July Newsletter - 1st Week                          July 7, 2016
As most people know I care very deeply about animal rights, humanity and our environment. Like many people I am able to make charitable donations, sign petitions and hope that I am making a difference. I don’t watch the news and I don’t watch shows that have violence in them. I actually don’t like discussing violent world events. I am conscious of the words and energy around me. Even as a young child I was aware of what I wanted to be exposed to. Some people believe these habits keep me unaware of what is going on in our world..... 

I am writing about this because I receive so many requests for donations that are accompanied by horrific pictures and videos. These are shared via email and Facebook. Some of these pictures are so violent I can’t even look at them. I know there has to be a better way to create change. One easy way is to focus on the good we see. Everyday we are reminded of amazing volunteers that are saving lives and our environment. We have courageous people that are spreading love through out our world. I am so grateful for the confirmations of positive change. This is only a step in the right direction.....

I pray daily for our awareness and our ability to live in love. Sometimes it’s really easy for me to remind myself everything is taking place for a reason. Everything is perfect as it is..... Yet other times I am struck with such passion to bring more love into this world and stop the killing and the craziness. Deep down I know we are moving into a world of peace.....but I believe we are moving into something so much more then the absence of violence. It’s so much more then the word peace conveys. We have created a world full of ideas and words that doesn’t allow room for our amazing future. If each of us took the time to imagine what our perfect world would look like, it still would not meet the potential we have within us. We have not allowed ourselves the freedom of such a beautiful existence. I don’t think we have come up with the words to describe what we are capable of creating and sharing. I have experienced amazing feelings of love that I don’t have words in my vocabulary to describe. Others have shared some of their personal experiences and they also struggle for words of such brilliant energy.
A new existence is just waiting for us
to open our minds and our hearts to it.....
So I’m inviting you to think about what your perfect world would look like, feel like, sound like. There are no limits. It is so much more then abundance and good health for all. There are no limits in your perfect world. I am encouraging you to examine your ideas for a few days and then expand on them. I then invite you to imagine how you would live in your perfect world. How does it feel?

What would happen if we all choose to live in this expanded version of ourselves and our worlds….. I have experienced glimpses of our expanded version…. I’m waiting for the words to describe, but I know we can all share the experience and create the words as we go along.
Blessings of an expanded version of peace and love,

~ Polly

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