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Moving The Healthcare Chain - July 2017
Pharmaceutical logistics is a dynamic industry that makes news on a daily basis.  
We highlight some key developments this month advancing our business growth.
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Enhanced Reception Area

New hardware and software were introduced at our Boca Raton, FL headquarters to increase security, enhance compliance and streamline visitor sign-in and sign-out while in our facility.

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Increasing Awareness at BIO International Show

WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf and Business Development Director Angela Holley waded through thousands of exhibits (and two Mounties) to meet with early-to-late stage bio-pharmaceutical companies and related businesses promoting WDSrx services.

Pompano Beach, FL Facility Welcomes New Client

The WDSrx facility in Pompano Beach, FL processed multiple large shipments into inventory for a new international client that manufactures components for pharmaceutical drug products.  Great job!

WDSrx Near Capacity Preparing for "Summer Fence"

The next time you visit your favorite warehouse store, look for nutritional supplement displays stacked high along the floor like a fence. WDSrx fills the bottles, assembles displays, places product and fulfills orders to locations across the country for these seasonal promotions.

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