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 Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center

2001 - 2011

10 Years of Service To Abused
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Danger to Safety Successes
10 Years of Service
CFC # 44644
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Record number of danger to safety relocations in 2011
Child with Mother
9 women and 18 children successfully relocated to safety back in the USA so far this year.

To say that our crisis office staff can perform miracles is not an understatement. The time, hard work and personal commitment that our Case Managers and International Advocates need during danger to safety relocations is tremendous.

Every step of the way staff tentatively wait for the phone to ring to get confirmation from the victim that she/he has successfully fled the home, has successfully gotten to the airport and has successfully transitioned through numerous airports. At last, when the victim reaches her final destination, sighs of relief can be audibly heard thoughout the crisis center.

While our crisis staff are seasoned professionals, each with years of training and experience, they are also human.  

Our staff are too painfully aware that the most dangerous time for a victim is while they are leaving their abuser. If one thing goes wrong, the victim's life, and the life of any children can be at grave risk. Just open the newspaper to see the tragic loss of life that occurs every day due to domestic violence. 

We are thankful to have such a dedicated, supportive team, to help victims who have no where else to turn and we applaud their choice to do this very meaningful and critical work. 

 July 2011



We have reached a record number of services provided at all levels at the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center this year. 


We are hoping this means more American domestic violence victims in foreign countries are finding the strength and courage to leave abusive relationships for the sake of themselves and their children, despite the tremendous obstacles they must overcome in order to be safe.


The dedicated and skilled individuals that make up our team are the key to our success. From January 1st to June 30th the organization has received 1252 crisis calls, emails & live chats while assisting 287 families in 56 countries.  


We have included a photo of our staff in this e-newsletter so you can see the faces that provide life-saving services to victims overseas.  


Please continue to have a safe and enjoyable summer! 

10 Years of Service - $10,000
Please Help Us Meet Our Goal!

We are half way! $5,000 raised towards our goal. Mother


Please donate to the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center to ensure that a survivor of domestic violence and her children are able to escape the abuse and lead healthy lives. 


  • $1000 will provide 1 family with an international danger to safety relocation back to the US
  • $500 will provide a family with an initial legal consultation
  • $250 will provide a family basic needs assistance when they flee the violence
  • $100 will provide an hour on the international toll-free crisis line to a family in need of assistance

Please donate now.

Every little bit helps.

To donate online:


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To donate by check please send to:


Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center

PO Box 25007

Portland, OR 97298

We can't do the work without you! Thank you from the AODVC Team

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Please remember the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center this fall when the Combined Federal Campaign begins.  Our CFC Number is  44644. Thank you!  

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