2.5 Weeks Until...
August 12-13, 2020
PodiatryExpo has been created to provide a much-needed
VIRTUAL EXHIBIT HALL  to keep DPMs connected with their trusted vendors… and to introduce DPMs to new products and services available – directly from the home and/or office!

This two-day live event (followed by two-weeks of on-demand access) will feature an interactive exhibit hall where DPMs can:
  • Browse Exhibitor Virtual Booths
  • Download Exhibitor Collateral, Resources and Tools
  • Chat With Booth Representative(s)

Additionally, our PodiatryExpo Sponsors will be offering live webinars showcasing the latest developments and research that will help you better understand how and why they can enhance your patient and practice goals.

All webinars will later be available on demand for a limited time, but receive increased opportunities to  WIN PodiatryExpo PRIZES when you attend the webinar(s) live!

This event is LIMITED TO 150 DPMs and we are running out of space fast!
What Else Is In It For You?
  • Access to this exclusive expo with extreme discounts on the podiatric products and services you use often
  • Enter to win BINGO prizes that you actually want
  • Virtual Swag Bag filled with free goodies such as:
  • templates
  • free trials
  • samples
  • coupons
  • courses
  • and much more
  • Downloadable resources to help your practice patient care and/or mgmt (i.e. patient marketing resources for the products and services you offer from your favorite vendors)
Voice of the DPM
DPM Thoughts on Educational Content and Lectures

Thank you to the following physicians who took the time to be interviewed this month for Voice of the DPM:
Dr. TJ Ahn (Chicago, IL)
Dr. Jacob Reinkraut (Ridgewood, NJ)
Dr. Jennifer Spector (Drexel Hill, PA)
Dr. Jarrod Shapiro (Pomona, CA)
90-Day Meeting Outlook
With the ever-changing scheduling of meetings due to
COVID-19, we are omitting the 90-day meeting outlook from
this month's newsletter, but encourage you to review our
Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
DPM Trick of the Trade
Getting the most from online learning/lectures.

We're immersed in it now- online learning. But you may find yourself "slipping" when it comes to getting a true educational experience given the distractions that can come with an online experience. So - here are some quick tips to help you stay on point and continue your educational growth while we're not meeting in person!
  • Treat the online lecture the same way you would an in-person lecture. That means focus on the content... notes with pen and pad... maintaining attention - even if it means another cup of coffee!
  • Eliminate distractions. Now that most of us have gotten pretty good at working at home, this may come easier. But still try to create a space that will not allow distractions (i.e. family, pets, misc tasks that are at arm's length) to take hold of your attention.
  • Set goals. Go through the agenda and set learning goals for what you want to accomplish to improve your practice.
  • Participate. Participate by asking questions via the online chat tools that may be available during a lecture. Go back to your goals and make sure you're getting the information from the faculty that you are seeking.
Exhibitor Trick of the Trade
Taking advantage of "dead time" at a conference

Traveling and exhibiting at conferences is - well - exhausting!!

We get it. Ann and I (Sarah) have done more than our fair share of representing companies for three straight days in an exhibit hall. And when it's busy... it's exhausting. But what's stranger, is that even when the hall is "dead" it can be quite exhausting. Trying to keep yourself entertained during "dead" time is frustrating.

But think about all the time you've spent at a conference in the exhibit hall... just kind of daydreaming.... or chatting up other exhibitors... or surfing Facebook and Instagram.

I'm not saying we don't often check our email and do some quick client phone calls while we're in the exhibit hall... but I think it's fair to say we are all guilty of wasting precious time that could be utilized to achieve our goals!

We know that working through sales while you've already got a sales hat on during the conference is probably not the item you're most motivated to work on at the moment... but what about some of these tasks that may be getting put off when you're "too busy" during a regular week?
  • Jot down some issues that you know you've been hearing a lot of from your client base that could/should be shared with your office/home team.
  • Evaluate your tradeshow booth and provide some recommendations on ways the marketing team could improve it's set-up/layout
  • Make a list of the common conversations you have at a tradeshow and write them down... your responses are great content for marketing/education tactics like emails, blogs or webinars.
These are just a few small ideas... but the long and short of it is... give yourself some goals on how to fill your "dead" time at a show. We often comment how we don't have enough time to get "this that or the other" done... well.. sometimes we really do!
Would you be interested in attending meetings that have "break out" lectures and/or workshop for YOU (that would be relevant to sales and marketing) during DPM attendee lectures?
Yes, I think that would be interesting and helpful.
No, I don't think exhibitors need to spend time in lectures.
Meeting Planner Trick of the Trade
Keeping Your Current/Past Exhibitors at the Forefront

In any type of business or organization, nobody wants to see current members, clients, customers or patients leave.  We value customer loyalty.

What is astonishing is how many marketing and sales programs focus on the opposite…. we tend to focus on the new customer and our prospective list.
As meeting organizers in a very niche marketplace, keeping current exhibitors is essential. There simply aren’t enough new business in our industry to pick up if a loyal exhibitor decides not to come back for one or more conferences.

Often, we hear that exhibitor prices only seem to go up, and traffic is slowing down. So where’s the ROI? What is keeping exhibitors coming back?

Let’s face it. Getting traffic into the exhibit hall is tough – for every conference! There certainly doesn’t seem to be a magic button or solution that will automatically fix this issue.

So what can we do to entice loyal exhibitors to return year after year? There are some things that meeting planners and boards of organizations may be able to afford in order to ensure that previous exhibitors always come back.

One major recommendation would be to offer a return-exhibitor discount.
Another could be a discounted space on a premier location every five years for consistent exhibitor participation.

Let yourself get creative and determine unique ways that you can keep your current exhibitor base coming back. Here’s an even better idea – ASK THEM! Get feedback from your loyal exhibitors and ask them why they come back from year to year, and ways you can continue to make them a satisfied customer!

And finally, keep these statistics in mind every time you feel you are focusing more on NEW exhibitors, vs. keeping your CURRENT exhibitors happy:

Customer acquisition and retention marketing stats
  • Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.
  • Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.
  • The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%.

(statistics source: outboundengine.com)
PodiatryExpo Sponsor Webinars
Make sure you do not miss this exciting event and REGISTER NOW in order to have access to our KEYNOTE SPEAKER AND 5 SPONSOR WEBINARS , provided by:
Keynote Speaker/Webinar: Chris Milkie DPM

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in Your Practice... Today!

Dr. Chris Milkie is a private practice owner, author, speaker and business consultant.

He has owned Milwaukee Foot and Ankle Specialists since 1991. He is the author of 2 practice management books and a third specifically about marketing a small business is due out in June. 

Chris is the CEO of Podiatry Success Today, a coaching and consulting company that works with ambitious Podiatrists who want to grow their revenue and profitability.

He helps podiatrists go from mostly being medical practitioners to also being highly capable business practitioners.
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