JULY 2023


Pacific Institute Partners with the Water Research Foundation on Innovative Solutions to Water Affordability

The Pacific Institute has launched a new project in partnership with the Water Research Foundation.


Affordability of water and wastewater utility bills is a growing concern, with water rates rising faster than the cost of most other goods and services. Despite various water utilities addressing affordability concerns in their own way, many customers are still struggling to make ends meet. While there is a robust array of research on problem identification and water affordability interventions, there are limited studies demonstrating the effectiveness of these interventions, especially of the more emergent approaches.


Our project aims to address existing policy challenges through direct engagement with the water utilities and organizations representing broader utility stakeholders on the leading edge of addressing affordability. 



Pacific Institute Set to Showcase Innovative Water Resilience Solutions at Stockholm World Water Week

Stockholm World Water Week convenes leading water experts and organizations to address the world’s most pressing water challenges. The Pacific Institute will once again be prominently featured.  


Watch for upcoming announcements about Pacific Institute session participation during World Water Week, taking place from August 20th to 24th. 



Creative Co-Funding for Positive Water Impact

Explore our recent Q&A blog with Cora Snyder, Senior Researcher at the Pacific Institute, and David Pilz, Managing Partner at AMP Insights. Together, the authors discuss the timely relevance of our latest report,'Joining Forces: Innovative Co-Funding to Enhance Corporate Water Stewardship Impact in the Colorado River Basin.'The interview was conducted by the Pacific Institute’s Dr. Amanda Bielawski.


Key takeaways include the potential for co-funding, the urgent need for strategic investments, and how to leverage federal funds. 



Pacific Institute's Dr. Christine DeMyers Presents at Water Efficiency and Conservation Symposium

On August 3rd in Chicago, IL, Pacific Institute Research Associate Dr. Christine DeMyers will be a panelist at the Water Efficiency and Conservation Symposium hosted by Alliance for Water Efficiency.


Her session, "Water Efficiency: Exploring Equitable & Effective Solutions to Address Affordability" will explore how utility-led water programs are addressing affordability challenges. It will also demonstrate water efficiency and conservation as an important strategy to mitigate affordability challenges in both the short and long term.


Recap: Pacific Institute's Dr. Gregg Brill Presents at a Nature-Positive Future Event

Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Dr. Gregg Brill presented at “A Nature-Positive Future” hosted by Arup. The event was held virtually and in London.


He presented on theNBS Benefits Explorer; a web-based tool developed by the Pacific Institute. The tool serves as a key starting point for organizations looking to invest in nature-based solutions (NBS)


Recap: Pacific Institute's Shannon Spurlock Presents at AWRA Summer Conference

Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Shannon Spurlock presented and moderated at the American Water Resources Association 2023 Summer Conference.


She held sessions titled "Maximizing Water Resources through Integrating a Multi-benefit Approach into Land Use Planning" and "Diversifying Colorado’s Water Portfolio: The Potential for Stormwater Capture and Use to Contribute to a Water Resilient Future." These sessions involved multi-disciplinary discussions on water resilience with industry experts.



The Pacific Institute is frequently turned to by the world's most influential media outlets to provide expert, science-based insights on water challenges and solutions. Here are just a few of the media highlights from the past month.

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