July 2019


School may be out for the summer, but PSHH's Education Program is still in full swing! 
Along with continuation of our literacy and math programs, summertime brings exciting field trips 
and special outings for students to step out of the classroom and have fun in the sun!

Building is hard and I believe  that the only way we can meet the housing crisis head-on is if each of us in this struggle is equipped , trained and alert to every possible opportunity for a shared lift.

I recently returned from the annual NeighborWorks America convening of Executive Directors. As leaders, we are by nature an assertive bunch (we all thrill to the chase of the competitive  award and bask in the winning bid!) but despite owning to some of those characteristics, the conference was an opportunity to not only proudly talk about  pipeline health and portfolio size, but was also a chance to openly compare battle  scars and show our bruises. 

Property development is brutal. Land is  scarce, water hard to find, waiting lists get ever-longer and government's a  Gordian knot. Not every lead results  in a groundbreaking, and not every proposal to collaborate leads to a long and happy marriage. 

And yet, while  there may  occasionally be some jostling on the track, a sharp elbow is rare.  We all collectively know that there are enough external adversaries out there, for us not to want to create our own. 

Everyday I am simultaneously excited, exhausted, buoyed, provoked, dismayed and overjoyed by the work but I am so, so grateful that we are in the trenches together.

John Fowler, CPA
President's Summer Book Club - Crenshaw
Housing insecurity affects the whole family.

Crenshaw is told from the perspective of  Jackson, a nine-year-old boy who lives in an apartment, from which his family are about to be evicted. His disabled father is finding it increasingly hard to stay employed which means, with the landlord at the door, they will soon be living, once again, in their run-down family car.

It's all a lot for a child to have on his shoulders, even with the help of his friend, Crenshaw, a man-sized imaginary cat.

Please join us in reading President/CEO John Fowler's second selection for his summer book club Crenshaw from Newbery Medal winning author Katherine Applegate

It's Complicated - Up Your Housing IQ!
Hands holding a piggy bank and a house model. Housing industry mortgage plan and residential tax saving strategy
Housing is on everyone's lips and most of us know someone who is trying to find an affordable place to live.  But why is  this such a thorny issue to solve?

Invite PSHH to your next club meeting or gathering, we'll layout the landscape, let you know how we are addressing the challenge, and give you all the information you need for a healthy debate the next time the topic of housing comes up.

When we are all engaged, we can solve this problem together. Email for more information!

Give Today & Support Lifelong Learning!

Resident Certification Success!
The Women's Empowerment and Neighborhood Childcare Project, funded by the Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo, is now in its second year. As a result, three PSHH residents are now fully licensed childcare providers, with four others expected to complete their licensing later this month.

PSHH and our community partners have many more exciting programs planned for residents throughout this summer, including classes in computer literacy, healthy parenting and even theatre!

Recommended Listening: Opportunity Starts at Home
Opportunity Starts at Home is a campaign launched by the National Low Income Housing Coalition to meet the housing needs of low-income communities. 

Take a few minutes to listen to their eponymous podcast, Opportunity Starts at Home, to take a deeper look at opportunity in America and the different ways that housing shapes that opportunity.

We're  Hiring  - Come Join Our Team!

We are always searching for creative, enthusiastic  individuals to join our team - like Rigo, one of our hard-working maintenance technicians! 

With openings in housing development , maintenance, resident services, accounting, and education, check out our job postings, spread the word and help  grow our Team!
Property Spotlights
PSHH Neighborhoods

Home Ownership Stories
Los Adobes de Maria
Celebrating  24 years
Comprising 65 units, this neighborhood is home to those working in, or retired from, agriculture. Completed in 1995 with the support of USDA, HUD, the City of Santa Maria, and County of Santa Barbara, LADM has PSHH's largest learning center which offers literacy classes, after-school programs, a library, and a computer lab.

El Camino Oaks
Celebrating 5 years
Completed in 2014, these Atascadero homes served as a refuge for both first-time homeowners and working families reeling from the effects of the 2010 foreclosure crisis.  With a safe, attractive neighborhood to call home, these families were able to fully recover, regain confidence, and ultimately prosper.
PSHH in the Headlines ...

Peoples' Self-Help Housing's President and CEO says Governor Newsom is making good on a campaign promise. 

Millennials the focus of panel discussion about Santa Barbara's housing needs
World Business Academy panelists and local community stakeholders share their insights about possible solutions and challenges to making downtown more accessible and vibrant.

...and in other Housing News

C entral Coast
This project, sponsored by the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo, will consist of one, two, and three bedroom apartments as low as 50% of market rents and will include solar panels and a greywater system to satisfy Green Point Environmental Standards.

Read more about the upcoming project.

California's new housing budget is a wrap. Here's what you need to know.
Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders agreed to spend a fresh $2 billion to combat the state's housing and homelessness woes. Lawmakers settled relatively quickly on the amount-which advocates say is the biggest in recent memory dedicated to housing. 


America's housing market is competitive, unequal, and often just getting by. Just like us.
The American housing market mirrors our society, the decisions we make, and the problems they leave us with, according to a report out Tuesday. 

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