The secret when using the Chakra Balancing Tool Exercise to open up other doorways, is to make sure you set your intention in the Golden/White light when you merge with it. You can use this tool to raise your vibration, channel, clear chakras, balance chakras, clear yourself, astral projection, and the list goes on. 

Remember, the key is to set your intention for what you want to use this powerful tool for. The light of the Soul Star is intelligent, so use your conscious mind to set the parameters of your quest when working with it. This is the game changer for a Light Language Practitioner. 

In the beginning you may want to find a place where you will not be interrupted. You can either sit up or lay down. Find what works best for you to get comfortable. When you are comfortable, close your eyes and locate your center by going inside and concentrating on your Heart Chakra. It does not matter how you do this, either by feeling or imagining it, but allow yourself a few minutes to find that space within yourself.

Next, become aware of your breathing. You don't have to hold or count your breath to notice what you notice. This exercise is about you and recognizing when you are connected, so take the time to become aware of the subtle changes and what is happening with you as you go through the exercise. After you feel comfortable with the rhythm of your breath, take your awareness into the lower chakras into the solar plexus, second chakra, and base going down through your feet and continuing out of the soles of your feet, grounding into the earth. Do what works best for you when you ground.

When you feel comfortable, take your awareness back up through the lower chakras into the heart, throat, third eye, and up into the crown chakra. This is fun as from there you can go up into the Soul Star. There you can access a Golden/White light that is both relaxing and healing. For some you may need to revisit this exercise a few times before experiencing the light or even seeing it. If it is as far as you get for now, don't worry as it is good that you are even practicing it. Take as long as you need to get yourself merged into the Golden/White light. Once you are merged, set your intention of what you want to accomplish.

Once you adjust and are able to experience the light, you can visit all 7 chakras to expose and change the chakras into a higher vibration by using the light. It takes time and is a great way to do light work on yourself. The Golden/White light also helps to balance the chakras and cleanse them at the same time. When you are ready, use your intention to take that Golden/White light into a meditation or do any work you intend to do with the energy that you set up with your intentions . The choice is up to you. When you feel comfortable and want to disconnect, take your awareness back into the heart Chakra and come out of the meditation.

With practice you will be able to access the Light and find your center quicker if you find yourself in a stressful situation. This exercise will help you to align with your higher self within a minute, or a few seconds, allowing you to connect and deal with the situation in a much more balanced state. This opens up the bigger picture allowing you to see more options when you need them.