What's Going On In There?

By Melissa Oglesbee, B.S., A.A.S., former RVT

Bloodwork. Why is it important? Why does my veterinarian ask me to do it every year when my pet is obviously healthy? Why does my sick pet need to be monitored in this way? Is bloodwork on my perfectly healthy pet really necessary before anesthesia? Why do you need to use bloodwork to monitor certain medications? And why do dogs need a heartworm test every year since my pet gets a preventive every month without fail?

These are all very valid questions. Bloodwork may seem to be unnecessary and just an added cost to a pet owner, but it can provide loads of valuable information to the medical staff for both sick and well pets.

Are You And Your Pets Ready In Case Of A Fire?
According to the 
United States Fire Administration, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected annually by fire. The American Kennel Club and the ADT Security Services created the Pet Fire Safety Day to be celebrated on July 15th. This day is dedicated to raising awareness of the fire hazards beloved pets could pose in the home, but, more importantly, how to prevent them. Many fires in the home can be a result when pets and potential fire hazards mix. 

House fires can be devastating with the loss of life and home and can have lifelong consequences. Pet families should take advantage of the day to discuss fire safety plans for the household which include escape routes for families, how to evacuate pets, disaster preparedness kits, and plan for fire prevention. 

Congratulations to AHS's 
WNC Pet of the Year!

Asheville Humane Society recently held their 2nd Annual Pet of the Year Contest to celebrate the pets (and pet lovers!) of Western North Carolina while helping homeless animals in need. Families were invited to submit their pet's story and photo and the community was invited to vote on their favorites. Together over $20,000 was raised.  

We were so excited to see so many of our patients enter this fun contest to support the community. We wanted to say congratulations to all the families who supported a great cause. 

Congratulations to  Sadie 2019 WNC Pet of the Year!
Here is her story:

"I was rescued in 2018 from a bad breeder in S.C. When my parents adopted me I had very bad (and painful) ear infections. My teeth were also badly worn down, probably from being in a cage most of my life. The vet said that my hearing might never return but after several months of daily treatment my ear canals finally opened up. Just when I started feeling better my parents noticed a pea-sized bump on my belly. The nodule was surgically removed and was determined to be an aggressive mammary carcinoma (most likely from being overbred and spayed late in life). 

I'm now going through chemo and I'm halfway through the protocol! I'm so happy in my new home and I love Asheville. My parents take me everywhere and the attention I receive always makes me smile :) I really hope this treatment works because life CAN be great! 

Also, I am 21% Golden Retriever, 18% Treeing Walker Coonhound, 15% Australian Cattle Dog, and a small mix of lots of other breeds (including Cocker Spaniel, Basset Hound, Dalmatian). 

If you see me around town, please say hello and I'll show you my smile and wag my tail! I appreciate all those who voted for me, along with all the other great pets in this contest."

Second Place: Ringo

Ringo came to our home as a foster from Asheville Humane. He came in to the shelter as a tiny, hairless and scabby puppy. He hadn't been properly cared for and needed a family to help him heal. The Medical team at Asheville Human e made sure Ringo had all of the care and medications he  needed to he al and we provided the love. He quickly transformed from a sickly little mangy puppy to a lovely little yellow lab mix pup. We have fostered dozens of animals, from dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, to bunnies, guinea pigs, and even bearded dragons. Now that he's joined the family, Ringo helps with all of our fosters. The kittens, puppies, and dogs always just love him.

Third Place: Sally
You know how  they say you find the best things while not looking? We already have two older rescue dogs at home, Harry and Bess. While attending an AHS Leadership Circle event a few weeks ago, I was asked to hold this cute little beagle mix puppy. At first I said no, because I knew what would happen. We didn't need another dog. Well......., the rest is history. It was love at first doggy kiss! 
Judges Choice: Aya and Green Bean

Click Here for more information on how you can help the Asheville Humane Society.  

Upcoming Pet Help Sessions  
  & Classes at AHNA  
Free Saturday classes are for people only. 
Please leave your pet at home.


How to Help Your Leash Reactive Dog

  • Saturday, August 17, 2019, starting at 11:30 am
  • Location: Animal Hospital of North Asheville Education Room
  • Presented by Tristan Rehner-Fleurant, MS, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, CBATI of Pet Behavior Aid
  • People Only
  • No Registration required. No fee to attend. Everyone welcome!
Does your dog growl, bark, lunge, and just get all into a tizzy when he sees other dogs or people? If so this class is for you. Learn body language so that you can better know what to expect, what steps you can take to prevent your dog from going into this state of mind, and lots more.
Be Brave! How To Help Your Dog Gain Confidence
  • Saturday, September 14th, 2019, starting at 11:30 am
  • Location: Animal Hospital of North Asheville Education Room
  • Presented by Tristan Rehner-Fleurant, MS, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, CBATI of Pet Behavior Aid
  • People Only
  • No Registration required. No fee to attend. Everyone welcome!
Whether your dog has specific fears or is generally timid, learn how to understand the signs of anxiety, how to prevent fear from becoming aggression, and some fundamental techniques to help your "wallflower" dog come out of his or her shell.
Help! I Can't Stop Barking!
  • Saturday, October 19th, 2019, starting at 11:30 am
  • Presented by Tristan Rehner-Fleurant, MS, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, CBATI of Pet Behavior Aid
  • Location: Animal Hospital of North Asheville Education Room
  • People Only
  • No Registration required. No fee to attend. Everyone welcome!
Do you need some peace and quiet? Have neighbors ever complained or has animal control been at your door? Do you feel like you've tried everything and nothing has worked? This session is for you. Learn the different reasons that dogs may bark excessively, how to assess what is motivating your dog's vocalization, and what training techniques will work best for your dog's type of barking.

Upcoming Events: July
Four Seasons Pet Loss Grief Support

Losing a pet friend and companion can be heartbreaking. Whether it is a sudden or planned goodbye, it is an emotional time. We understand the strength and specialness of the animal-human bond. On the first Tuesday of each month, Four Seasons Compassion for Life will be hosting a Pet Loss Grief Support Group from 5:30-6:30 pm. The monthly meeting will be held at a new location: 373 Biltmore Ave, near Mission Hospital. This group is for anyone who is grieving the loss of an animal companion and needs further support. This is a free monthly meeting. Everyone welcome but out of respect to other participants, please leave pets at home. 

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

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Mission Statement:
By embracing new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, our mission at AHNA is to provide the highest level of medical, dental and surgical care possible; to deliver it with integrity and compassion for our clients, but most importantly, to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind; to have as our first priority, relief and prevention of their fear, pain and discomfort and to strive to minimize separation from the people they love.
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