JULY 2020

We would like to welcome back the families that have returned to the center, we are expecting to have almost everyone back by the end of August! We are so happy to see everyone again! 
We would like to welcome new staff members! Staci is in our infant program; Grace is in our toddler program; Amanda and Kayleigh are in our preschool program.

Especially for Children will be closed on Friday, July 3, in honor of Independence Day. We wish all of our families a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend! If your child will not be attending any other days that week, please let us know in the parent book on the front desk.
We now have small gardens set up, flower gardens out in front of the building, and vegetable gardens on both the preschool and toddler playgrounds. The children will assist the teachers with watering and weeding to take care of our gardens all summer long!

The preschool classes will be heading to the park two days this month! We will be taking extra health and safety precautions to enjoy these trips. We will walk there, play, and have a picnic lunch before returning to the center.
In accordance with state requirements, all workplaces are required to have a Covid-19 Preparedness Plan that outlines current health and safety procedures. If you would like to view EFC’s plan, please ask your center director.
Just a reminder to fill out the U.S. census if you have not already done so! The census is a hugely important tool that helps the government determine representation, funding, and infrastructure planning.
To learn more, visit: https://mn.gov/admin/2020-census/

We send e-newsletters and announcements through Constant Contact and daily notes through Baby/Daily Connect. If you or a family member are not receiving our communications, please let your director know so that we can update your email address.

How many walks has your family been on in the past few months?! If you need some ideas to spice up your walks and promote playful learning, check out these ideas from NAEYC:
  This month we are offering a mental break from some of the heavier topics we have covered in recent months. Enjoy this throwback article from 2014 below! 

While playing outside with your child this summer, don’t forget the value of the stick. Children find sticks an endless source of make-believe fun. In 2008 the stick, which may be the world’s oldest toy, was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Here are some of the attributes cited:

“Sticks can turn into magic wands, majorette batons and fishing poles. When children pretend with sticks, they cultivate their creativity and develop their imaginations.”

This made me smile when I realized that one of my favorite childhood photos is of my older sister and me sitting on a log. She was teaching me to whittle.

When hiking in the woods, I still love to find a sturdy stick to accompany me. Not only does it help me stabilize, it also makes me feel like a voyager on a real adventure. And part of the fun is exploring the area to find just the right stick!

Of the 53 toys that have made it into the National Toy Hall of Fame, the stick is the only one that is found in nature all ready to be played with. Sticks are all around us: they are natural and free.

After this past windy weekend our yard was filled with sticks of various sizes. Without any prompting our two-year-old grandson gathered several together to touch and examine.

Pretty soon I looked and saw that he found one still covered with leaves. Over a period of a few minutes that stick was a lawn mower and then evolved into a leaf blower. Later that day Steve and I had him help us pick up sticks and put them in a trash can.
What a fun afternoon! Now I want to find sticks to use to draw in the sand, make a campfire and then roast marshmallows!
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