July 2016

Please join us for our July Membership Meeting 
in welcoming our 2016-2017 Board Members!

  Date:  Tuesday, July 26, 2016  
  Doors Open:  6:00pm
  Location:  The Biltmore Hotel 
    2151 Laurelwood Rd 
Santa Clara, CA 95054 

July Membership Meeting Guest Speaker
"Become a Better Speaking FAST."
Doris Pickering    
Doris Pickering is an engaging, energetic and charismatic entrepreneur who brings her sought after public speaking and presentation training programs to ambitious business owners and professionals who are ready to improve their public speaking skills.

She has enjoyed a successful corporate career in some of the most influential companies in Silicon Valley, such as LSI Logic, Philips Semiconductor and HP. With an Executive MBA, several professional certificates and her Can Do attitude, Doris gained expertise in many disciplines such as Business Planning, Sales Operations, Product Marketing and New Product Introduction.

After leaving the Silicon Valley high tech world, Doris launched her own public speaking and presentation training business, "Get It Done With Doris" to train motivated entrepreneurs and professionals how to grow their business or get noticed and promoted through public speaking. Her powerful training programs teach people how to communicate their message quickly, clearly and effectively.

Whether you're a busy professional on the move or a small business owner, her programs will build your confidence so you can swiftly go from where you are to where you want to be!


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  • Be the Change for AFWA
  • Podcasts for Accounting and Finance Professionals
  • 6 Tips for Fostering Cross-Departmental Collaboration - by Robert Half staffing

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Edronda Guiriba  
AFWA - Silicon Valley Chapter President 2016-2017
Promote AFWA When You Can...Don't Forget the Benefits of your AFWA  Membership!

The AFWA Silicon Valley Board just finished our strategic planning meeting for the year after  our summer break from meetings in June.  It was more effective to start the new year after having a break to recharge. W e have so much to look forward to.    

The mission of our chapter is "to serve its members by supporting the goals and objectives of AFWA through effective programs and services, " so we kept th e mission our focus when planning the upcoming speakers and topics for the year. Our hopes are that the local speakers and strong topics will bring more members and guests to our  monthly  meetings, will entice guests to join as members, and will help us get the exposure we need to raise more funds for our scholarships and cut costs on our meeting prices. We can't do this without your help! Promote AFWA when you can.  

Don't forget the benefits of your AFWA membership:  
  • P rofessional recognition  
  • L eadership skills enhancement  
  • E nhanced networking on a local and national level (especially when you are able to attend the National Conference)  
  • R esume building experience  
For this upcoming membership meeting  for July  we will have   Do ris  Pickering, with Silicon Valley Speaks, Presentation and Speech Training as our guest speaker . She will be presenting right after our  Bo ard  Installation . I invite you to register for the event, enjoy networking, dinner, the chance to meet the upcoming board and to enjoy the special presentation by Doris.  


Be the Change for AFWA
Posted July 14, 2016 
By '16-'17 AFWA National President, Linda Harris, CPA
I am so excited to be the National President of this great organization. The Board and I will work hard to make sure that AFWA continues to be relevant and the preferred home for women in accounting and finance.  At our spring meeting in Billings, the National Board and I spent our time setting our goals for the upcoming year and one thing we want is everyone - all members - involved in the conversation - talking, listening and sharing.

I recently turned 60. This has been a time for reflection for me. I realize now, 60 is not the new 40. Forty year olds have an entirely different perspective. As do millennials. I realize now how much I have been through and the obstacles I have overcome to achieve what I have. I also now realize that I did not accomplish what I have without help from family, friends, and the support of AFWA.  And I see that without embracing change, my journey would have been much different.

Each generation faces their own unique set of challenges. Young women today still struggle to get equal pay for equal work. They still need to get equal consideration for getting the job in the first place. They still need to fight sexual harassment and they need to fight for their place in government, proportionately. And those of us facing retirement have our own set of challenges.  What will retirement look like and are we financially able to have the lifestyle we want?

Recently there has been media attention that seeks to separate women who fought for equal pay and hammered at the glass ceiling, from the younger generation of women who are portrayed as taking that fight for granted.  I don't think this is true and I don't think we should allow a separation between us. We need to embrace each other - We need to stand together - new and experienced. And as our mothers and grandmothers taught many of us - Stand up - Speak out - and lend a hand to lift up those coming after you. That is what AFWA members do so well and need to continue to do.

But as we face challenges together, we also experience change. So, how do we handle change? I think we handle it by being change.

In fact, at this year's Installation, I presented each Board member with a charm that says "Be the Change." As much as we love this organization, AFWA can't move forward without change.  We need to see change as a good thing and make it work for us.

Gandhi's quote, "you must be the change you wish to see," is one of my favorites.

Be the Change.

If you want change to go your way, be it.

