June 2022
Happy Summer!

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart we had to say goodbye to one of our Nature’s Treasures family members this month. From our early beginnings Robert and I worked side by side to grow and make my dream and ideas for Nature’s Treasures grow. He was an intricate part of our Rock Depot growth and traveled with us on many rock buying excursions. He was instrumental in establishing and growing our Agate presence in the world and I know he will be greatly missed by all. Please review our memorial info below to see how we are continuing to honor his love for agates and our love for him.

July 1st will be the 182nd day of 2022, making it directly half way through this year.
How are you doing so far? The 4th of July, aka America’s Birthday, is July’s official national holiday celebrated to recognizing our unified independence from the British with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The American Revolution started in 1775 and when possible folks would celebrate our independence each year on July 4. In 1870 Congress voted to officially declare July 4 as a national holiday and it became a paid holiday in 1941.

There are “holidays” and recognition titles for virtually every day of the year. This month, a couple of the more obscure days growing in awareness surely would include July 2, World UFO Day and July 17, World Emoji Day. In 2001, World UFO Day was started on July 2, in recognition of the crash day in Roswell in 1947. Washington seems to have the most reported officiated sightings followed by Alaska, Oregon and Montana on the west coast, and Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire on the east coast. World Emoji Day was created in 2014 buy the founder of Emojipedia. He chose July 17 honoring the date used on his calendar emoji. (Go ahead, go look). This is also the date Apple chooses every year to release their new emojis.

This month we will be sharing our treasures outside of the store at the San Antonio Healing Arts Festival & Market in San Antonio and the Austin Metaphysical and Holistic Life Expo here in Austin. If you’re in the neighborhood come by and say 'hi'. Also, a casual reminder of the Austin Gem & Mineral Society’s First Saturday Meetup. See below for more details about these events. Our online store has been super busy filling all the extra orders for our new gold vermeil designs in our new Summer Jewelry Drop. If you haven’t checked out this line yet, then you’re missing out. These designs are a great way to add long lasting, gold-over-sterling silver pieces to your crystal jewelry collection in prices everyone can afford.

With Robert’s passing I found myself reflecting on our own personal life cycle. There is a beginning with birth and an end with death but it’s the in-between we are responsible for. We are given tools to help maneuver through life with, but the manuals carrying this valuable information seem to be few and far between. It seems we tend to think that the ways to succeed in life have to be harder than they are and forget during tough times that we are the ones really holding the keys and the answers. No one knows exactly how long their life cycle is but through the use of tools such as manifestation and having nature in your life we can better realize our own personal power while riding that life cycle.❤️
Please everyone, continue to stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff
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Blue Fire Moonstone Rings || 14K Vermeil Yellow Gold ||...

This Gentle Blue Flash Moonstone Ring is known for its soothing energy and ability to restore balance, the rainbow moonstone is not only lovely to look at but incredibly powerful too. People say that having this gemstone is like carrying around a ...

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Bumble Bee Jasper Heart || Courage || Indonesia

Bumble Bee Jasper Heart is a combination of sulfur, hematite, volcanic matter, and arsenic that forms a color pattern similar to Bumble Bees. This genuine Bumble Bee Jasper activates transformative energy that draws in opportunities and...

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Powerful Grounding Smoky Quartz Sphere - 50mm

Our Powerful Grounding Smoky Quartz Sphere exudes strength naturally radiated and grown by the Earth. Smoky Quartz is said to assist with cleansing the body and spirit of negativity, while also helping to stay grounded. This grounding energy...

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Zodiac Stones: Cancer the Crab

As with all signs, there are some challenging aspects to the Cancer personality. Cancers are quite in touch with their deep and complex emotions, which fluctuate, waxing and waning like the phases of the moon. This gives them the reputation of...

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In Loving Memory...Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper (May 11, -June 14, 2022) did many things with his life before joining the Nature's Treasures family. In addition to being husband, father, and grandfather, Robert was also a landscaper, professional golfer, Corvette aficionado, and animal lover. He began working as the Nature's Treasures Lapidary Specialist and Buyer in 2012 with a focus on cutting and polishing agates for the store to sell to collectors. One of the world's top 10 agate polishers, Robert has passed on much of his skills and knowledge to the Rock Depot Assistant Manager, Justin Broussard.

Because of Robert's passion for and connections in the agate community, Nature's Treasures hosted the International Exposition of Agates in June 2019. This internationally attended event historically only happened once every 4 years and changed location each time, but to try and build awareness and interest in agates, Robert convinced the committee to attempt having it every 3 years instead. With Robert at the helm, Nature's Treasures brought together agate experts, enthusiasts, vendors and miners from every major continent.

