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BBQ Potluck Shabbat 
with Rabbi Mike Comins and Judd Grossman
Friday, July 12   6:30 p.m. 
Owen Bircher Park, Wilson
Issue No. 7
July, 2013
JHJCC co-sponsors open rehearsal and talk back with Gallim Dance.
Mazel Tov to the new JH Jewish Community Center
Video: Mazel Tov to the new JH Jewish Community Center
Swingin' Sabbath is August 2, 2013. If you'd like to help underwrite one our biggest annual events, let us know:
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Keeping up with Uncle Moishe 
by Al  Zuckerman

I talked to Uncle Moishe this past weekend on the phone. Other than my Aunt going in for a little bunion surgery everything is pretty quiet. Unc was telling me that he and my Aunt went for a drive with their close friends and neighbors, Jake and Minnie Goldblum. They stopped off at a nice restaurant and had lunch and then headed back home. 


After driving for about 5 minutes Minnie says, "Jake, we have to go back to the restaurant, I left my sweater on the back of the chair". Unc said Jake blew his top and all the way back to the restaurant he was yelling at Minnie, "you're always forgetting something, do you know how much gas costs, you are getting so forgetful lately", and on and on. Unc said he and my Aunt were a little uncomfortable. So, they arrive back at the restaurant and Minnie says, I'll be right back, I'll just run in and get my sweater. As she was getting out of the car, Jake said, while you're in there could you also get my hat.

Hebrew National BBQ Shabbat

with Rabbi Mike Comins

6:30 p.m., July 12

Owen Bircher Park, Wilson


Don't miss one of biggest Shabbat services of the year. Enjoy a soulful service with visiting Rabbi Mike Comins and Chazzan Judd Grossman followed by an open-fire BBQ. Lots of Hebrew National Hotdogs and all the fixin's will be provided as well as Smores and drinks. This is also a potluck so please bring a summer side dish to share. Also, please bring a lawn chair if you have one. 

Upcoming Events in July



July 11, Thursday, 7 p.m. 

July 13, Saturday, 5 p.m

at the JHJC Center, 150 Scott Lane
$7 limited seating. Wine and refreshments available.
We've been dying to show this movie and now the time has come!  "Hava Nagila (The Movie) is a documentary romp through the history, mystery and meaning of the great Jewish standard. Featuring interviews with Harry Belafonte, Leonard Nimoy, Connie Francis, Glen Campbell, Regina Spektor and more, the film follows the ubiquitous party song on its fascinating journey from the shtetls of Eastern Europe to the kibbutzim of Palestine to the cul-de-sacs of America. High on fun and entertainment, Hava Nagila (The Movie) is also surprisingly profound, tapping into universal themes about the importance of joy, the power of music and the resilient spirit of a people." 
  • July 7, Sunday, 10 a.m.: J-Play Toddler Group at the JHJCC 150 Scott Lane.
  • July 11, Thursday, 7 p.m..: Film: Hava Nagila -The Movie. JHJC Center, 150 Scott Ln. $7 at the door, limited seating. Wine and refreshments available. 
  • July 12, Friday, 6:30 p.m.:Hebrew National BBQ Shabbat with Rabbi Mike Comins. Hot dogs and Smores provided, please bring a side dish to share. Lawn chair helpful. Owen Bircher Park, Wilson.
  • July 13, Saturday, 5 p.m..: Film: Hava Nagila -The Movie.
     JHJC Center, 150 Scott Ln. $7 at the door, limited seating. Wine and refreshments available.
  • July 21, Sunday, 10 a.m.: J-Play Toddler Group at teh JHJCC 150 Scott La
  • July 21, Sunday, 5:30 p.m. Pre-camp BBQ, Owen Bircher Park, Wilson
  • July 22-26, 9 a.m.: Week 1 of Spirit of the Mountains Summer Camp, Old Wilson Schoolhouse, Wilson.
  • July 29 - Aug. 2, 9 a.m.: Week 2 of Spirit of the Mountains Summer Camp. Old Wilson Schoolhouse, Wilson.
  • August 2, Friday, 6 p.m.: Swingin' Sabbath with the Richard Brown Orchestra.The Scher Residence, free.
  • August 5, Monday, 3 p.m.: AIPAC meetings with Rep. Cynthia Lummis. Location TBA.
  • August 6, Tuesday, 3 p.m.: AIPAC meetings with Sen. John Barrasso. Location TBA. 
Prepared by Andy King, JHJC Board Treasurer    

This year the JHJC spent just under $10,000 on moving to and outfitting our new Jewish Community Center. Since these dollars were taken from our savings instead of annual operating expenses, these moving costs did not affect our programming throughout the year. Compared to budget, we fell woefully short on the income side, although we were able to keep expenses under budget once again. For the next fiscal year beginning July 1, we have accepted another balanced budget, maintaining our commitment to fiscal responsibility. The 2014 budget is shown here. JHJC Board President, Al Zuckerman's State of the Congregation report is published on this page with a complete assessment of non-financial topics. Email us with any questions regarding our annual budget, we'd be happy to answer them.

