FYI: Your voice matters
The Challenge
I am the single parent of five children, residing in Emmett for the past 5 years. My two adult biological children are young adults and my adopted sibling group of three are 8, 9 and 10. My young kids came into my care at ages 4 months, 1 year and 2 1\2. That was the beginning of a challenging and joyful experience.  

In the past five years it has been very evident that all three of my littles experience significant developmental delays, trauma and serious emotional disturbance. Prior to moving to the Treasure valley, my son was involved in a beautifully choreographed array of services.

Finding my voice
Since moving to Emmett, I have had to find my voice in both the developmentally disabled services program and Youth Empowerment Services (YES) system of care. It has been slow and it has been challenging, but it has been so rewarding. I have learned so much about children's mental health in Idaho, things that work and services that continue to need tweaking. 

I have attended regional mental health boards, I have joined YES work groups, I have attended more meetings and training than I ever thought I would have time for. I have become full of knowledge, found patience in an ever evolving system of care and I have found joy in helping make the system better. I have given public comment, I have been interviewed and showcased on advocacy websites. I have a voice, Idaho is listening and they want to hear from you as well.  

What I learned
What I have learned through my advocacy is that I am the expert on my children. I know that I must become an expert and a savvy navigator of the system, often educating providers. I have learned that I must speak up for my children and our family, because at the end of the day we are a family and we deserve joy, happiness and a good quality of life.   
Family Support Line
If you need help navigating the needs of your child with mental health challenges, please call the Family Support Line. We provide support navigating the mental health system for youth in Idaho.
Call 208-433-8845 or email
YES You CAN(s)! Videos
FYIdaho is excited to share the video collection from the 2021 YES You CAN(S)! conference. The full length video from each session as well as a "Bite Size" series designed to provide the conference in actionable chunks!
FYI: YouTube Channel
Our new YouTube channel has launched!
You can find new resources posted here as well as our Yes You CAN(s)! conference playlists.
FYI: Parent support

Coffee Chat:
Barriers families experience to services

3rd Wed of the month
July 21st at 12pm MST/11am PST

Idaho Federation of Families is entering year 2 of our contract. In part, we will focus on aggregating data on barriers to services. During the monthly Coffee Chat parents meet to voice their families successes and needs of so that IFF can advocate for change.
FYI Adoptive Parents

1st and 3rd Mondays
July 5th and 19th
at 8pm MST/7pm PST
FYI Parents of Youth Transitioning

3rd Tues of the month
July 20th at 11am/10am PST

This group will support parents who have a youth transitioning from intensive outpatient, residential care or the juvenile justice system.
FYI Complex Diagnosis

1st Tuesday
July 6th
at 12pm MST/11am PST

This group will support parents who have a youth who has a mental health diagnosis and is developmentally disabled.

FYI: Youth
"The youth engagement philosophy is grounded in the belief that children and youth are best served when they are active participants in their relationships and activities with adults and other youth, when their input influences decisions made about them, appropriate to their age and maturity, and when they can shape those relationships as much as they are shaped by them."
Youth MOVE Idaho on Discord

Youth MOVE Idaho (YMI) is a youth driven group and a chapter of Youth MOVE National. YMI aims to provide peer emotional support and opportunities for mental health advocacy. Did you know that YMI has led the way in creating the Discord meeting space for Youth MOVE. If you are interested in learning more about YMI contact
Virtual Art Show

Please send your art submissions showing others what you have been doing to keep emotionally health or expressing what has been your struggle this year. Don't just think this is a picture of your drawings (though we welcome those also) - please send us your videos, music, and fine arts.