July 2021
Happy July 4th!
Welcome July, here we are officially half way through 2021 and it’s already better than 2020! Whew! Sure it is a tad bit hotter sooner this year and probably will be a tad bit hotter longer but it’s not like we weren’t warned. Besides even hot fresh air is better than no fresh air which is what we were facing a year ago. Let’s hope we can get to Stage 1 this month.

Since our last newsletter, I have been spending my time in Tucson. Talk about hot… we had four days in a row where temperatures reached was 114°. Fortunately there was no humidity so it was bearable . While here, I have been working wIth others on identifying a new volcanic or meteorite impact glass discovery. This material has an energy compared to that of Moldavite only more intense and seems distinct to its own creation and purpose. We hope to be able to officially introduce this material at our Denver Trunk Sale this fall.

Here at Nature’s Treasures we’re still processing away. We have been waiting 6 months for a large shipment direct from Madagascar, and it has finally arrived so watch for some spectacular Carnelian, Celestite, Rose Quartz, and other great mineral pieces from Madagascar. We finally got to all the boxes from Morocco and we are very excited with all the various Selenite options we are discovering. I heard conversations the other day that thousands of dollars of new and reordered books plus card decks and other miscellaneous accessories have also just arrived.

July at first glance doesn’t appear to have a lot of holidays to acknowledge and celebrate. Celebrating independence seems to be on the agenda for July with our nations birthday on the 4th of July and celebration of French Solidarity or independence on Bastille Day, July 14th. Maybe we can pool all our energy and manifest a day in July as Global Independence Day from COVID. I guess because of the relatively few holidays this month there are lots of declared holidays celebrating different foods like National Fried Chicken Day 7/6, World Chocolate Day 7/7, National Free Slurpee Day 7/11 and National Junk Food Day on July 21st. (also National Hotdog Day - coincidence?). So go forth and pick a day in July for your own personal Independence Day and feel truly liberated from all emotions and feelings you would like to dump (especially worry and stress) for at least one day this year.

Our Online Store this month is adding new impact glass selections like Libyan Desert Glass, Columbianite specimens, affordable Campo de Cielo meteorite pendants, and new Moldavite jewelry, tumbles and specimens direct from our friends in Besednise and Chlum districts in the Czech Republic. We are all longing for beach retreats from the Texas heat, so our new Caribbean Aragonite palm stones and hearts, as well as luscious Larimar spheres, bring cool relief to ease us into summer with peaceful chillaxation

We are excited to announce we will be returning to Austin public outings with our booth at the quarterly Metaphysical Fairs presented by Spiritual Life Productions at the Norris Conference Center on Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 11. We have been traveling to San Antonio with a booth at the Healing Arts Festival and Market on the first Sunday of each month since the first of the year. Because of the holiday this month, the festival in July has been pushed to Sunday, July 11th. Hope to see y'all either in Austin or San Antonio. Be sure to stop by our booth and say "Hi," we’ve missed you.

Let’s all step out and shine this month while celebrating our independence.
Please everyone, continue to stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff
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Super Cute!
Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire & White Topaz Dainty Faceted Necklace || .925 Sterling Silver

This warm and inviting Dainty Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire & White Topaz Necklace is handmade from high-quality Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire & White Topaz beads that range in colors of the rainbow. Perfect for everyday wear, the office, or a night out, this versatile necklace makes a beautiful gift or lovely addition to your healing crystal jewelry collection.  

Libyan Desert Glass Pendulum

High Vibration Impact Glass prized by the Ancient Egyptians excels as a pendulum!

Limited Quantities

7 Chakra Gemstone Mala Bead Necklace

The 7 Chakra Gemstone Mala Bead Necklace will set your chakras ablaze. This Mala Bead Necklace allows for the free flow of energy while creating a rich connection with the universe.


NEW ONLINE!! Selenite Windows from Mexico
Limited Stock Available -- Online Only

Available in Jumbo Sizes too!

Aqua Aura Quartz Clusters!

Mined and processed in the US, these energetic clusters are favorites year after year!
Featured at the Counter
Assorted Opals
from Australia, Mexico, Ethiopia
Gold-plated and 1/20 Gold-filled Jewelry
Chains & Stackable Rings
Featured in the Depot
Sulfur Quartz - $21/lb
While supplies last!
Geode Grab Bags - $9 each
Ending this month!
Featured in the Showroom
Celestite Clusters and Eggs
Variety of Sizes Restocked; including keychains (not pictured)
Coming Soon!
Thank you for your continued patience as we reorder and restock some of our most popular items! We hear your needs and are doing our best to order and process new inventory as quickly as possible despite the delayed supply chain due to COVID-19 (although things are getting better, many manufacturers and vendors had to reduce production or stop completely).
Keep an eye out on the Showroom Floor later this month for these and other popular items!
Sculpture Copper and
various Copper items
Books and Card Decks
Orgonite Pyramids
The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge

Zodiac Stones:
Crystals for Leo
Leo season comes in with a bang during the intensity of the midsummer sun. If your birthday falls between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leo is your sun sign. Read Crystal Healing Expert Adrienne Goff's recommended stones to capture the essence of Leo for yourself!

