Blanview technology is Toppan's unique TFT-LCD technology enabling Sunlight Readable functionality along with Low Power Consumption.  The Blanview family of products are the perfect LCD module for handheld industrial devices for both indoor and outdoor use.

Product Features:
  ■  Sunlight Readable
  ■  Consistent Display Performance - Indoor / Outdoor
  ■  Ultra Low Power Consumption
  ■  Long Term Supply 5+ Years
  ■  Wide Temp. Range (Op: -30 to +85ºC, St: -40 to +95ºC)  Depending on model
  ■  Physically Robust Design (6.8G Vibration Durable)   Depending on model

The Blanview family covers a wide variation of display sizes, aspect ratios, resolution, interface, and more. For more details about Blanview technology - including live demos and sample availability-- please click here.