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July  2017
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John Williams, for whom photography is a second career took these picture of the AMERICAN EAGLE  at the Lighthouse Parade on Bastille Day. Yes, we did  manage to sing the Marseillese.

What better spot for sailing Cappy than at North Haven Island, where she was built a century ago.

   2017 Down East Cruise

Three days into the adventure the fog cleared enough for us to see Little River Light at Cutler.

and a clearer view the next morning as we headed up the
 Grand Manan Channel with the tide

and Head Harbour Light on Campobello next

After anchoring in Johnson Bay we took advantage of a calm day to explore Treat Island
 and take a spin through the Old Sow, the whirlpool off Eastport.

Looking over at our next stop. Lubec, from Treat Island

After an evening in Lubec off the Inn on the Wharf we headed back west

This can be only one place; private, much loved, and cared for.

For 2018 there's a Canada trip in the planning stages.

Crew's News

See what happens when the captain heads to the galley for coffee for only a minute

Serve dinner and then jump overboard. Summer's here!

The paid component of the Down East Cruise company.

and the whole bunch who made the trip possible.

And there's still room for storytime most evenings

Post Cards and Pictures From Away

            More boats in this picture than we see in a season.

Galley News
Pineapple upside down tart

Serious work in the galley
with delightful results

Knife, Nancy, Matthew, Sarah, and the cream pitcher



August for the Sweet Chariot Music Festival, Perseid Meteor Showers, a cruise with CastleBay, the Maine Boasts, Homes, and  Harbors Show, and departure for our 30th participation in the Gloucester Schooner Festival and Mayor's Race for the Esperanto Cup.
      John and the crew

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