~ July 2021 ~
Message from our president . . . . .
Member and welcome to Summer,

CVOA held a very productive Board Meeting on June 19 along with lunch and some welcome socializing. Thanks to Val and Sam Hudspath for hosting this meeting at their home in Belgrade.

Among other business, the Board discussed Homecoming Weekend and ski season events. It’s never too soon to begin planning. Please send us any ideas you have for ski season activities and events as we would like to return to having an active CVOA winter season.

Wishing you all an active fun filled and enjoyable Summer.

Your membership is valid through Dec. 31, 2021
Thank you for being a member of CVOA.
Report: Recreation, Lunch, Board/Member Meeting
Saturday, June 19 in Belgrade

It was a lovely day to sit outside and enjoy the Val and Sam's spacious and beautiful lakeside yard. Although no one recreated, there was some nice social time. Lunch was perfect with sandwiches, chips, salads and cookies. Val and Sam were the hosts with the most!

and a summary of the contents follows:
  • Present: Officers: Steve Smith, Thom Johnston, Sam Hudspath, Cindy Foster; Directors: Mark Curtis, Mary Berger, Nancy Makin; Members at large: Elaine Smith, Al and Susan Fraser, Patti Johnston, Bob and Bonnie Farrar, Val Hudspath
  • Secretary’s Report – Cindy Foster - 625 memberships, 1000 members, 560 of whom are range members. These numbers include 138 officers from Dept. of Homeland Security agencies, Sheriff’s Department and CVPD.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Sam Hudspath, Treasurer. We are in a fiscally sound position with $68,500 in the bank, $6,500 held as deposits by Great Events & Escapes, $450. in PayPal and $9,000 in matching funds that will be coming from the Town of Carrabassett Valley 50-yard range grant.
  • Range Report – Diane Stone (Steve Smith) - Lack of ammunition will cut down on range use this year. Cleanup day at the range was very successful. Stratton Lumber is supplying the bark mulch we need to build the 50-yard range berms, a new safety berm, and fill to allow diversion of the driveway. Ray is looking into an RFID gate system.
  • Ski Trip updates
  • Snowbird/Alta has reservations from 21 people.
  • Snowmass/Aspen is nearly full with 33 reservations.
  • Big Sky is full, and deposit payments are being collected.
  • Membership Administrator – Cindy needs to pass along the membership job.
  • Adaptive Outdoor Education Center – AEOC is asking for a donation of $500 to support their $5,000 Fly Fishing program; $500 donation was approved.
  • Franklin Area Search and Rescue requested $1600 to send two of their rope rescue members to attend training at Acadia. $800 donation was approved.
  • Homecoming Weekend – Thom Johnston has secured a table for CVOA for Homecoming Weekend, October 9-10.
  • Recognition of Neal Trask at the Range – Those present agree that the range should retain the CVOA name, not that of a single person. There was support for a shooting event in Neal’s honor and for a large sign recognizing Neal, placed at the clubhouse. The idea of placing benches in honor of volunteers such as Neal, and others in the future, was supported. Thom Johnston suggested that there should be some review of the range in light of recognizing volunteers, with a long-range plan for such recognition.
Special Opportunity for CVOA Members
from Bigelow Aviation
Bigelow Aviation replied to our request for July Activities!

BIGELOW Aviation is offering a 20% discount to CVOA members for a discovery flight for July. Usually it is $99 per person but we are offering it for $80 for one person, $150 for two people.

It is a great opportunity to learn about flying, take a refresher for Rusty pilots, or get an aerial lay of the land for hikers, bikers and local homeowners. Bring a camera, the aerial views are amazing!

They offer lessons and plane rental year round and their own Certified Flight Instructor is CVOA member Tom Wallace.

To find out more and to schedule your flight, contact Tom directly at 207-350-1415 or bigelowaviation@gmail.com.
Certified Flight Instructor and CVOA member Tom Wallace
Bigelow Aviation plane
Masks Off!! Let the Adventures Begin - Again!!
The summer is here, and the masks are coming off and vaccinations are accomplished for nearly all who want them. Let's get some events on the CVOA calendar!

