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Storm Debris Cleanup in Grand Haven Township
Early morning last Friday, Grand Haven Charter Township was struck by a severe storm with winds exceeding 100 mph.

Although there was no loss of life or serious injuries, the storm caused trees to fall on seventeen homes in the Township...five of these homes have major structural damage.  In addition, numerous trees were felled and branches snapped by the high winds.

To assist with the storm clean-up, the Township has contracted with the City Farmer to complete a curbside collection of debris from the July 7th storm.

The storm debris will be collected between Monday, July 17th and Friday, July 21st.

Residents that want debris removed will have to contact Grand Haven Charter Township by either calling 842-5988 or emailing kwalsh@ght.org and providing their name, address, and type of storm debris to be collected (e.g., brush, large branches, logs, etc.).

Residents are asked to contact the Township by the end of business on Friday, July 14th.  These names will be placed on a “Master Collection” list that the disposal crew from City Farmer will follow in their collection efforts.

Storm debris will have to be placed curbside no later than 8:00 a.m. Monday, July 17th Because the Township does not know the route that the City Farmer crew will follow and because the Township has more than 140 miles of public and private roadways, residents must be prepared to be the first pick-up on Monday, the 17th.  City Farmer will not return to any street after they complete a collection of debris from that roadway.

Residents are asked to limit the length of any logs or branches to not more than 8 feet to ensure that the material can be readily loaded into the dump truck.

The storm debris will be transported to a City of Grand Haven disposal site near the airport.  The City and Township will collaborate on the short-term storage and disposal of the debris with the costs to process this yard waste and restore the site being shared between our two communities.

Because the Township’s property tax rate is about seven mills less than a typical city or village, the curbside collection of storm debris is a service that is not normally provided by the Township.  But, because of the severity of this July 7th storm, the Township Board determined that more could be done to assist residents.

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