With each passing day we realized that there was still so much to learn from Robert, but he was confident we could carry on his legacy. Thank you to all those in the agate community who have reached out with your condolences for Robert's family. We will continue to pass them along and keep you updated on the memorial service to be held here at Nature's Treasures once Robert's final wishes are honored (likely be in August 2022). In the meantime, to honor Robert and to help minimize loss of life due to cancer, Nature's Treasures will be raising funds for The American Cancer Society. In addition to donating 20% of proceeds from Robert's birthday on May 11th and Nature's Treasures' birthday on August 8th, we will accepting private donations below.
In The Community Events Center
The Nature's Treasures Community Events Center Auditorium is available for new reservations! Keep an eye out for new upcoming events!

Stay tuned in to our Calendar and Upcoming Events Pages for the latest updates on events being held in our Community Events Center.
Renu Lal
Special in-store appearance July 14-15

Join Renu Lal, native of New Delhi, India, renowned henna artist, gifted intuitive healer and palm reader and experience “PRAYERS TO WEAR.”

Renu has an ability to tune in with your energy and draw your personalized SACRED SYMBOLS.
She will share with you the meanings of traditional symbols and discuss which ones best enhance your life purpose.

Sharon Sampsel
Special in-store appearance July 12-14

Sharon Sampsel is an award winning psychic and a master of spiritual communication. She has numerous 5 star ratings and an 85% to 95% accuracy rate. Sharon is one of California's most popular lecturers and television personalities, and travels the rest of the US doing readings and speaking.

She will answer questions on any topic: Romance, Career, Future, Emotional Healing, Curses, Past Lives, Spirit Guides, Deceased Friends/Family, and Health.
Crystal Land… A Fun, Interactive Event for the Whole Family!
WHEN: Saturday, July 16, 2022. 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Ages 5 & Up.
Fascinated with crystals? Enjoy crafts & activities which provide a basic introduction to crystals; their care and use.
  • Atoms, molecules, & crystals, Oh My!
  • Crystals ~ natural transmitters. How do they work? Explore energy forms working with crystals such as magnetic & sound energy etc.
  • The importance of clearing/cleansing crystals.
  • Choosing your crystals.
  • Crystals, more than beauty. Using crystals as a tool in everyday life ~ “charging” or “programming”.
  • Explore basic wire wrapping! Enjoy connecting/tuning into a crystal, and creating your very own piece of Crystal Jewelry. *Crystals will be available for sale.                             

Energy Exchange: $65 per family (Limit 5 per group). One adult caregiver (18 & over) for each group must be present in the auditorium during the event. *Early bird discount, $55 if paid by July 13, 2022.
Event Includes…
  • Self-paced hands-on activities.
  •  1 take-away crystal information sheet per group.
  •  A tumbled stone from the crystal dig.
  • Wire for jewelry wrapping activity.
  •  A mini crystal personal shopping coaching session with Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer to choose 1 jewelry crystal per child in each group. *Crystals are sold separately.
Classes | Lectures | Workshops & More
Nature's Treasures has a 2,200 sq ft (56' x 40') Auditorium that seats 150 available for your event. 

Check our calendar for availability.
To schedule events, e-mail community@ntrocks.com
July Practitioners
Daily Practitioners are Back!
We are so happy to welcome back our practitioners this month.
Practitioners will be available for private sessions in-store from 11:30a-5p.
Denise Nitti - Intuitive Reiki - 18th
Freedom Jennings - Reiki, Tarot - 20th
Deborah Dahmen - Energy healer - 29th
Sheryl Martin - Psychic - 5th
Jamecha Dodd - 25th
Tore Sol - 27th
Tara Ventura - Psychic Medium - 1st, 15th
Kramer Wetzel - Astrology - 12th, 26th
Sharon Sampsel - 11th, 13th, 14th
Yuci Edwards - Spiritual Guide - 4th, 21st
Anne Berlin - 8th, 22nd
Mia Michel - 19th
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Intuitive Jewelry Services
Call Ahead for Availability, Saturdays Only
Crystal Heart Studio
Ask for Merlyn, a wire-wrapper and jewelry-maker who lets her intuition guide the creation of unique wearable art. Whether you want to bring in your own crystal or have Merlyn help you find the perfect crystal for you in-store, she will then combine the stone with others and harmonize their energies with assorted metals. Available for walk-ins most Saturdays in the Retail Showroom.
In the Community
Austin Gem & Mineral Society
First Saturday Meet-Up
July 2nd, 9a-1p
FREE Admission

This month First Saturday will be indoors with all of AGMS' treasured family-friendly activities and demonstrations. Nature's Treasures will be there in the morning to say hello, so come early!

First Saturday events provide opportunities for Members to meet Members; learn about club events, activities and outings; talk with experts; learn more about our beloved hobby; exchange information, learn and share your interests.

Metaphysical and Holistic Life Expo
Sat, Jul 9, 10 AM – 6 PM

Boost your spirit! Meet a variety of friendly practitioners from popular metaphysical and holistic disciplines.Read more on Eventbrite
The Healing Arts Festival & Market

Sunday, July 10, 11a-6p
in San Antonio

Don't want to drive into Austin and wait in line to get into the store? Visit our booth at The Healing Arts Festival & Market to get your crystals and interact with a myriad of practitioners and vendors all with unique gifts and products!

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