Message From Roger London
In the "Sun's" June 12th editorial, Maryland's Stagnant Economy, the author noted that a better way to improve economic growth is to "foster private investment and entrepreneurship, start-ups and business incubators", in addition to action being taken by the state and DOD. Both American Security Challenge and Techstars are responding to the call for action.

Facebook's Listen-in feature!
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Distance to Mars
(via Josh Worth art & design)

"I kept trying to describe the distance using metaphors like "if the Earth was the size of a golf ball, then Mars would be across the soccer field" etc., but I realized I didn't really know much about these distances."

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Chinese hackers target the US national security think tanks
(via ZDNet)

The Chinese cyberattack group, Deep Panda, has compromised national security think tanks using sophisticated techniques designed to steal confidential data concerning US foreign policy, according to security researchers at CrowdStrike.


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Google Drive Found Leaking Private Data- Another Warning about Shared Links 
(via Intra Links)
A disturbing privacy problem has been discovered in Google Drive which could have resulted in sensitive personal or corporate information stored on the cloud service being accessed by unauthorized parties.
"How Google map Hackers Can Destroy a Business at Will"
(via Wired)

"If you ignore your Google Maps listing, you're inviting trouble. Ordinary users can submit community edits to your listing with details like operating hours."


Washington DC-area residents with a hankering for lion meat lost a valuable source of the (yes, legal) delicacy last year when a restaurant called the Serbian Crown closed its doors, after nearly 40 years in the same location. The northern Virginia eatery served French and Russian cuisine in a richly appointed dining room, thick with old world charm. It was best known for its selection of exotic meats-one of the few places in the U.S. where an adventurous diner could order up a plate of horse or kangaroo.   


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"The R.I.P. Report - Startup Death Trends" 
(via CB Insights)
"20 months: The Average Time Between a Company's Last Funding Round and Death"

Earlier, we'd described how the acqui-hire has become the exit du jour for startups struggling to stay afloat. While the acqui-hire does provide a nice alternative to death, it is a fairly recent phenomenon and is by no means a guarantee. For most tech companies whose intellectual property or talent is not compelling enough to catch the eye of the Googles, Facebooks, or Yahoos of the world, the cold hard reality is death.
U.S. Mapping System
(via U.S. Energy Information Administration)
"A variety of subjects as well as the ability to customize mapping layer options that may better suit your energy needs."
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