host City for the 2026 World Cup
Philadelphia has been announced as one of the 16 cities to host games for the 2026 World Cup! Hosting such an event can catalyze smarter, more sustainable and equitable planning for cities, as previously postulated by ESI.
ESI Eats!
ESI has offered staff a monthly allowance to dine out in Center City Philadelphia during the workday. As a firm, we benefit from the setting in which we are located, the shopping options and public amenities, as well as street life that we can access here. In turn, we benefit the setting by being physically present, for it's our eyes and ears and dollars that help make the city a more vibrant location to live and work.

ESI's initiative was briefly mentioned in an article discussing the future of Center City in a post-pandemic landscape. You can also click here for a brief introduction to the initiative!
Staff and Senior Advisor Updates
With great enthusiasm we welcome one of our newest team members, Senior Analyst Elizabeth Dobbins!
With great enthusiasm we welcome one of our newest team members, Analyst Trevor Marimbire!
Senior Advisor Michael Golden, SVP of SES ESOP Strategies, is a member of The Democracy Collaborative's CWB Taskforce, on-call to help with ESOP-specific financing and conversion strategies, as well as supporting the development of economic empowerment, planning, financing, and institutional design.
Senior Advisor Stephen Anderson of Marquis Advisory Group is advancing a for step strategy for overcoming recession and inflation, with a focus on Agriculture, Education, Environment, and Entrepreneurship sectors.
Senior Advisor David Rouse is the author of two recent publications. The first is Financing Green Infrastructure: Lessons from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, written for the International City-County Management Association (ICMA) with the support of Steve Wray, Melissa Wright, and John LaVaccare of ESI. The second is The Future of the Comprehensive Plan, written for a special edition of Georgia State University’s Journal of Comparative Urban Law and Policy celebrating 50 years of service to the planning profession by renowned scholar Arthur C. Nelson.
ESI Senior Analyst Guido Giuntini partnered with the Coatesville Youth Initiative in Chester County to collect used bikes, repair them, and donate them to people who need a bike. With six bikes and counting donated, they are also having a basic bike repair workshop. The Coatesville Police Department donates helmets, and the Downingtown Bike Shop helps with parts.
ESI Analyst Michael Sydnor was recently inducted onto the board of an organization called Need in Deed. Need in Deed’s purpose is to transform teaching and learning in Philadelphia’s public school classrooms grades 3-8. Their approach starts with individual educators, invites students to advocate for change, and connects the classroom with the community. The vision that guides them is one of equitable public education that honors every child’s right to a high-quality education, acknowledges every child’s potential, dismantles biased and oppressive systems, prioritizes social-emotional well-being, and puts students at the center of the learning experience.
Senior Advisor Bernard Anderson has provided the following insight on the U.S. House of Representatives' newly-passed bill adding demographic equity in employment, income, and wealth to the Federal Reserve’s mandate for setting monetary policy.

The bill will not achieve its stated goals. An independent agency should not have authority over fiscal policy. The Federal Reserve only has blunt tools to implement the dual mandate of price stability and maximum employment: (1) adjusting the federal funds rate, and (2) adjusting the money supply, which are only aimed at influencing economic growth rate. Targeted fiscal policy to increase the labor force and assuring equal employment opportunity are more appropriate methods for achieving equity.
Update from the Center

ESI is thrilled to serve as a content provider and affiliate for Santander Navigator, a virtual network of international companies seeking to identify growth opportunities, navigate bureaucrat challenges, understand new markets, and build connections through collaboration. Through ESI Center for the Future of Cities, our team of thought leaders will provide exclusive content on smart city solutions, innovative technologies, and ground-breaking policies reshaping the urban landscape in America.

To learn more about the Center for the Future of Cities and to get involved, contact Steve Wray, wray@econsultsolutions.com.
U.S. - China Research
The Canal System and the Development of the Early American Economy

The prosperity and development of the United States that it enjoys today did not come out of thin air. This is especially true in its early days of economic development which has a lot to do with the construction of the transportation system...

Present Value
by Salvatore Gullotta
ESI Intern Salvatore Gullotta takes a look at some of Econsult Solutions' favorite places to eat around the city of Philadelphia. While this list has some of our favorite places, it's by no means exhaustive, with so many fantastic eateries all across the City.

Heading into the holiday weekend to celebrate Independence Day this year, ESI has put together a list of events, educational opportunities, festivities, and fun things to do in Philadelphia to celebrate the holiday! Some are holiday-specific, and some are for fun all summer long!

by Salvatore Gullotta and Richard Voith
ESI Intern Salvatore Gullotta and Principal Dr. Richard Voith examine the issue of housing affordability including the drivers of housing supply, demand, and market equilibrium. They discuss filtering, inclusionary zoning, and public investments—three primary ways in which affordable housing is generated—and postulate how the crisis can be addressed moving forward in the U.S.

ESI Intern Kendra Hills examines "urban heat islands" as cities are facing rising temperatures due to global warming. She explores causes causes, impacts, and puts forth a framework for heat resiliency that could be beneficial for all.

Client Spotlight
Located on West Fourth Street, the former YMCA Children's Discovery Workshop is set to be repurposed into 20-30 new apartments. Having been in planning for several years, the development is ready to be underway.
A new Master Plan has been announced for the Navy Yard, creating an entirely new neighborhood in the City. The plan would include adding residential, commercial, and retail space to the location.
The City of Harrisburg, PA is currently conducting a disparity study and is asking regional businesses to take part in the disparity survey. Looking to create opportunities for equity and inclusion, the City is pushing for greater business diversity and inclusiveness. Businesses can participate in the survey here.
To mark the nation's 250th birthday, 11 groups from Philadelphia are receiving funding for projects they are working that will have a community impact.
Thomas Jefferson University has just named its new president, Dr. Mark L. Tykocinski, who will follow Dr. Stephen Klasko in the role.
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