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Caroline Sutherland's Newsletter, July 2014
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Hello Everyone,


Summer is speeding by and I hope you are taking advantage of the warm weather and fun activities with your friends and family. I am out boating and I have enjoyed several over-nighters on my boat C - To Sea. I am snug in my little forward berth, I have my own "head" (toilet), and a little butane stove that boils water for my tea! Bliss!

As the weeks click by, it's hard to believe that September is fast approaching. With this in mind, I would like to share some great programs that are discounted for a limited time only.

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Readings Special


Great Special: Readings, Detox Program and VGB Program Special $552 - One Week Only! Details and Registration here


Imagine participating in the Fall Detox Program valued at $125, the Virtual Gastric Band Program, valued at $499, PLUS a personalized Medical Intuitive Reading, valued at $475. All for $552 for one week only!


The Detox Program

consists of my signature 7 Day monitored detox program with plenty of food - specifically designed to stop inflammation, improve mental clarity and boost energy. Details here


The Virtual Gastric Band Program

is the amazing hypnosis procedure, perfected in the UK, designed to stop cravings, significantly food intake, and stop over-eating and snacking - this really gets results! Details here


PLUS a reading with Caroline

where you will discover what your body knows  - a gift in itself!

Details here

Register now and take advantage of this generous offer here. This program will only be available for one week!  


Expand Your Health Consulting Business - Become a Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner!

VGB Training - Seattle Washington September 19 - 21st, take advantage of the $100 discount until August 1st, here!


If you are a trained hypnotherapist, relaxation therapist, medical doctor, registered nurse, chiropractor, naturopathic physician, or allied health professional, who is working with clients with weight issues and you want to improve your outcomes, consider training in the virtual gastric band with hypnosis procedure. Take your hypnosis or alternative medical practice to a whole new level with a proven business-builder that delivers.   


Virtual Gastric Band Training  
SEATTLE, WA -  Sept. 19 - 21, 2014 - Radisson Seattle Airport $899. Before August 1st and $999 thereafter!


The Virtual gastric Band is a remarkable weight loss program, pioneered in the UK by hypnotherapist Sheila Granger with a 95% success rate in two medically-supervised, double-blind studies. As the name suggests, the system utilizes the concept of a ""virtual" " gastric band and clinical hypnotherapy. It successfully harnesses the power that every individual holds within themselves to make changes to their lives. Thousands of people have benefited from The Virtual Gastric Band therapy.


Is this training for you? Ask Caroline here


Click here for details and to register before August 1st!  

" I have been a Virtual Gastric band Practitioner for the past year and I love it. Not only have I lost that stubborn 10 pounds myself, but I am delighted with the progress my clients are making. This program is so easy and Caroline is a great teacher ." ~ Tonya A., San Diego CA


"I have been a successful hypnotherapist for many years. My specialty is smoking cessation with hypnosis. I wanted to add another string to my bow so I took the VGB training last year - wow - what results! Using the VGB technique is so easy and so rewarding - it really is that missing piece to the weight loss puzzle that Caroline talks about. This is a great class for anyone with a hypnotherapy background and the VGB technique integrates so well into any health-coaching practice
"." ! Colleen K., Lake Tahoe CA


" Experiencing is believing! The Virtual Gastric Band provided the palpable results I needed to prove beyond rhetoric, that the mind is a powerful transformational tool.  I've successfully completed The Virtual Gastric Band procedure and have lost 68 pounds in the past year! Since then, my cravings for sugar and starches have subsided as well.  The very best part of all of this is that my overall appetite has diminished dramatically and I am eating significantly less. By continuing to listen to the support recording provided, I am on track to a leaner self as I approach the fall. One surprise benefit is that mysteriously, other heath concerns seemingly unrelated to weight, are improving! This experience has been a boost to my overall wellness and well-being! I can confidently say that this is the end of dieting and deprivation that has dominated a greater part of my life.  I am so grateful to have had this mind & body altering experience!" ~ Patty Barkas, Health Coach, Professional Singer & Recording Artist



Hawaii Here We Come!


Come to Kona - for the Third Annual Ultimate Women's Retreat in Kona Hawaii February 6 -10, 2015.   


Special! For one week only, register for the retreat with a $200 discount!

Registrations are coming in for the Kona Women's Retreat - take advantage of this substantial discount for one week only. Then book your flight - February will be here soon!
"I would definitely come again!"

"It was absolutely a wonderful experience!"

"I had a blast on this trip and would definitely come again!"

"Good knowledge, loved it!"

"Thank you.  This is a great destination for respite."

"Thank you for creating this gathering for healing..."

"This retreat was life-changing for me - I was able to let go of some major issues in a very supportive atmosphere."

"Caroline and Deb are great presenters. We laughed, we learned a lot and the setting at the resort was beautiful."

Full details and registration here!



Switch On Your Medical Intuition


Come to Bellingham Washington and take part in Caroline's annual Medical Intuitive Training October 24-26 at the beautiful Chrysalis Inn and Spa on Bellingham Bay in the historic Fairhaven District.


Register now for the early-bird registration price of $475 until September 1st, here


Caroline Sutherland - Medical Intuitive Training
Caroline Sutherland - Medical Intuitive Training

Added Bonus:  

Take the Medical Intuitive Training and the VGB Training add-on. The VGB Add-On Training takes place following the Medical Intuitive Training on Monday and Tuesday October 27 and 28 at Caroline's lovely home in Sudden Valley Washington. Call the office to find out details: 360-527-3311.


Full details and registration here



A Book I like

Like you, I've been working on happiness - all the time. When I feel a little gloomy I think about what I am happy about and grateful for. It lifts me up right away.


I have enjoyed a small but potent book Happiness - A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill, by Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard. It is very tough not to get wrapped up in emotion but Ricard weaves an inspirational case and a forward looking account of how we can rethink our realities in this fast-paced world and find happiness amongst it. The book Happiness is a stimulating and eloquent guide to a happier life. The test is: How can we be happy in this turbulent world around us? Happiness - take a look!


BONUS - 15 % Off Your Order of
$100 or More!
Now's the time to stock up on your favorite products. Caroline is offering a %15 discount off your entire order of $100 or more.

Order online or call her shipping department 360-527-3377 and take advantage of this discount until July 31.

All online orders will receive the 15% credit within 24 hours of purchase. Don't forget the access code: life123 when you place your online order.
Act now here!


Watermelon Salad

If you'd like to add a crispy, refreshing bite to your salad, dice up a piece of watermelon and fold it in to your spring greens. Serve with green goddess dressing, sprinkle with slivered almonds, and voila a taste treat on a hot evening!


What the Stars Have in Store for You!


Keep in touch with my favorite astrologer Maya White with her weekly Starcast on my Monday morning radio show. Sign up for Maya's newsletter and find out what's in store for you every month - according to the stars! You'll also receive Maya's ebook: How to Manifest Your Best Life Using Astrology: Secrets From The Stars!


You can sign up here! 



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