It's Membership 
Directory Time
Deadline August 1

If you want to be part of our annual JHJC Membership Directory please fill out the online form HERE. JHJC members are NOT required to be part of the directory but are encouraged to do so. Copies of the directory will be available during High Holidays services. Free to those who participated, $5 to others. 

2012 Family Campers and dogs
JHJC Family Camp Set for September 20 at The Hatchet Resort
The Jackson Hole Jewish Community's Family Camp is a way for Jewish people who live in the Valley to meet and socialize with other Jews at a non-religious, completely social function.


This summer, the second annual Family Camp will take place on Friday, September 20 at the Hatchet Resort. The Hatchet Resort is north of Jackson, towards Dubois, about 40 miles. Here is a link to the The Hatchet Resort. Come for as much or as little of the get together as you can.


We will have dinner on Friday evening (possibly followed by a campfire with marshmallows in the adjoining campground); breakfast on Saturday morning and then we can do something together (e.g., hike, bike, kayak, canoe, raft, horseback ride, fish or simply sit around enjoying each other's company and the scenery) as a large group or we can break off  into smaller ones. We won't have a Friday night Sabbath service; instead, we will try to have a Saturday morning gathering during breakfast with chazzan Judd Grossman.  


If you would like to make a reservation, request information on the group room rates for the Camp or other have questions, please email Sandy Ress HERE.

Scenes From June
The first Bar Mitzvah of many to come in the coming year. Aaron Trauner.
Aaron Trauner.
Aaron Trauner.
Bar Mitzvah No. 2, Josh Clemens Zendler.
Josh's first allyot. He is joined by his family including his 91 year-old grandmother, a Holocaust survivor.
Josh Clemens Zendler.
JHJCC co-sponsors Gallim Dance Rehearsal
Dancers from Gallim Dance rehearse at an event co-sponsored by the JHJCC and Dancer's Workshop.
 Gallim Artistic Director Andrea Miller (standing) danced in Israel with the Bathsheba Ensemble and speaks to the audience.
Dancers and artistic director Andrea Miller discuss a new sketch.

Oneg after March Shabbat at the  
new Center.
Yep, if you build it, 
they will come!
  The JHJC is continuing to make improvements on our new space. Last month we had an amazing Shabbat service. So many people attended we ran out of chairs! The space provided for a warm and soulful service led by Chazzan Judd and the Bet Sefer teachers, Josh, Eliana and Allie. Please consider supporting our new center. 
  • Furniture $4,000
  • Window treatments $1,000
  • JHJCC sign  $450
  • Bathroom remodel  $375
  • Moving expenses $1,000
  • Lighting $1,000
  • Kitchen $750


Mazel Tov to Carol Mann on her new book,
Why Wait.

Many Thanks

  • Rose Novak who retires from the board this month. There are not a lot of words to describe how grateful we are to have had her on the board, and together with her husband Ron as part of our Jewish community. "A groysen dank dir" to you Rose Novak, you're amazing. 
  • Isaac Grossman for helping with the Bar Mitzvah services.
  • Christine Schuller for helping out with the Gallim event.
  • Al Zuckerman, Josh Kleyman, Andy King, Christine Schuller and Andrea Mazer  for serving on the Board of Directors for 5774.

Mazel Tov!

Ben and Aaron Scher attend Mitzvah Day at the nursing home


 for being present at almost every Shabbat and event. Thank you for your support of the JH Jewish Community. Mike Scher will begin a term on the JHJC Board this summer.

  • Aaron Trauner for becoming a Bar Mitzvah in June. Mazel Tov! 
  • Josh Clemens Zendler for becoming a Bar Mitzvah in June. Mazel Tov!
  • Esther Grossman 
    for completing her year abroad in India. It wasn't easy. Kol HaKavod!

Get Well Soon

  • Larry Rieser 
    is on the mend 
    from a fall. 
  • Keep David Goldfarb in your thoughts.

 Please send us your Mazel Tovs, Condolences, Kol HaKavods, Get Wells and photos of your 

2013 Board of Directors
Al Zuckerman, President

Josh Kleyman, Vice Pres.

Andy King, Treasurer

Andrea Mazer

Mike Scher

Christine Schuller

Mary Grossman, Ex. Dir.