Contact Cindy Foster, 829-6110, to get your event info out to the members.
? Show 'N Go Events ?
Easy Peasy! still true . . .

With short notice, Cindy will send your details to the entire membership via an email message. Fun, easy, and even if it the turnout is small, worthwhile.
Ski Trips in 2022
Big Sky – January 22 to 29 – $2,290 pp/do 
Trip Leader: Mike Parker – phone: 207-649-7308

The Big Sky trip has been filled with the maximum 36 people. If you are interested in being placed on the waiting list, contact Mike.
Snowbird/Alta – February 26 to March 5 – $2,300 pp/do
Trip Leader: Bonnie Farrar – phone: 207.735.3984

I know it's especially hard to think "SNOW" and consider a CVOA Ski adventure with fun people when you're sweating in the middle of a heat wave, but what better way to get cooled off?

The trip is more than half full now! Reservations need to be made before late August or rooms need to be turned in to avoid CVOA paying substantial penalties for unreserved rooms. We have space for 14 more people.

Here is the list of our fun travelers to date:
Patti & Thom Johnston
Steve & Shirrin Blaisdell
Rick Chenard & Mike Porter
Dario Puerto & Fred Brennan
Jamie & Catherine Martin w/Ben, Joshua & Samuel
Kathy MacVane & Maureen Foley-Hester
Peg & Steve Whitcomb
Bob & Bonnie Farrar
Josh and Liz Cutler

Please check out the brochure and res information and reach out to me with any questions.
Stay cool❄❄❄
Aspen/Snowmass – March 5 to 12, 2022 – $2,120 pp – 4 per 2BR/2bath condo
Trip Leaders: Lee & Jon Goss – phone: 207-542-9361

This trip has room for a few more, and there is a single female looking for a roommate. If you are interested in going on the trip, contact Lee and join this merry gang:

Lee & Jon Goss, Charlie Foote & Kim Schroeter

Bee Harvey, Tracy Goller, Pete & Judy Weston

Meredith Strang Burgess, Doug Stewart, Jayne & Mike Giles

Sandi & Tom Dunham, Donn & Linda Gifford

Chris Perkins, Andrew Russakoff, Joe Cleaves

Alex Pakulski, Bruce Engler, Jon Boutet

Sherry Hooker, Davida Barter, Rebecca Drew, Michelle Dumont

Rob & Denise Brookings
Jane & John Sexton

Cynthia Luce - looking for a female roommate
What content would you like to see here??
Range News
Hello Range Members,

Our regular 5-Stand Shoot on Saturday and Trap Shoot on Sunday started up on May 15th. Both shoots start at 9am and go to noon, unless all shooters have finished early. This has not been an issue in the past, but this year there is a serious shortage of ammunition. That means shooters are shooting less rounds, or have no ammunition at all! At this time, we have no plans for Shooting classes, but we are always willing to give a new shooter a starter session during one of our regular shoots, including a personal shadow to insure a safe and fun shoot.

Our 50 Yard Range is nearly finished. We are still building the shooting stands and will then add a roof. This will add more opportunities for Rifle sighting, and other shooting needs.

We will be getting more fill to add a berm between the Trap Field and the Parking and Rifle/Pistol Ranges. The fill will also expand the length of the Archery Field to 40 Yards. Thank you to Pete Weston and Harvey for their planning and operational skills.

We hope to see you at the Range.

Diane Stone
Range Secretary
How can You Help at the Range?
Here are some Ways:

Range Membership Assistant: Thank you to new member Harry Simon of Rangeley for pitching in to send range badges to new and late renewing members.

Be “On Call” for mowing the lawn and Odd Jobs. (Riding mower, tools, supplies are on premise.) As you may know, a couple of years ago the Range hired Sherie Packard to keep the place looking great, which she does. Not only does she mow the lawn regularly, she cleans the bathroom, cleans flies from the buildings, keeps the flowers in the road-side planter watered, and more than you can imagine. Sherie would like to have a few people on call for the occasional times she might not be able to get the mowing done, in particular. And there are often Odd Jobs that do not fit in her repertoire. Call Sherie and Harvey if you might be able to help. 207-246-2339

Do some minor exterior painting and staining, a few items didn’t quite get done on the clean-up day. Call Harvey at 207-246-2339

Run the Saturday 5-stand shoots or the Sunday Trap shoots. Ray and Diane have been running these events for a few years now, and it is time to give them a few weekends off. Diane has written complete directions for each event, and they are more than willing to teach you what’s involved. (A benefit of learning to run a trap shoot is that you can use the range at any time with your friends or family – a private session!) Call Diane at 207-240-4752, or show up at one of the shoots to learn more.

