July 2018

Peoples' Self-Help Housing (PSHH) Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Ken Trigueiro, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson, Artist Barbara Laird and PSHH Intern Paul Garth unveil the new Little Free Library in Morro Bay. Read more and see the library
PSHH President/CEO
John Fowler
A casual glance at my daily calendar might beg the question, "Why is the CEO of an affordable housing developer meeting with bicycle shop owners, flying to West Virginia or speaking on the radio about educational opportunities?"  Well, the answer to all three is that everything starts with housing.  

PSHH is involved in economic development at the community level for a number of reasons.  If I can help a business open its doors or relocate to an area where our residents live, that increases job opportunities and provides work closer to home.  This decreases  costly commutes, puts more money in peoples pockets and increases valuable  time for families to be together. 

I spend a lot of time on planes because many of the decisions that affect our community are made out of state. Right now, I am closely watching the emergence of Opportunity Zones  - hence my trip to West Virginia - where I was able to meet with the staff of Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), one of the co-sponsors of the Investing in Opportunity Act which is set to spur trillions (yes trillions with a 't'!) in both economic and social investment. 

And lastly, with the recent completion of our bold five year plan for expanded site-based education, I found myself as a guest on KZSB AM1290.  Since we began our education program sixteen years ago, we have undeniably changed the academic trajectory of a generation of children. Despite the achievement of now seeing our first student finish her first year of a masters program at an Ivy League university, I want to do so much more.  

So when you want to do more, you need more partners, and to get more partners, you need to reach more people.  So how do you reach more people? Well...you go on a radio show!     
John Fowler, CPA
Becoming One
On July 1, we and The Duncan Group combined forces! Now under one company name of Peoples' Self-Help Housing, and with one mission:
"building affordable homes with site-based services that offer opportunities to change lives and strengthen communities on the central coast of California"
Read more about this exciting chapter in our company's history.
Offering "Exemplary" Services to the Central Coast
nw logo white green PSHH retained its "Exemplary" rating as a nonprofit affordable housing developer awarded by NeighborWorks America, a nationwide network of trained and certified community development organizations serving communities across the country. Read more
It's Our Birthday!
In just a few days time (Aug 1), we will be 48 years old!  Help us celebrate with a gift of $48.

Here are just a few things $48  can do:
  • buy a field trip for a child to a museum
  • fill a "welcome" box for a new family
  • provide food for an emotional support animal 
Want to help us celebrate all year long?  Make a generous monthly gift of $48!
Looking for More Great People - Join Our Team!
Always ready with a welcoming smile, Griselda and Esmeralda are a much-valued part of our nearly 200 strong team, a nd we're looking for more great people like them! 

As an employer, we're one of the top rated nonprofits in the region - v isit pshhc.org for more details on open positions and consider joining us!
Property Spotlights
Property Management

Home Ownership
Isla Vista Apartments
Celebrating 17 years
Located in the Isla Vista area of Golenta, this 23-unit property offers beautiful and affordable housing for families and farmworkers.

Terebinth Lane
Celebrating 6 years
Featuring 25 homes, this Templeton neighborhood was the first of PSHH's self-help developments to offer solar energy for the new homeowners.
In Other Housing News...
Central Coast
Life on a boat - One way a SLO couple is overcoming high rents
As housing prices rise to record highs across the state, Rider and his family are part of a growing number of people who are seeking alternative housing in an effort to own a small piece of the California Dream. Read more

Rising costs add to housing challenges according to study
With the housing crisis in California and many markets across the US seeing high demand, one important solution is increasing the supply of available housing options, but that has become an increasingly expensive proposition.   Read more  

State of the Nation's Housing Report is Out
The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University releases their annual report looking at housing across the country today and when they first started their report in 1988. Read more 

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