Libyan Desert Glass: The Galactic Treasure of the Ancient Egyptians
Moldavite has been having a big moment, but have you heard of Libyan Desert Glass (aka Libyan Gold Tektite)? It’s also an extremely rare, high-vibe tektite that formed from a meteorite crash. The Ancient Egyptians revered this golden space gem, honoring it with the title of “the Rock of God.”

Featured Agate - Coyamito Agate
This is a Coyamito Agate from the Rancho Coyamito in Chihuahua State, Mexico. The ranch is approximately 120 miles south of El Paso, Texas. The agates are found in an andesite lava flow in the Sierra Madre Mountains. They are well known for pseudomorphs after aragonite and their purple and yellow colors. It is a favorite of agate collectors.

The agates will vary in size from an ounce to many pounds.
Agate hunting started here in the late 50's. Like many of the ranches in the area, it is very old, being a claim of the current family for over 150 years.
Meet Our Staff
Ricky T.

Ricky (they/them) is a queer/trans Latinx speaker, spiritual advisor, and soon-to-be author. Using their resonant voice, channeling abilities, and broad knowledge of symbolic ritual, they curate guided meditations and rituals in alignment with each stone's highest purpose. In their free time, they host tea sessions and book clubs to explore myth, magic, and mindfulness with others on the Path. Ricky can usually be found greeting customers at the doors of Nature's Treasures or helping customers on the floor.

"One of my most cherished stones is rhodochrosite, a piece of which I always keep in loving memory of my late mother, Lisa Orosco."
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In The Community Events Center
The Nature's Treasures Community Events Center Auditorium is available for events and classes! The Studio will be closed and unavailable until further notice.

Stay tuned in to our Calendar and Upcoming Events Pages for the latest updates on events being held in our Community Events Center.

The Spiritual Life Fair
Saturday, July 24th
Nature's Treasures of Texas - Auditorium
Experience some of the wonderful ways you can be even more empowered in 2021, whether it’s through a session from one of Spiritual Life Productions' unique assortment of fine psychic readers and healers, or experiencing specific products, modalities, or techniques.

Classes | Lectures | Workshops & More
Nature's Treasures has a 2,200 sq ft (56' x 40') Auditorium that seats 150 available for your event. 

Check our calendar for availability.
To schedule events, e-mail community@ntrocks.com
July Practitioners
Daily Practitioners are Baaaaaaaack!
We are so happy to welcome back our practitioners this month.
Practitioners will be available for private sessions in-store from 11:30a-5p.
Featured Practitioner - Sharon Sampsel
Sharon Sampsel - Guest Practitioner July 13th, 14th, 15th

A gifted clairvoyant and a master of spiritual communication with over 20 years of experience. Sharon Sampsel is an award-winning psychic and a master of spiritual communication. She has numerous 5-star ratings and an 85% – 95% accuracy rate. She is one of California’s most popular lecturers and television personalities, and travels the rest of the US doing readings. Check out her radio shows “Psychic Talk” and The Two Psychic Chicks Radio Show” on The Voice of Sacramento!!

Discounted rates available in-store ONLY! Book TODAY!

Yuci Edwards - Spiritual Guide - 5th, 19th, 29th
Deborah Dahmen - Intuitive Reader - 9th, 30th
Jamecha Dodd - Wellness Coach - 12th
Denise Nitti - Intuitive Reiki Master - 28th
Tara Ventura - Psychic Medium - 2nd, 16th
Sheela Goodrich - Healer of Healers - 7th, 21st
Kramer Wetzel - Astrology - 6th, 20th, 27th
Madam Zee - Magikal Life Coach - 1st, 23rd
Renatus Ren - 26th
Freedom Jennings - Aura Soma, Reiki, Tarot 8th, 22nd
In the Community
Metaphysical & Holistic Life Expo
Sat, July 10, 10:00a-6:00p
Sun, July 11, 11:00a-6:00p
Norris Conference Center
Explore meditation • astrology • I-Ching • tarot • palmistry • numerology • runes • iridology • Theta healing • coffee cup readings • Reiki • ear candling • energy healing • mediumship • aura photography • and much more.
Our market vendors offer a variety of music • books • crystals • unique stones • jewelry • salt lamps • pendulums • tarot decks • divination tools • holistic and natural wellness products • essential oils • unique gift items • and a level of service seldom seen elsewhere!

Click HERE for More Info!

The Healing Arts Festival & Market
Sunday, July 11, in San Antonio!
Don't want to drive into Austin and wait in line to get into the store? Visit our booth at The Healing Arts Festival & Market to get your crystals and interact with a myriad of practitioners and vendors all with unique gifts and products!

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