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Welcome to our July Newsletter! This month, we celebrate Parks & Recreation Month here in Howard County. This year's theme is "Game On!" to motivate residents to get outside and have fun in their communities. Parks and Recreation month recognizes the importance of our Department of Recreation and Parks, as well as the vital programs it provides to encourage healthy habits and active communities.
Recreation and Parks services provide substantial benefits to children, adults, and communities in Howard County, including opportunities to engage with nature and spaces to improve physical, emotional, and mental health. You can find a full list of this month's Recreation and Parks' events here . I hope to see you at some of them!
As we continue into summer, please don't hesitate to contact our office if you are experiencing any issues in your community or would just like to get in touch. We are here to help with your concerns and listen to your feedback. Wishing you a safe, happy, and healthy July!

Yours in service,
Christiana Mercer Rigby
Councilwoman, District 3

July 2019
Legislative Updates
The County Council voted on its June legislation on Monday, July 1st.

I was proud to pass several bills this month with my colleagues on the County Council, including CR100-2019, a resolution designed to improve efficiency at Council Public Hearings by implementing a sign-up cut-off time for public testimony at the start of the hearing.
July Legislation
This month, I introduced CB37-2019, legislation clarifying the calculated number of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations required for certain residential developments.

This legislation amends prior law to ensure that the number of EV stations is rounded up whenever there is an uneven number of charging stations in a development.
Additional Legislation
Additional legislation introduced in July includes:

  • CB38-2019: legislation expanding watershed protections in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed. Introduced by Liz Walsh.
  • CR108-2019: a resolution calling on the Maryland State Department of Education to contract for a performance audit of the Howard County Public School System.
Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed
Upcoming Council Dates
July 15, 7:00pm, Legislative Public Hearing

July 22, 10:00am, Work Session

July 29, 10:00am, Legislative Session

August: Council Recess

Sept 3, 7:00pm Legislative Session

Sept 9, 2:00pm Monthly Meeting

Upcoming Community Events
If there are any community events that you would like us to include in upcoming newsletters, please email with the event information.
Upcoming District 3 Pre-Submission Meetings
Name : Exeter Industrial Park
Address :
Mtg Date : July 15, 2019 at 7:00pm
Mtg Location : Howard County Savage Branch Library
Units : 0
Planned Use : Commercial
HCPSS Boundary Review Process
The Howard County Public School System recently announced their School Boundary Review process for the 2020-2021 school year, outlined in HCPSS's flyer below. It is my hope that the Board of Education takes this opportunity to truly look at achievement gaps in our schools as they consider redistricting to balance capacity. Please consider attending some of the Board's upcoming public hearings and work sessions as they deliberate on the boundary review process this fall.
East Columbia 50+ Center Update
Several weeks ago, Howard County Government  held a meeting on the East Columbia 50+ Center, presenting the following timeline for plans, construction, and completion. The meeting was well-attended and included a engaged discussion about the updated plans.

I'm looking forward to this much-needed 50+ Center being built in Owen Brown over the next several years. If you have further questions about the project or would like to view the proposed plans, you can contact DPW’s Bureau of Facilities at 410-313-5386.
Meet our Summer 2019 Interns!
Meet Riley, Raghav, and Taylor, our Summer 2019 Interns!

Riley, Raghav, and Taylor have been an incredible addition to our team this summer. They have worked on numerous special projects for District 3, including researching legislation, developing community outreach, and attending meetings with constituents and community stakeholders.

We are so fortunate to have them working with us!
Want to Get in Touch?
Christiana Mercer Rigby
Councilwoman, District 3
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District Aide
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