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July 21, 2021

July Message from Your LCA President
Welcome to summer! July has come in with a full blast of heat, rain and sunshine, all good for our souls and the community gardens. All of the street festivals are bringing joy to our neighborhood and bringing us back together.

I am so happy to announce our events are returning in September and October. Please mark your calendars for an Evening in the Garden at Fire Station Park on Sunday September 19 from 5 pm – 7 pm, and our very favorite Howler at Bauler on Saturday October 30! We have been anticipating returning to our community events and are so pleased to be able to confirm they are back!

Please let us know if you are interested in bringing a dish to the Evening in the Garden. It is a potluck event and we have had so many yummy dishes provided by our members in the past. Please contact Eudice Fogel at if you are happy to bring a dish. 

We are welcoming back our sponsors as well! Although they have had a tough go of it in the last year, we anticipate that many want to show up and rally the recovery of our events. We couldn’t be more grateful for their support. 

As we move into the second half of 2021 (I can’t believe I am saying this!) we hope you are all experiencing life and your neighborhood with a new perspective. The pandemic has made us all think long and hard about our daily lives, what fulfills us and how we can help our community. I have been inspired by all of the efforts to support retailers, restaurants and those in need. Let’s keep that spirit alive in our Neighborhood, for LCA and all of you who are the Heart.

Happy summer to all and see you in September!

Your President of LCA, Sally Drucker
Improved public safety is only possible if law enforcement and community can learn to work together more effectively in co-creating safe communities.

In each LCA monthly newsletter, we hope to provide useful public safety information on topics of concern, news you can use, tips to help community members work more effectively with local law enforcement, and ideas on how to keep yourself and your family safe from harm.

To help us understand community safety concerns so we can provide you with truly relevant public safety information, LCA is working on a community survey. Please watch your email for our community safety survey, coming soon!
Last month, Lincoln Central Association sent out a survey to get the neighborhood’s feedback on the Dickens Greenway plan. Thank you to everyone who took the survey and provided valuable comments about your thoughts on the plan.

Here are some high-level results of the survey:
Are you familiar with the Chicago Department of Transportation's proposed Dickens Neighborhood Greenway bike path project?
Did you attend the virtual public meeting about the proposed Dickens Greenway held on May 18th?
Do you support the Dickens Neighborhood Greenway plan in its current form?
On Saturday, July 10, Carnival Grocery hosted a community ice cream social. We are so happy to see events returning to our neighborhood!
On July 15, Lincoln Yards launched “Meanwhile at Lincoln Yards,” which is described as a a new community activation space featuring sports, arts and entertainment programming to preview the sights, sounds and experiences being considered for Lincoln Yards in the future. The space is located at Ada Street and Concord Place. 

Also on July 15, Lincoln Yards launched their Movies on the Lawn series, which shows movies every Thursday, Friday and Saturday events. Learn more and see the full schedule here.

Get more updates about Lincoln Yards at
Bring your chairs, blankets, and picnics, and join your neighbors for some fun evenings at Oz Park

August 2, 6:30-7:30 p.m.: Drum Dance Capoeira & Maculele
Sponsored by the Chicago Park District

August 17, 5:30-7:30 p.m.: Toddlers, Tunes & Turtles
Sponsored by the Chicago Park District

September 11, 8:00-10:08 p.m.: Movie “42”
Sponsored by Oz Park Baseball Association
by Donna Gallery
If you’ve been yearning to be seated 10th row center when the curtain goes up, you’re going to have to be patient a little longer. The local live theater and music landscape is still finding its feet in the post-Covid world. There have been casualties, but there is also exciting news about good things to come. Here’s a quick rundown.
Ken-Matt Martin, new Artistic Director of Victory Gardens. Photo Courtesy of Victory Gardens.
Perhaps the most significant of changes are taking place at Victory Gardens. The theater’s own experiences mirror its mission of presenting plays that mirror contemporary societal influences. In what was essentially a palace coup following the departure of Artistic Director Chay Yew, the subsequent restructure that would have replaced him with Erica Daniels via a closed-door consolidation of existing roles, the entire Playwright’s Ensemble walked out. Heeding the theater community’s call for transparency and the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, Victory Gardens conducted a 6-month search before settling on Ken-Matt Martin, among other things the former associate producer of Chicago’s Goodman Theater, naming him their new Artistic Director this April. No live performances are scheduled currently, but anticipate a virtual reopening later in 2021 under the direction of an entirely new team.
Steppenwolf Theater has undergone change of a different type. While stages have been dark over the past year, work has continued on the new 50,000 square foot facility, which includes a theater in-the-round and a new, dedicated, education floor. The new season features plays written by Steppenwolf’s own ensemble members, with two new productions of the run in the Young Adults series for teens and families. Look forward to the streaming of three new one-act plays, including a world premiere, in Fall 2021. Opening to in-person audiences on existing stages is slated for November 2021 with the pre-pandemic hit “Bug,” cancelled due to Covid. The new venue debuts in February 2022 with Chekhov’s “The Seagull.”
Rendering of the new Steppenwolf Theater building. Credit Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Unfortunately, the Royal George Theater has closed permanently. And, disappointingly, enjoyment of live musical performances by the De Paul School of Music has been indefinitely postponed, with no events scheduled for the foreseeable future.
Local Events

Summer Jazz Series at Belmont Village: Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. Learn more here.

Taste of Lincoln Avenue, July 24-25, Learn more here.

Chicago Ducky Derby: August 5. Learn more here.

Wells Street Art Festival: Aug. 14-15. Learn more here.

Gold Coast Art Fair: Grant Park. Aug. 21-22. Learn more here.

Roscoe Village Burger Fest, Sept. 4-5. Learn more here.

Do you have a local event that you would like us to share? Email us at
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Winner of Five Consecutive APEX Awards for Publication Excellence
Winner of Four Consecutive Constant Contact All-Star Awards