July 2022
Pacific Institute Launches New Collaborative Water & Climate Equity Research Strategy for United States
Millions of people in the United States lack access to clean water, lack basic plumbing, or rely on water systems with safety violations. The worst of this water burden is often endured by frontline communities, including low-income communities, communities of color, Indigenous communities, and those in rural areas.

To address these challenges in the context of climate change, the Pacific Institute this week launched a new Water and Climate Equity strategy to highlight climate risks and climate-resilient solutions for frontline communities across the United States.

This collaborative research and outreach will be conducted in partnership with community networks and organizations, including Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Inc. (RCAP), LiKEN, and DIGDEEP Water

CEO Water Mandate Update: World Economic Forum Published Op-Ed on Corporate Water Action Co-Authored by Pacific Institute President

The CEO Water Mandate, a partnership between the Pacific Institute and the United Nations Global Compact, mobilizes business leaders on water, sanitation, and the Sustainable Development Goals. 
As companies are the world’s largest water users, they have a transformative opportunity to address water stress and build long-term water resilience. In a powerful op-ed published by the World Economic Forum, Jason Morrison, President of the Pacific Institute and Head of the CEO Water Mandate, joined voices with Sanda Ojiambo, Assistant Secretary-General and CEO of the UN Global Compact, to discuss how the private sector can take meaningful global action on water. Highlighting the CEO Water Mandate’s Water Resilience Coalition, a CEO-led coalition of 27 corporations, and the ambitions of the Net Positive Water Impact framework, the op-ed calls on companies to act together to protect and restore water basins at risk. 
California Non-Functional Turf Irrigation Ban Provides Businesses Opportunity To Step Up on Sustainability 
The California business sector has a substantial opportunity to step up on sustainability, say Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Cora Kammeyer and Research Associate Dr. Sonali Abraham. 
New emergency drought regulations ban the irrigation of non-functional turf on commercial, industrial, and institutional sites across urban California. By installing more sustainable landscaping, businesses can build water resilience through sustainability leadership, while also reducing water use (and savings) by 70 to 80 percent. 
In a new Pacific Institute blog, Kammeyer and Abraham write: "With the right tools, guidance, and encouragement, California businesses are well-positioned to help lead the way on the transition to more sustainable, drought-resilient urban landscapes." 

Ensuring Water Conservation and Efficiency Programs Are Accessible to All—In California and Beyond 
A new Pacific Institute blog highlights the importance of ensuring water conservation and efficiency programs are accessible to all, with an emphasis on groups that can be hard to reach, including renters and low-income families. 
There are several barriers to implementing water conservation and efficiency programs in accessible ways. But, as the blog outlines, there are already many creative solutions to overcoming these barriers, including: 
• Vouchers replacing rebates 
• Device giveaways and direct-install programs 
• Multi-family housing solutions 
• Alternative proof of eligibility 
• Partnerships with community-based organizations 
“These challenges are worth tackling to save water and money, especially for households and communities that need it most,” write Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Morgan Shimabuku and Self-Help Enterprises Director of Community Development Jessi Snyder. 
Speaking Engagement: Director of Research Heather Cooley 
The Pacific Institute is a proud partner of the 19th annual Water Conservation Showcase. This year, Director of Research Heather Cooley will speak on "Water-Energy Nexus in California: New Research and Tools" July 20 at 9 AM PT. 
Since 2004, hundreds of advocates, researchers, business leaders, product manufacturers and government officials have gathered annually to address the most pressing water issues and challenges facing the state of California. The showcase is comprised of nine educational sessions, with water-focused topics ranging from climate change to drought communications, to learn more about scalable strategies and solutions to conserve one of Earth's most precious resources. 

Speaking Engagement: Researcher Dr. Sonali Abraham
Pacific Institute Research Associate Dr. Sonali Abraham will speak on a panel titled "Water Planning in the Era of Climate Change" at the 7th Annual California Water Data Summit August 17 and 18. She will be highlighting the findings of a recent Pacific Institute report, "The Untapped Potential of California's Urban Water Supply: Water Efficiency, Water Reuse, and Stormwater Capture." 
The California Water Data Summit features leaders from California’s most pioneering public agencies, industry specialists, innovative companies, start-ups, and prestigious academic institutions. Event programming elevates cutting-edge work pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of California water. 

Speaking Engagement: Researcher Shannon Spurlock
On July 20the Pacific Institute, in partnership with River Network, PolicyLink, and WaterNow, will host a one-hour virtual seminar for utility and community leaders nationwide facing the first and worst water challenges—from flooding to drought and from basement backups to water contamination. The webinar will dive into how these local leaders can access State Revolving Fund dollars to help overcome these challenges with 21st century infrastructure solutions. 

Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Shannon Spurlock will speak at this seminar about federal programs available to fund equitable and sustainable water infrastructure, innovative water infrastructure projects, and more. 

Coming in August: World Water Week 2022
The Pacific Institute and the CEO Water Mandate, a partnership of the Pacific Institute and the United Nations Global Compact, will host a number of sessions during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, in August. Stay tuned for more information
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