Newsletter ~  July 2017
The Lord is near to all who call upon Him. 

-Psalm 145:18
Thought for the Month

God is involved with you every moment of your life. You cannot shut Him out or turn Him away. There is not a single moment or situation with which He is unfamiliar or uninvolved.

Does God care that you are in debt and money is in short supply?
Does God care that the air-conditioning in your car no larger works?
Does God care that your feelings were hurt in an argument that you had with your stepmother?   YES! 
By Charles F. Stanley

Now for a thrifty TIP:
     There have been times while shopping at The Salvation Army Family Store that I have had other shoppers say to me " I would buy this, but do you know how to get these gray marks off of white dishes?" Why yes, yes I do.  I will  share with you what "secret" product, I have told them to use.

BAR KEEPERS FRIEND!!  Oh! What a good friend indeed!!  This  product is AMAZING. This is a simple DIY project. As you can see , I took one of my white bowls that had gray markings on it from years of spoon scraping.  I took a little bit of water, a sponge, and some of the Bar Keepers Friend.  I rubbed it in and rinsed. POOF!! The MAGIC happens. You can see the difference.  This product is very inexpensive, less than $2 a can and can be found just at your regular grocery store usually along with the kitchen cleaners. It can be used on many different things, like your kitchen sink; mine is white porcelain and gets stained easily.  This does the trick.

  Another one of my favorite items to use this on, are my copper bottom pots. These can get so grimy with use. Sometimes you just want your things to sparkle. Depending on how grimy they are also depends on how much elbow grease you have to add. If you keep them maintained, then it is fairly easy and FAST. I again, just used a sponge and some water along with the Bar Keepers Friend and did some mild scrubbing and transformed this pain in about 30 seconds!! It looks almost factory new.

Be Thrifty!

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