July Newsletter - 4th Week                       July 27, 2016
I came home from a morning appointment to find one of my children still enjoying her warm bed. Earlier I had given her a list of jobs she needed to accomplish. Exasperated, I told her to get up and engage in life!

This particular child loves to go back-packing, camping, spend time with friends and truly engage in life on her terms. This typically doesn’t include cleaning her room or studying, but regardless, it made me think.....

How many times do we decide to not engage in life? Typically, where it requires work. Life shows up and offers tons of options, but we may only see one or two. This reminds me of when clients really are stuck in a relationship or a job, but just sit back and wait for life to happen. We wait for the bills to get paid, the amazing life partner, or the new job to just show up.....  I totally get that sometimes it’s difficult to muster up a ton of energy to engage and create a fulfilling life. However, there are many steps you can take until you get some results that help you really move forward.
Inspiration & Strategy for getting out of bed and
Engaging Life!
1. Identify what you want. What does you new job look like? What does your new partner look like? Give lots of details!

2. Be Courageous! If you really want change, you have to be courageous!

3. Make a list of things you can do to bring the new partner, or new job, into your life. Maybe work on your resume, hire a head hunter, flood the market with your resume.....everywhere, not just your home town! Maybe your ready to go back to school..... Imagine where your new partner will hang out.....perhaps hiking, new clubs or groups or a dating site.

4. After you have made your list, start following it! Research and plan.....this will bring new energy and life force into your life. This takes courage and it requires you to fully engage in life!

5. Be gentle with yourself and reward yourself for every step you take!!

“Your life does not get better by chance,
it gets better by change”.
Jim Rohn

As we start engaging in life it helps the universe, angels
and God/Source guide us back onto our path!

Enjoy your summer!!

~ Polly


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