JHJC President's State of the Congregation Annual Report

Last fiscal year and again this fiscal year, despite the Board's attempt to be very conservative in its spending we again spent more money than we took in through revenue. The conventional wisdom was that because of the recent recession and a lack of aggressive fundraising on the part of the Board we weren't getting as many donations as we used to. We thought we were experiencing the same thing as many other non-profits in the valley and probably around the country were facing.  However, upon a closer look by the Board we have discovered that it wasn't necessarily donations that had dwindled but that the last three years have seen a decline in memberships in the JHJC. We have gone from 86 members in 2010 to 80 members in 2011 to a precipitous drop to 64 members in 2012. From 2011 to 2012 we had 37 members that did not renew for one reason or another. This rather alarming trend is a little baffling as numbers of participants at our cultural events and religious observations have remained the same or have actually increased. It is difficult to pinpoint any one reason for the decline in memberships but one thing is certain. If this trend would continue it would jeopardize the quality programming that the JHJC has been able to provide as a deficit budget for this or any other organization is not sustainable in the long run. Armed with this new information the Board has discussed several actions to deal with continuing annual budget deficits. 


One action is to find places to strategically cut the expense budget including some modest cuts to programming. To this end the board has proposed an annual balanced budget that is $5,000 less than the previous year's budget. The second action is a plan by the board to emphasize membership recruitment. It is hoped that by making careful cuts and reversing the downward trend in memberships that we can balance our budget. We are optimistic that we can accomplish this and thus look forward to another wonderful year filled with rich, thoughtful and entertaining special events and meaningful religious experiences.   


This past year was a good one for the JHJC. Aside from the traditional programming we've had over the years such as Mitzvah Day on Christmas Day, a moving Yom HaShoah observance, the second annual sponsored dinner at the Presbyterian Church and the third annual Jazz Shabbat, we also co-sponsored a Chagall art showing at the Heather James Gallery with the Russian Club, were blessed with having three Bar Mitzvahs in our community, went to a more environmentally friendly and less costly electronic newsletter. The Board held a strategic planning retreat. And of course the biggest news was that we moved into our own space here on Scott Lane. Not only are we paying less for rent but we have the psycological and emotional benefit of being in our own Jewish "home" where we can hold Sabbath services, meetings and Bet Sefer surrounded by symbols of Judaism. 


We are also looking forward to the next year ahead. The Board has been working on a B'nai Mitzvah policy and is almost there. We have submitted an application with WYDOT for a mile section of their Adopt-a-highway program. We should be hearing back from them soon. The section they are looking at assigning us is on the Teton Village Road, #390. We have been truly blessed in recent years with two exceptional Bet Sefer principals, Sydney and mostly recently Eliana. However, now that Eliana is moving on the Board has been and is continuing to search for someone to fill that important role.  


Board members and general members alike continue to play a major role in keeping this organization functioning. Members frequently rise to the occasion by freely volunteering for all our activities and generously contributing money, time and in-kind services. We are so lucky to have so many community members pitching in as they are able and in whatever way they can. 


Our Jewish community's children played an increased role in many of our activities this year and their inclusion always made each event even sweeter. They of course were the central figures in the Bet Sefer Shabbous service. They held up their end and the middle too of the Torah when we rolled the scroll at Simchas Torah. They sold Chanukah gelt and made several donations with the proceeds to worthy organizations. They stole the show at the Passover seder with their meaningful messages of the season. 


We continue to be a grassroots organization where we create everything from the ground up using the many talents and resources of our community. We are very lucky in that way as it gives more meaning to everything we do because it is especially characteristic of our unique community.


- b'Shalom

Al Zuckerman

JHJC Board President

Join our 

Minyan Tree

  From time to time the JHJC is contacted to provide a minyan for either a local or visitor wanting to say Kaddish for a loved one who has recently passed away or whose yahrzeit they are observing. 

   Such was the case several weeks ago when a visitor from NY staying at the Village needed a minyan so he could recite Kaddish for his mother. A combined group of his friends, several members of Chabad and several members from our congregation gathered together to form a minyan to help him. 

   The reason I'm mentioning this is that I think it would be a good idea to form a "minyan tree", or a list of congregation members that would be willing to be part of a minyan when it is needed in order for someone to say Kaddish. It is a wonderful mitzvah to be able to help someone in this way. 

   If we had a list of even 15 or 20 congregants  that we could call to see if they are available to help form a minyan it would be of great service to the Jewish community. If you are interested in helping in this way when we are asked to put a minyan together please email or call Mary at the office so she can put your name on the "minyan tree".   

עליכם  השלום     

Jackson Hole Jewish Community