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I am happy to announce that we have signed a new 5yr. lease on the  GM&O Building. This lease assures us of adequate office and parking  space that is convenient to all member Governments in our Region. Our  Department Directors are offering many diverse programs and oppor tunities throughout our Region that will strategically enhance the quality  of life for many. Please come visit with us when possible. Stay safe!!!!!

John F." Rickey" Rhodes

John F "Rickey" Rhodes meeting with ADECA Director Kenneth W. Boswell on June 2nd.

John F "Rickey" Rhodes meeting with Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon at AARC Executive Directors Planning Session in Point Clear.

From the Archives: Former Executive Director Don Brady in 1982 Photo. Mr. Brady and wife Silvia continue to reside in Mobile.


Mobile MPO 101

July 19th staff hosted the Mobile MPO 101 class. This was for anyone that was interested in what the MPO does, and the life of a Federal road/transit project.  We discussed the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), The Congestion Management Process (CMP), Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), FTA 5310, and several other acronyms.  This class was very well received and may become an annual event.  Special thanks to Mr. Clint Andrews with the FHWA as he presented to the group on the federal side of transportation planning.

Performance Measures Update

July 11-14 Mobile MPO staff attended a FHWA workshop on Performance Measures, as there is a new focus on performance-based planning with MAP-21 and FAST ACT.  MPOs need to be cognizant of the outcomes of their investments in terms of actual impact on transportation operations and community goals.   The old model Forecast-Plan-Program-Build [and don't look back] is no longer appropriate.  MPOs and States will have to produce an annual report detailing performances measures. Our deadline to adopt performance measures are below:
Safety Performance Measures

Five annual safety targets are required for State DOTs and MPOs:
  •        Number of fatalities
  •        Number of serious injuries
  •        Rate of fatalities per 100 million VMT
  •        Rate of serious injuries per 100 million VMT
  •        Number of nonmotorized fatalities and nonmotorized serious injuries
National Performance Management Measures to Assess Pavement Condition
  •        Percentage of pavements of the Interstate System in Good condition
  •        Percentage of pavements of the Interstate System in Poor condition
  •        Percentage of pavements of the non-Interstate NHS in Good condition
  •        Percentage of pavements of the non-Interstate NHS in Poor condition
National Performance Management Measures to Assess Bridge Conditions

Two bridge measures:
  •        % of NHS bridges in Good condition
  •        % of NHS bridges in Poor condition
Performance of the National Highway System  (System Performance)

Interstate Travel Time Reliability Measure:
  •        Percent of person-miles traveled on the Interstate that are reliable

Non-Interstate Travel Time Reliability Measure:
  •        Percent of person-miles traveled on the non-Interstate NHS that are reliable
Freight Movement on the Interstate System:
  •        Freight Reliability Measure: Truck Travel Time Reliability (TTTR) Index Non-                  Interstate Travel Time Reliability
Transit Asset Performance Management:
  •        Rolling Stock: Age- % of revenue vehicles within a particular asset class that have          met or exceed their useful life benchmark
  •        Equipment: Age- % of revenue vehicles within a particular asset class that have              met or exceed their useful life benchmark
  •        Facilities: Conditions- % of facilities with a condition rating below 3.0 on a FTA              Transit Economic Requirement Modal Scale (TERM)


Funding Announcements   

DHS Announces $66M for FY 2017 Cooperating Technical Partners Program. Applications due July 31.
The Department of Homeland Security announced funding for the 2017 The Cooperating Technical Partners Program (CTP Program), which is designed to strengthen and increase the effectiveness of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through fostering strong Federal, State, Tribal, regional and local partnerships for the purposes of reducing flood losses and promoting community resiliency.
The CTP Program may provide federal assistance, through a grant or cooperative agreement, to an eligible partner to perform various projects and activities that support the ability of NFIP State Coordinating Agencies and NFIP-participating communities to continue their ongoing regulatory NFIP responsibilities as well as support the ability of States, communities and the public and private sector to mitigate flood risk. For more information, visit the DHS website.

HUD Makes $2 Billion Available to Local Homeless Programs
In an effort to prevent and effectively end homelessness, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is making $2 billion available to support thousands of local homeless assistance programs nationwide. Funded through the  Continuum of Care (CoC) Homeless Assistance Program , HUD's funding notice continues to encourage local applicants to use a Housing First approach to help individuals and families move quickly into permanent housing. 
HUD's Continuum of Care homeless assistance grants support a wide variety of local programs from street outreach and assessment programs to transitional and permanent housing for individuals, including, veterans, youth, families, and persons experiencing long-term or chronic homelessness.
HUD is encouraging communities to end veteran, chronic, family, and youth homelessness and to use their data to strategically target their available resources to end homelessness. Finally, to help communities reach these goals, there is greater flexibility provided to create a variety of new projects that will allow recipients to serve different populations of individuals and families experiencing homelessness as well as to support increased data collection and analysis.
HUD requires prospective grantees to submit applications electronically at www.grants.gov. Any changes to HUD-published funding notices will be made available to the public through a Federal Register publication and published on this government-wide portal. Applicants are urged to sign up for Grants.gov's notification service to receive periodic updates or changes to these grant offerings.  The application deadline is September 28, 2017.  

