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If you didn't know, was created and co-founded by us - Sarah Breymeier and Ann Dosen. Both of us have spent nearly ten years in the podiatry industry, attending dozens upon dozens of podiatric meetings and trade shows.

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Below are some helpful "tricks of the trade" from us to you... enjoy!
Ann & Sarah's Monthly "Tricks of the Trade"
Shipping - you have options!

You register to exhibit at a meeting, then a couple months before the conference, you receive the Exhibitor Service Kit. So many words. Material Handling Fees?! What?!

Many larger conferences outsource the handling of shipments to a third party (GES, Freeman, etc). While sometimes it's required to ship to their warehouse and pay their fees, make sure you do your due diligence and explore all your options. It may be possible to ship direct to the hotel, or to the business center and pay a fraction of what the material handling fees would be.

A word of caution- be prepared to learn the hard way a time or two. Make sure you check the hours of the business center to be certain they can accept your return shipment on a Saturday or after hours. As you attend the same conferences year after year, make note of the most efficient and economical shipping method for each one.

Man, I could go on about this topic forever. Email me at if you want to know more about my experiences.
Use the optional exhibit hall day when available.

Trust me... I get it! When official exhibit hall hours are over all I want to do is hop on my plane and get home to snuggle my puppies! But one thing we all know... the more face time you have with your current and prospective customers - the better .

I can't tell you how many times I've gained a new client/customer as I am packing up my booth - not to mention the extra/optional days when I am one of only a handful of vendors still in the exhibit hall.

With the expense you and/or your company has invested in the exhibitor fee on top of the travel and entertainment costs... why not go all in and make the most of your valuable time and dollar! Your bottom line just may thank you!

Not sure which shows offer an extra day? Email me at and we will explore the options together!
Lectures - don't listen and run!

You've identified which lectures you want to be sure you attend. You get there on time and feverishly take notes recording the groundbreaking content you are hearing. The lecture ends and you run off to the next. NO!

Take a minute to introduce yourself to the speaker, ask him/her a direct question, exchange contact information. Communicate on social media. Then, when you have a question come up in your practice, you will feel comfortable reaching out to him/her for a quick opinion.

Continue the learning process outside of the seminar. Who knows, maybe you will develop a relationship that leads to adding him/her to your advisory board or reconnecting whenever you are on the road.
Stay the night before Day 1 of the meeting.

You've been there... the meeting check in line on the first day of a meeting - it's a nightmare. The line to register is long and the lecture you wanted to be in the first row for is probably almost over by now.

Often I will see attendees arrive on Day 1 after driving in the morning of. It seems to make sense if you live relatively close... no need to spend money on an additional room night. But, if your time and your budget can manage it, bite the bullet and stay the night before Day 1.

You will eliminate morning stress by checking in for the meeting (and the hotel) the day/night before... you won't miss any lectures... and you can take a little time for you by treating yourself to a nice dinner.

Vacation time can be hard to find, so give yourself a moment to relax before a long weekend of excitement and learning begins!

Ann (right) is a co-founder of and is the founder/president of Clover Conferences . Clover Conferences works with organizations and associations to help plan and execute successful conferences and seminars. From researching event space to handling attendee registration and organizing the speakers and agenda, we can handle any task that needs to be done. Simplify your conference planning with support from Clover.

Sarah (left) is a co-founder of and is the founder/president of
Ten Toes Marketing Communications . Ten Toes is a podiatry-specific agency. We create and implement sales and marketing programs for podiatric physicians, suppliers & educators. If you are in the foot & ankle industry - whether you are a physician, educator or partner/vendor/supplier - Ten Toes is here for you... and only you.

90-Day Meeting Outlook
ASPS | Annual Surgical Conference | Chicago, IL

IFAF | Ankle Arthroscopy Course | Mendota Heights, MN

PRESENT | Residency Education Summit East | Teaneck, NJ

Kent State | 2nd Annual North Coast Foot & Ankle Symposium |
Independence, OH

Podiatry Institute | Pacific Coast | Portland, OR

MPMA (Missouri) | Annual Scientific Meeting | St. Louis, MO

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
Goldfarb | 14th Annual Montana Meeting | Missoula, MT

The Running Clinic | New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries | Delaware, OH

Wild on Wounds | National Conference | Las Vegas, NV

AOFAS | Annual Meeting | Chicago, IL

TPMA (Texas) | Fall Conference | Frisco, TX

IPED | Fall Meeting | Pittsburgh, PA

Podiatry Institute | Focus on Forefoot & Reconstructive Surgery
Overland Park, KS

Top Practices | Marketing & Management Summit
San Antonio, TX

Podiatry Institute | Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot & Ankle
San Diego, CA

IFAF | Annual Seminar | Las Vegas, NV

AAWP | Scientific Seminar | Scottsdale, AZ

AAPSM | Stand Alone Meeting | Cambride, MA

PRESENT | Residency Education Summit Midwest | Oakbrook, IL

CME Online | Long Island Practice Summit | Stony Brook, NY

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
International Aesthetic Foot Society | 2019 Conference | New York, NY

NMPMA (New Mexico) | Fall Conference | Albuquerque, NM

GraMedica | Didactic Hands-On Training | Macomb, MI

IPMA (Indiana) | Annual Convention | Indianapolis, IN

GTEF | No Nonsense | Key West, FL

SAWC | Fall Meeting | Las Vegas, NV

DF Con | Annual Conference | Los Angeles, CA

APWH | Annual Conference | Philadelphia, PA

Podiatry Institute | Mid-Atlantic | Hyattsville, MD

PRESENT | Superbones West | Las Vegas, NV

NEOAPM | Fall Classic | Cleveland, OH

IPMA (Illinois) | Annual Conference | Schaumburg, IL

Podiatry Institute | APMA Region 1 | Framingham, MA

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
Voice of the Vendor offers industry suppliers a unique opportunity to showcase their products and/or services to their audience! Additionally, at the bottom of each product/service description, please take note of when and where you can learn more about our featured vendor.

