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Dear Friends and Acquaintances of Transendance,
Ever since our relocation to a new space (5 months already! wow...),
it's been an ONGOING CHANGE....
  FROM Welcoming on board a new "office Fairy" and the creative force behind all the announcements and newsletters from Transendance,  
Tania Rodriguez :), TO officially dissolving Wellness Education Club(WEC)(Thank you all the supporters!!!)
FROM clarifying a Soul purpose, TO redefining a new image and presence on the web(in progress), AND all things in between... We feel there is a need for a little break, A Summer Break!
Time to Integrate, to relax, to go within, to reflect and listen...

So, we're here at Transendance decided to "take it easy" next month, to allow things unfold even more organically as we continue with our transformation process.
And so you too, please take it easy. Enjoy the Sun, the heat :), the beach, and all the fruits and colors of the Summer!

We will resume with some of our regular monthly Intro classes and workshops in August, and we'll look forward to share with you our new ideas and inspirations that will arise from our time of contemplation...

Please enjoy suggested videos and articles(links are below), and feel free to share with us what you think.

Stay tuned :) 
With Much Love and Gratitude,

Dr Tatiana


 July (6, 13, 20, 27) 2015 
 Oneness Blessing Gathering
Every Monday @ 7 PM
Sarasota Mindfulness Institute
1530 Dolphin Street, Unit 6, Sarasota (Between Orange & Pineapple)
Donations Appreciated 

Please join us, and receive a transfer of sacred energy and experience change in perception, opening of the heart, and sense of  oneness with all creation.
  • For questions about Oneness Blessing please contact:
    Susan Settle  941-924-8983
  • For more information about Oneness visit www.onenessuniversity.org
  • There is Meditation at  SMI  that concludes at 6:45pm prior to our gathering. Please come quietly.

PLEASE NOTE: This will be the final Oneness Gathering Announcement  on the Transendance Newsletter. As of July 2015 we will be shifting all of our Oneness Gathering notifications to Meetup. If you would still like to receive notifications regarding the Oneness Gathering please follow the Meetup button to join the Spiritual Communities Network of Sarasota Calendar. If you do not wish to receive notifications but would still like to have information on the Oneness Gathering please click on the Sarasota Mindfulness Institute button.   


July 9, 2015   NSA Discussion Table

he insights, experiences and perspectives of others can aid our journey towards self awareness, self healing, and self empowerment. Connecting with each other can help bridge gaps in our awareness and perspective. 

J oin our NSA Discussion Table to share your Network Care experience, to see what other Network Care participants are experiencing and to help each other better understand Levels of Care, Network Waves, Somato Respiratory Integration, Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing and the Triad of Change.  NSA Discussion Table   is led by our Network Care participants and guided by Dr. Tatiana. Bring topics for discussion we are here to work through it together.  Hope to see you there :)

calendar@transendance.com or  (941) 953-2209 | Location TBA 
When:   Thursday, July 9, 2015 7:30 PM


And now a few links to articles and videos, suggested  for your Body-Mind-and-Soul. Enjoy it!

What is Wrong With Our Culture [Alan Watts]:

"Placebo Nocebo" by Dr. Matt Kreinheder

Our solar system is a vortex... pretty cool!!!

Pain Is An Invitation To Change with Donny Epstein

Suggested for the movie night:
"the 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared"
It's humorous and enlightening! :)

We look forward to seeing you sometime soon :) 

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