COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives. Are you bored? Anxious? Angry? Depressed? Worried? Sad? Lonely? Reflective? Fearful? Optimistic? Hopeful? Regardless of age, health, finances and living arrangements, we are all experiencing a range of emotions.
Have you been to church in the last 90 days? Been inside your bank? Dined out with friends? Visited grandparents? Sent kids off to school? Worked out at the gym? Had your hair cut, a manicure, face-to-face doctor’s appointment, etc. Probably not.
This pandemic has served as a wake-up call for many. We may have thought that we had all the important stuff done. But do we? Have we thought about or talked about end-of-life issues with those we love and who have signed up to manage our care and close our estate? It’s only fair to those we love to have our stuff together. It really is all about them and this pandemic may shorten the timeline we have to accomplish what’s most important.
Ever closed out an estate? You know making plans in advance is all about taking care of your loved ones while they grieve.
Will you be able to get care where you want it? The Silver Tsunami is in progress, make your plan now!
How much do you know about long-term care? Test your knowledge today!
Considering a Continuing Care Retirement Community? Consider these points before signing up!
Did You Know?
Life insurance and annuity based long-term care solutions are referred to as asset-based or hybrid products. These products have contract provisions that allow withdrawals to be used to pay for long-term care expenses. They are also referred to as linked products as the design may include an extension of benefits rider that is linked to the life insurance or annuity component. This extension rider will continue to pay for long-term care expenses after the death benefit or annuity funds are exhausted. 
Nicole Gurley, CLTC
Gurley Long-Term Care Insurance