If you want change that is just and fair, be just and fair.

If you want change that improves your career, be someone who makes that change happen.

With our management team and movement on significant additions to AFWA's offerings, I believe AFWA is being part of that change for our careers and the profession. This change means knowing how AFWA is different from the competition, making our broad reach in the industry a selling point for the organization, and putting focus on developing our members as the whole professional.

We need to be the change - and not be afraid of it - Without change - we and AFWA will become obsolete.

I recently came across another great quote: One woman can change anything. But many women can change everything.

We are many women. Let's get busy.
Podcasts for Accounting and Finance Professionals
Posted July 14, 2016
By Debi Williams, AFWA Manager of Marketing & Brand  Management

Podcasts are having a growth spurt, growing in popularity as part of morning routines, business commutes, and work outs. Podcasts provide a platform to share, inspire, and educate through stories and interviews. They can be funny, professional, and entertaining, and cover an endless number of topics. There are many podcasts that address business topics, specifically related to accounting and finance. Business podcasts can update you on current trends, prepare you for your next big meeting, maybe even inspire your next career move.

Are you thinking of trading in your favorite playlist for a podcast? Here a few suggestions for accounting and finance professionals to try

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6 Tips for Fostering Cross-Departmental Collaboration 
Posted July 6, 2016 

For a tight team of workers with similar backgrounds, collaboration might come easy. But what about projects that bring together professionals from your IT and finance divisions? A recent Robert Half Management Resources survey found that CFOs and CIOs are working together more today than they did three years ago. Cross-functional collaboration is also occurring more often at the staff level.

Working closely with other departments offers many benefits, such as less red tape and more streamlined processes. That's not to say you won't encounter differences along the way, such as friction among staff with unique viewpoints on approaches to problems, distinct work styles and skill sets. So how do you, the manager, go about facilitating collaboration between a group that includes an opinionated auditor, an introverted IT professional and a particularly spirited business analyst? Accounting managers can play a major role in fostering cross-departmental collaboration. Here are six ways you can bring a diverse group together:

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Eileen Perry

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Julia Becklund 





There is an excellent line-up of programs for the Silicon Valley Chapter this year, and most of them qualify for CPE!  Check out the line-up as we have engaged some dynamic and outstanding speakers coming up for 2016.

Get it Done With Doris - "Become a Better Speaker FAST"
Speaker: Doris Pickering

Topic - TBD
Speaker: TBD

 Topic - TBD
Speaker: TBD

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Reservation and cancellation policy:  
Reservations or cancellations are requested by noon on the Friday preceding each meeting.  Email Allyson- allyson.girardi@gmail.com to reserve or cancel. The goal is an accurate count for the hotel.  Unreserved members (not guests) incur a surcharge of $5.00.
Reserved members or guests who are no-shows will be billed if not cancelled by noon the preceding Friday. We do want you to come to the meetings and reservations are helpful but if you have to cancel let us know beforehand to avoid incurring the cost of the meal.

WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENT AT THE DOOR with higher cost. Online registration will close on Sunday before the event day. 
Volunteers are always welcome at our monthly membership meetings. Lend a helping hand to make our monthly events and meetings even more interesting while building a great network and forming new relationships.
CPE credit is available for participating in any of our qualified programs.  See Debbie for more details in person at the meeting.

Chair: Julien LaCrosse

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The Foundation is all about us, accounting and financial professionals, we strive every day to make a difference in the financial world and in our communities. The Foundation is charged with raising funds for national scholarships, and educational advancement of our peers and rising leaders. 


The Foundation offers each of us the opportunity to support the future direction of the profession where we have gained our own personal successes.


It is important to support those entering the profession and working alongside us. Those that follow in our footsteps have much to teach us and much to learn from us. They embody the next generation of accounting and financial professionals. Our goal for you and AFWA is to lead the way in their development.




The Foundation promotes and advances education, career development and leadership in finance and accounting. Our vision is to guide women along the path to achieve success in finance and accounting.





The Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance Annual Conference is the premier networking and education event for professionals and students of Accounting and Finance. The event attracts hundreds of professionals from across the country for four days of educational sessions - providing up to 24 hours of CPE credit - presented by leaders in the industry.


2016 AFWA National Conference

Mark your calendars for the 2016 AFWA National Conference to be held October 26-28, 2016 in Denver, CO. Registration is now OPEN! Sign up for early bird discount. 



 Founded in 1938, AFWA/ASWA provides  women in accounting and finance the  leadership, education and networking  opportunities needed to achieve their career  goals. Celebrating 75 years as the only  organization that solely represents the interest  of women in the entire accounting and finance  community. The organization's mission is to  enable women in all accounting and related  fields to achieve their full personal,
professional and economic potential and to  contribute to the future development of their  profession.