eFocus | July 2019
We exist to make CHRIST known by proclamation and living of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
A Note from the Pastor...
Virtually every organization struggles in some measure to communicate clearly and effectively to its stakeholders. We are laboring to find varying means of communication that are relevant and appropriate for those connected in any fashion with Field Street Baptist Church. For instance, we are seeking to evaluate and improve our presence on social media platforms.   READ MORE
What a fantastic month of June we had! The summer began with Kids Camp at Riverbend Retreat Center from June 6-10. We had a total of 32 attendees this year!

Also in June, we launched our “In the Wild” VBS! We had 3 professions of faith during our decision service. READ MORE
As you have the opportunity, please pray for these summer mission projects: READ MORE
Take a break...
Adult choir rehearsals will resume on Wednesday, August 7.

Don't miss our Summer Concert Series on Sunday, July 7th and August 4th.
A Love Offering will be received and a reception to follow.
Thank you church for your support of our student ministry! Your generosity in giving allowed many students to attend M3 Camp Zephyr this past week who otherwise may have not. We had an incredible week! READ MORE

SUMMER . . . is here! I can still feel a little coolness in the early morning but I’m sure as the summer progresses, it will soon be gone. Regardless of the season, there are still some ministries that continue on. READ MORE
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