Joint Commission Behavioral Health Update
July 2017
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Greetings to Our Colleagues in Behavioral Healthcare!
Now that summer has reached its peak, we trust that many of you are taking some well-deserved vacation. To keep you informed even in this more leisurely season, we are devoting this month's newsletter to the topic of how TJC is surveying ligature risks in psychiatric hospitals. We've summarized the feedback from some recently surveyed clients and know you'll find it interesting.

We value your feedback on the newsletter. Please send us your comments and tell us what topics you would like to see in future issues. We look forward to hearing from you! Also, feel free to to your colleagues.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will be back in touch in September!

Anne Barrins
Expecting a TJC Survey in 2018?
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"We've been extremely satisfied with our Barrins & Associates consultants - both the engineer and the clinical consultant. We're preparing for initial TJC accreditation and their knowledge, experience, and expertise are just what we need to help us achieve that goal. We highly recommend the group to other organizations seeking top-notch TJC consultants."

Kelly Adams, CEO
Sana Behavioral Hospital
Las Vegas, Nevada
Field Feedback on Surveying of Ligature Risks
The surveying of ligature risks in psychiatric hospitals has almost taken on a life of its own over the past four months. In follow-up to our June article on ligature risks, we're providing some timely feedback from clients about how this issue has been reviewed during recent surveys. We've had six psychiatric hospital clients surveyed since the March 1 announcement from TJC on this topic, and the scrutiny on it has been intense. Here's a summary of the issues cited for the four hospitals.
Barrins & Associates welcomes a new clientSpring Harbor Hospital in Westbrook, Maine .   We are pleased to be working with the Spring Harbor team on continuous regulatory readiness
Congratulations corner!
Congratulations to our client, Beachside Recovery in Newport Beach, California, who recently achieved initial Joint Commission accreditation.
Tip of the Month
Check out the SAFER Matrix resources available on your Joint Commission Connect site: Click on the Survey Process tab, then the Post Survey tab. There's a Power Point, FAQs and more resources to help you better understand the background, the scoring methodology, and how it will impact your next survey.
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