JULY 2020
Being a recipient of United Way funding for mental health care and counseling, we were asked to prepare a quick video to share our experience during the pandemic. We'd love to share it with you too!
The Impact of Racism and Oppression on Emotional Health
By Teresa Drelicharz, LIMHP

The events of the past several weeks since George Floyd’s tragic death have once again shined an ugly spot light on the age old crisis of racial and social injustices in the United States.  This may be one of the most burning spot lights we’ve seen in our nation, and hopefully the one that will lead to lasting change for people of Color in this country [...] READ THE FULL ARTICLE
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For many important reasons, the reminder to “listen” to what others are saying has been emphasized in recent weeks. Whether we are being asked to listen to the concerns that someone is sharing regarding how they are treated in society, or whether we need to listen as others show their true anxiety and unease while returning to social life or work life in the ongoing global pandemic…..we need to take the time to “hear” people. For some of us, we hear but we do not “hear” with our whole selves, to the extent that we show understanding.  The word that comes to mind is EMPATHY.  Can we listen to the point of understanding someone’s point of view? Can we put ourselves in their shoes (or at least try)? Does it mean that we have to agree?  The short answer to the last question is NO. 

One of my favorite phrases that I repeat quite frequently in therapy sessions is by Stephen R. Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, which says…..”Seek first to understand before being understood.”  Stephen goes on to say, “most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

by Karen Gustafson, MS, NCC, LIMHP, Executive Director of JFS

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Starting July 6th, we started to see clients in-person at the office .
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  • Our therapists have conducted approximately 200 virtual sessions since the campus closed, with 47% of our new clients being from the Jewish Community, and 24% being campus employees + relatives (EAP).

  • We've provided 125 gifts of emergency assistance related to COVID-19 for a total of $21,392, helping families have food on their table, pay their rent and other bills.
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