Finding Ways to Delegate to Dominate
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  • Tricks of the Trade - DPMs: Divide and Conquer
  • Speak Up DPMs! We Need Your Feedback
  • Practice Partner Academy: Upcoming August Sessions
  • Tricks of the Trade - Vendors: Establishing Exhibit Floor Roles
  • Featured Meeting: Southwest Foot & Ankle Conference
  • Tricks of the Trade- Planners: Introducing Your "Go-To" Gal
Finding Your Path, Implementing Your Vision.
But It's a Little Different Than You May Remember
This year, we are incorporating some of your favorite elements of
PodiatryExpo 2020, but creating a completely new online experience that benefits both DPMs and exhibitors.

We have reached out to some of the industry’s most innovative DPMs who are taking their practices to new levels by incorporating strategies that differentiate them from all others in their markets/communities.

Sarah Haller, DPM, AACFAS

Dr. Haller has become one of the best known podiatrists in the country after becoming one of the stars of TLC’s “My Feet are Killing Me” and has created an extensive social media following.
Emily Splichal, DPM

Dr. Splichal is a human movement specialist and a global leader in barefoot science and rehabilitation. her practice is built around functional and regenerative medicine.
Keynote presentation from the leaders of FABI
(Foot and Ankle Business Innovations).
Lowell Weil, Jr.
Chris Milkie
Matthew Dairman
Become a Social Media Influencer
Enhance Quality of Life Outside the Practice
Eliminate Burnout with the Right Mindset
Build Your Team by Knowing Your Team
Become Top of Mind by Creating a Niche Practice
It’s Never too Late to Create a Vision and Live It
August 11-13, 2022 | ONLINE
Divide and Conquer | Get it Down While it's Fresh
Article by Sarah Breymeier
In a previous newsletter, I made a strong case for bringing a "study buddy" to your next educational conference. There were multiple reasons why... check out that article here for a refresher....

BUT, here's another tip if you're lucky enough to have your friend/colleague join you on the road.

First - divide and conquer.
Many meetings have multiple tracks and it's physically impossible to go to every session; you may even have to make the hard choice of selecting one while sacrificing another you really wanted to attend if they are running at the same time.

So, go through the agenda with your study buddy and determine who goes to what. Now you have the opportunity to take pearls from lectures you weren't able to attend because your partner is there to do the work for you. Afterall, sharing is caring.

Second - share your notes in person while they're fresh.
Often we think we'll remember everything we heard and there's no need to have a discussion immediately after the fact. Wrong. You will forget. And if you're like me, you might not even be able to translate your notes because your handwriting looks like you're jotting everything down and riding a roller coast simultaneously.

So, meet with your buddy right after your lectures have concluded and share your notes. Take it a step further and share your notes verbally; almost as if you are giving the lecture yourself to ensure you both fully understand the concepts.

This will ensure you don't forget any of your brilliant thoughts, you will be more likely remember what you wrote down if you can't read your handwriting and BONUS - your buddy may even have some thoughts of his/her own. Now you've created a useful brainstorming session to take your meeting experience to the next level.
Monthly Quick Poll

We know that finding time to see all the exhibitors on your list gets tough... there are only a few lecture breaks per day and each one is usually around 30 minutes. Finding the time to scan for your credits, hit the restroom and grab some refreshments makes it almost impossible to take your desired lap around the exhibit hall.

So...we want to know!

Would you be in favor of a SINGLE exhibit hall time block per day that was extended for a couple of hours to ensure you have the necessary time to fit all your shopping and networking goals?
Yes that sounds interesting; I would be in favor to experience that concept.
No, I prefer the way exhibit hall breaks are traditionally organized.
Helping You Choose Strategic Partners for Your Practice


Building a Personal Relationship with Your Path Lab
Presented by Steve McClain, MD, FCAP, FASCP, FAPI
August 11 at PodiatryExpo. Click Here to Register

Utilizing a carbon fiber, 1st Ray orthotic to treat a myriad of patient conditions.
Presented by Jeffrey Oster, DPM, FACFAS
August 12 at PodiatryExpo. Click Here to Register
TRICKS OF THE TRADE - Quick Tips for Vendors
Divide and Conquer: Establishing Roles on the Floor
Video Tip by Sarah Breymeier
Monthly Quick Poll

We know how hard it is to get the word out about your booth and/or show specials before a big event. A traditional marketing tactic (in the good 'ole days) is/was direct mail. However, in the age of digital, we see this tactic being used less and less.

So...we want to know!

Do you still believe in direct mail?
Give us your best answer below:
Yes! We do mailers and we will continue to do so.
No. We stopped finding value and/or ROI in direct mail.
Sometimes. We mix it in here and there.
Texas PMA Southwest Foot and Ankle

Watch the video below to learn more about this upcoming meeting from the Texas Podiatric Medical Association; then scroll down for even more details!
Southwest Foot and Ankle is one of our best conferences throughout the year. It has the record attendance every year. Exhibitors receive tons of foot traffic. Lots of people visiting booths.

We do bingo for some of the exhibitors that want to play in that. It entices the physicians to come and visit the vendors. Attendees collect stars to be entered in the drawings and the raffles offer really good prizes. Bingo is another innovative way to get physicians to go and talk to vendors, which is super important and makes our meeting successful.

This event is a win-win for everyone and it's in a great location in the Frisco area with lots of great restaurants, good things to do.

One of the special things about the Southwest conference is the assistant track which is completely separate from the physicians. They have a lot of physicians that are lecturing to those assistants. They have front and back office. A physician can bring three or four staff members from their office to learn to be more efficient, learn billing techniques answering phone calls, insurance stuff, how to put on a cast, how to do orthotics, tips and pearls for scribes; the list goes on.

The Southwest conference is a great surgical meeting. There's always great sessions about trauma and diabetic foot care. The specialized tracks are what makes the Southwest conference different from the Annual conference. 

Check out the lecture schedule. You will see there is something for everyone. We hope you will join us to make the 2022 Southwest conference the best yet!

Quick Tips for Meeting Planners
Your "Go-To" Planner for Podiatry Meetings
Article by Sarah Breymeier
Organizing a meeting from start to finish is a task that many would simply not be cut out to do - IT. IS. TOUGH.

I'm not going to belabor all of the tasks that must be diligently fulfilled (you already know what they are), but what I do want to emphasize is the importance of delegating one of the most important line items (writing and issuing your meeting site RFP) to someone you can trust.
Alisa Peters, CMP, CMM
Senior Global
Event Strategist
Recently Ann and I have had the pleasure of working with Alisa Peters. She came recommended to us by Dana Rigdon from ASPS and if there was ever an award for best referral ever, Dana would take the blue ribbon home!

Alisa took all of the heavy lifting and made it look easy; but as you know, it is not. When we first asked for her assistance, we didn't even realize how thorough she would be. Alisa gets an A+++ for her guidance and attention to detail!

Alisa has an extensive background in meeting planning, contracting, design and execution. She is currently serving a three year term on the International Board of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and has served on the MPI Chicago Board for seven years, including a term as President. She has also served on MPI’s International Chapter Advisory Council and on the MPI Foundation US Council. Alisa holds both the CMP and CMM accreditations and has received the Tomorrow’s Leader and Chapter Leader of the Year from MPI-CAC.

Basically, she's the bomb.

More importantly, Alisa has extensive experience in the podiatry meeting space. So if you are looking to take something off of your to-do list, we will always recommend Alisa Peters!

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