Gulf Coast States: Treasury Department Announces Funding Opportunity for Non-Construction Activities under Direct Component of RESTORE Act. Applications Due December 11.
Under the Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast States Act of 2012 (RESTORE Act), Subtitle F of P.L. 112-141, the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund (Trust Fund) was established in the Treasury of the United States. The RESTORE Act created five components through which funds will be disbursed. Treasury is publishing multiple funding opportunity notices as part of the RESTORE Act. This announcement applies only to the Direct Component, and is only for applications for eligible non-construction activities, including projects with or without a non-federal share for another federally funded project. This announcement also includes planning assistance needed to prepare the Multiyear Implementation Plan (Multiyear Plan) required by the RESTORE Act. Closing date for applications under this Announcement: December 11, 2017.
To apply for this announcement, you will need to submit an electronic application:
  1. In order to apply electronically you must first have a GrantSolutions user account. If you are already an existing grantee, please log in to GrantSolutions using your existing grantee username and password. If you do not remember your account information or have not been assigned a grantee account, please contact the GrantSolutions Help Desk at (866)577-0771 or by email at help@grantsolutions.gov. GrantSolutions provides you the ability to submit your entire application online. However, please note that your application must be submitted to GrantSolutions by your Authorizing Official to be acceptable and must be received by the Grants Servicing Office by the due date as specified in the grant announcement.
  2. All applications must be submitted online in GrantSolutions by the due date. No mail-in or hard copy applications will be accepted.
Agency Contacts:

Administrative and budgetary requirements: 
Office of Gulf Coast Restoration
Laurie McGilvray

Program Requirements or Technical Assistance:
Office of Gulf Coast Restoration
Laurie McGilvray
Click here f or more information.

Planning & Zoning Commission Training August 29th

Please Note
Due to overwhelming response to our Training Session
 we have moved the venue to
The International Trade Center
250 North Water Street
Mobile, AL  36602
4th Floor
Main Dining Room


Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)


Since the last newsletter the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) added a participant to the Robertsdale Library Cooperation and replaced a slot at the Ronald McDonald House due to the participant securing unsubsidized employment.  The last Participant quarterly meeting of the SCSEP year was held on July 19.  Mr. Austin Monk from Bishop State Community College was invited to present information which would assist the SCSEP participants to become more marketable.


Additionally, on July 27, a separate meeting was held for the Host Agency representatives.  In this meeting the program requirements are discussed and any questions from the supervisors are addressed. 


Mature Staffing Service (MSS)


The Mature Staffing Service (MSS) has been actively involved in signing up After School Care workers for the summer program in Baldwin County.  This program is available to children throughout the year.  It provides activities to keep the children focused and fit.  South Alabama Regional Planning Commission is honored and proud to assist the After School Care Program, through the Mature Staffing Service, with its payroll service to the leaders who work with the children and provide a viable option for their families.


If you have staffing needs, then Mature Staffing Service (MSS) would like the opportunity to assist you.


MSS provides staffing services to government and non-profit organizations.  Whether the organization is searching for part-time temporary workers or full-time permanent workers, Mature Staffing Service is there to make the process seamless. 


Is it getting hard for you to squeeze in the time to process your payroll because there are so many other issues requiring your attention?  Let us lighten your load by handling all payroll processing such as:  worker's compensation, all payroll taxes, and direct deposit. 


You owe it to yourself to find out how Mature Staffing Service can help.  Call (251) 652-0585 today.


Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)


The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is a source of capital available to entrepreneurs for start-up businesses or existing businesses.


The Revolving Loan Fund can be used for the purchase of property and buildings, equipment, and working capital needs.  The loan limits are $10,000 to $125,000.  The purpose of the RLF funds is to assist small businesses in their capital needs and to create and sustain jobs in the communities it serves. 


Let us know about your loan request today by calling (251) 652-0585.  We want to stand in the gap for you.



SARPC's SenioRx program #1 in the State!

The Area Agency on Aging was recently notified by the Alabama Department of Senior Services that our SenioRx  program is ranked  #1 in clients served and  #1 in new clients reached in the State. Congratulations for a job well done to Larraine Martin, SenioRx Coordinator, SenioRx program staff Demaris Brown and Olivia Turner; and our partners at the Baldwin and Escambia  County Councils on Aging, and the Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy.  

SenioRx Prescription Assistance Program:  March through May
Baldwin Co. Escambia Co. Mobile Co.
Number of Clients 128 98 786
Rx Cost Savings $299,126 $207,738 $1,450,346

Tell Congress to Preserve SHIP and  One-On-One Medicare Counseling 

Older adults, people with disabilities, and their families and caregivers need assistance understanding the A, B, C and Ds of Medicare.  Operating in every state, State Health Insurance Programs (SHIPs) answer questions about Medicare and help people solve problems. The local SHIP operated by SARPC's Area Agency on Aging, and its partners have reached over 14,000 people and saved Mobile, Baldwin and Escambia county seniors and people with disabilities over $4.5 million dollars in the last 2 years in Medicare prescription drug costs and Medicare Part B premiums.

As 10,000 Baby Boomers age into Medicare each day, rather than defund SHIPs, Congress needs to increase SHIP funding. Tell your member of Congress to protect SHIPs from an unprecedented cut.  Eliminating SHIPS would leave millions who need support comparing coverage options, appealing denials, applying for financial assistance, and navigating increasingly complex Medicare benefits stranded-with nowhere to turn.  Your local SHIP can be contacted at 251-706-4680 or 1-800-243-5463.

Free 1 Day Workshop: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Join us for a free one day workshop - Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Sponsored by the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission/Area Agency on Aging.  The workshop is designed to link grandparents to resources and information.  Please share with grandparents who are parenting grandchildren in your community. There is limited seating so please sign up. 

2017 Senior Lifestyle Expos (October 4th and 12th):

Train the Trainer (October 11, 2017):

Are You New to Medicare?

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