Pitch in before and after the shoots – open up the 5-stand building, set up for trap; close up the 5-stand building, put away trap stations; fill the clay throwers at the end of the each shoot.

Become an NRA Range Safety Officer by taking a one-day course at Howell’s in Grey; CVOA pays the course fee. We would like to have 6 new officers, and Howell’s will set up a course just for us. Call Ray at 207-240-3591.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Call directly, or reply to this email and your reply will be forwarded to the appropriate person.
Trap Fees Due for Increase

For many years, our trap shooting fee has been $5 per round of 25. Clay prices have, of course, risen every year. Beginning on July 1st, the trap fee will be $6 per round. The cost of a punch card of 10 rounds will increase from $40 to $50. Any cards on file or purchased prior to July 1st will still be valid, so buy now and save some bucks.
Shooting Ranges at the Range
Just a Reminder:
Range Safety
Our Range has continued to grow and to provide a safe shooting environment for all:
  1. There are signs posted at the entrance and shooting venues; they provide sign in and safety instructions for Range use. Please take a moment to review these instructions.
  2. All guests and the general public are required to sign in at the gatehouse before proceeding to the shooting venue or clubhouse. Inside you will find Day Use Waiver Forms for guest shooters, and Guest Badges for Day Use visitors. Day Use fee is $5, and if no Range Officer is present, the fee is paid into the lock box on the honor system.
  3. First Aid/Trauma kits are located around the Range: one at the rifle range, one at the five stand range, and one at the club house. These include basic first aid items such as band aids and alcohol wipes, as well as advanced trauma equipment like tourniquets and quick clotting bandages. If you need to access the First Aid/Trauma Kit for any reason, please fill out an Incident Report. 
  4. The Range has created and adopted a Safety Operating Procedure, or SOP, which gives detailed rules and guidelines for Range Operations. The SOP is posted on the range web site, and is available for review in the club house. 
  5. Range Safety Officers are not on the Range during some of the operating hours. As such, during these Passive Range Operating times, it is the duty of all members to know and follow posted rules. The Range would like to invite members to become NRA certified Range Safety Officers. CVOA will pay for your training which will be invaluable to the Range. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Diane Stone at (207) 240-4752.
Other Activities
From DownEast Magazine:

Maine’s stay-at-home orders have been lifted, the state is gradually reopening, and Maine businesses and organizations are adapting to a summer like no other. We couldn’t be happier to get back out there and take advantage of what a Maine summer has to offer — even in this unusual time.

And so, the Mini-Maine Scavenger Hunt! We’ve pared back this year’s Great Maine Scavenger Hunt in light of cancellations and distancing requirements, keeping community health in mind. From now through September, there’s still plenty of time to check out some favorite summer sites and activities — from trails to tide pools, historic landmarks to roadside attractions.

Click the logo to go to Down East Magazine's Scavenger Hunt info.
How to Contact Us
  • President Steve Smith: 207.799.8254: cvoa.president@gmail.com
  • Vice President Thom Johnston: 207.852.3595: cvoa.vicepresident@gmail.com
  • Treasurer Sam Hudspath: 207.458.9138: cvoa.treasurership@gmail.com
  • Secretary Cindy Foster: 207.829.6110: cvoa.secretary@gmail.com
  • Adventure Coordinator Patti Johnston: 207.745.5815: cvoa.adventures@gmail.com
  • Range Secretary Diane Stone: 207.240.4752: cvoa.range@gmail.com
  • Range Chairman Neal Trask: 207.235.2732
Carrabassett Valley Outdoor Association
Valley Crossing #6
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