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July 2014

     As we move into mid-summer, we hope that you are all finding time to either stay fit or begin to ramp up your training for the fall races that you may have lined up to conquer!  Remember that having a goal and an execution plan is the best way to stay motivated and having training partners; the best way to stay on the ball!
Happy Running.

The Runner's Academy
Run drills are broken down into parts of a run stride.  There are multiple drills that represent multiple aspects of your run stride.  These movement are then exaggerated and repeated.  Some run drills that you may have heard of already are A March, A Skip, B March, B Skip, Ankling, Bounding and so on. 
Run drills can be used for various reasons.  What many of us have seen or done, is runners using them as a warm up before a run or a race.  Drills are great for a warm up in order to lubricate the joints and get your muscles firing in a desired movement pattern.   However, drills are also very useful for general conditioning and training the brain to remember these ideal movement patterns.  What we often forget is that these drills are (although slightly exaggerated) still what we want to happen during our actual run stride.  Too many runners use these drills as a warm up and then don't incorporate the movements into their actual run. 
Breaking down the movement into parts for practice is great!  But don't forget to put it all together and execute!
To learn more about how to incorporate drills into your training email us @ or call us at (437)889-5440 to make an appointment! 


Before your fall races, take advantage of our 6-week Building Better Runners package.  We take you through each component necessary to transform your run technique into a smoother, easier, yet more powerful stride.  We will help you understand YOUR run technique and give you the tools to improve, no matter what level you are currently running at. 

This package includes:
Session#1: Full Technique Assessment including video analysis and movement screen
Sessions#2-#6: One hour a week of run technique drills, specific strength training and mobility prescription, full review and retesting.
This package can be done one-on-one or in small groups of maximum 4 people.
Pricing: $500 + HST/1 person
             $395 + HST/person for group of 2
             $340 + HST/person for group of 3
             $285 + HST/person for group of 4
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 Upcoming Workshop
 Yoga and Running  Techniques for Runners
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Brought to the Waterloo area by popular demand!
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Free Run Club
We have a Free Run Club on Monday nights at 6:30pm in the St. Clair West Neighbourhood. 
Email or call (437)889-5440 if you want more information.
(Dogs welcome too)
Exercise of the Month
The squat is one of the most functional exercises.  Meaning it is used for daily things such as: getting up and out of a chair, getting off the toilet and picking up heavy things.  Some people are afraid to squat low as they have been told not to, due to various joint issues, or they have been told that squatting is bad for your knees.  As long as your form is correct, this is a great exercise!  There should be forward movement of the knees along with a backward movement of the hips/pelvis.  Posture should remain fairly erect and the neck should stay neutral.  Happy Squatting! 
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