July News 
Surviving...Thriving...The "New" OC  
From Our Executive Director, Mary Schmidt
You may be wondering, "Why is this photo of a woeful cactus even remotely appropriate or applicable to OC?"

In our cleaning, we're finding a lot of things, including "lost" art. This week I was working in the back room and saw a glimpse of green. This little cactus has somehow survived, even put out some impressively optimistic, albeit scraggly, growth (without any attention since at least March). So it is with OFFCenter. Over nearly twenty years, we've not only survived but thrived. We persevere, just as this cactus has done.
We're planning more virtual events and programs; our Window Exhibitions continue, with solo artist exhibitions later this year; we're discussing ideas with partners for some different events.  Asenath's Kids' Summer Craft Series continues. And, we're now offering Art Boxes (full of fun supplies) to  shelters and assisted living homes. (H/T to Ashley Kincaide for that great idea!) Our first box order will be delivered to Saranam shortly.

We still hope to re-open later in August, for classes and workgroups, with appropriate safety protocols, including limited attendance. We'll be adding online sales for our artists and have tentatively planned to re-open the on-site gallery, in a limited way, in September.

(P.S. I took the cactus home to tend. The trashed orchid plant I rescued rewarded me with gorgeous blooms, so here's hoping!)

If you can, an online donation is much appreciated to help us continue!
Check Out Our "Home" Window Exhibition 
"Home" collects artworks inspired by, and made at home. What does home mean to you? This series explores that question as the word takes on a new meaning, with new struggles, with work from several of our great community of OC artists.  It's up now for your viewing, so walk/bike/drive by...maybe pick up some take-out from a local restaurant while you're out; lots of great options downtown. (We all need to support each other, now more than ever.)

Stay tuned for more exhibits including "Create in Crisis" and a solo exhibitions by participants in our evolving artist program.

Questions, Ideas? Email our Program Manager Helen.Atkins@offcenterarts.org
Art Kits for Adults & Kids
Grab Some Creativity to Go!
We've got a great selection of kits for you!

You can pick them up Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, from noon to 2 pm.

We also have found "lost art" which can be picked up during that time, if it's your work.  (Images posted on our Facebook page.)

We hope to see your masked faces soon! Always great to see old friends and make some new ones. Even if you can't see it, we're smiling.

And, if your group would like art kits or art boxes, email us! 

Don't Miss Kids' Craft Series #6
Tuesday, July 21 11 to Noon

Join us for Styrofoam Stamp Making! In this activity you will use pieces of styrofoam and a pencil to make stamps of all sizes.  
Email asenath.lizarraga@offcenterarts.org to sign up and stop by the studio Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, from noon to 2pm to pick up supply kits.   
More coming! Follow us on Facebook for info.
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