July 2019's Featured Vendor: NEMO Health
EHR and Practice Management
TRAKnet is a podiatry-specific, customizable electronic health record and practice management platform that incorporates charting, billing and scheduling all into the most comprehensive, single sign-on system in the industry.
Revenue Cycle Management
NEMO Health medical billing service provides and end-to-end revenue cycle management solution. Our team of experts will handle your medical billing operations with fast submissions, aggressive follow up, denial management and payment posting - so that you can paid more, faster.
NEMO Rx is a web-based, comprehensive e-prescribing solution with real-time benefit and eligibility verification that ensures you and patient are covered. It provides access to your patients' medication histories and formularies, while offering automatic drug interaction checks.
Only $199 a month* or get it for FREE
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*per provider for first year of service
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Voice of the DPM

When I’m considering which meetings to attend, there’s one major point in my mind – practice management. I must walk away feeling like I learned something new about how to improve the processes of my practice which will a) be practical so myself or my staff can implement immediately, and b) will continue to help my practice gain more revenue. I seek out lectures regarding the best reimbursements, ancillary services and proven investments.
For that reason, the AAPPM meetings are events I rarely miss.  AAPPM and other organizations like IFAF (International Foot & Ankle Foundation for Education and Research) and the Podiatry Institute tend to do a good job of providing content to attendees that are actively practicing. 
I find more value from podiatrists who are implementing their recommended strategies and protocols every single day over other types of lecturers that are overly academic. The practicality of the former vs. the latter provides much more value to me in addition to merely earning credits.
I’m also a physician that’s going to spend a fair amount of time in the exhibit hall because I’m always looking for products and services that will help me run a more efficient and profitable practice. When vendors know and understand coding and compliance, that speaks volumes to me. When vendors do not have a strong understanding of how their products are reimbursed, their credibility tends to lessen.
I’m already planning for a fantastic experience this November at the AAPPM Fall Conference in Daytona, Florida .  Plus, Florida is a great location where I can bring my family and they can join in on the travel fun. It’s difficult to find time for family vacations, so in addition to the practice management aspect of a meeting agenda, the locations that offer family fun are very important to me.
Dock Dockery’s IFAF meetings tend to always be in a destination-type location, which I appreciate. Additionally, there are a couple of Podiatry Institute meetings that have appealing attractions and activities that I try to be aware of.
Dr. Moore received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the California College of Podiatric Medicine in 1999. He subsequently completed a three-year podiatric medical/surgical residency including a Diabetic Foot Fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center.
Dr. Moore is widely published on numerous foot and ankle-related topics and serves on multiple professional boards. He was also named as one of Podiatry Management's most influential podiatric physicians in America.

  • Board Certified, American Board of Podiatric Medicine
  • Managing Partner, Cumberland Foot and Ankle Centers of Kentucky
  • Fellowship Director, Central Kentucky Diabetes Management Fellowship 
  • Fellow, Board of Trustees American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management
  • Adjunct Faculty, Kent State University School of Podiatric Medicine
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July 2019's Featured Meeting: IPED Fall Seminar
Take advantage of IPED’s Early Bird registration for its upcoming IPED meeting, September 12th - 14th at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott.

IPED meetings - informative, interactive and truly impactful for your career.  

This year, IPED is proud to present a program like no other, one that will exceed all of your expectations and leave you feeling inspired to take a more mindful approach to practice.
In addition to providing attendees with the most valuable and relevant educational, practice management and life balance content, we will spend time highlighting our experiences, our successes, and even our less than shining moments. We will learn and share together, without judgment or prejudice.

Because our roundtable and open discussion sessions have been so highly rated in the past, we made sure to include these again, along with a uniquely structured portion of the program that will take you through the entire patient experience; focusing on the details that may be holding you back from reaching the next level of success.

As a bonus this year, we are offering an optional 8 hours of learning and sharing on Thursday, September 12th starting at 1:00 p.m . During this jam-packed afternoon and evening, we will present and interactively discuss billing, coding and compliance (always hot topics) and finish off with a truly eye-opening biomechanics workshop.

Our annual Pittsburgh meeting is an incredibly gratifying, educational and emotional experience. It is here that we are blessed with the opportunity to spend time with old friends that feel more like family and to create lasting relationships with new ones. To us, it feels like coming home.

As always, our hearts and souls have been poured into the thought process and development of this program and we know it is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, make sure to save the dates (September 12th -14th) and visit  to reserve your spot and take advantage of our Early Bird Registration, which ends August 2nd. 

If you feel inspired to do so, please spread the word by inviting your colleagues ; those who would benefit most from learning and sharing in a supportive and positive environment.

We remind you that good days start with gratitude and we look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh!
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