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June 28th, 2 019
Summer has fully arrived and you are probably spending time outdoors, with friends and family, enjoying all the wonders of this season. It tends to be  a busy time for many of us, especially if you are working as well. Reading newsletters indoors might not be on the top of your list to do at this time, so I will keep this one short.

As you see below, I will not be teaching this coming Sunday the 30th, nor on July 4th or 5th. I am taking a few days off to celebrate my son Miles' high school graduation with the whole family. If you miss having class next week and can come in the weekend, just send me a line. The summer is a really easy time to take other classes then your regular ones. And the gentle/restorative on Saturdays is open to all and can be a lovely balance to a full summer schedule.

Also, I will not be teaching the regular weekly class schedule in August. but I will offer a couple of 3-hour classes that month like I did last summer. There will be details about what dates and when in the August newsletter. They will be mixed level classes open to all. Until then, let's live by the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"Live in the sunshine.

Swim in the sea.

Drink in the wild air."

I will offer 3  Thursday and   Friday classes, and 4  Saturday and  Sunday classes in July.
Please note that classes are cancelled this coming Sunday the 30th of June, and on T hursday the 4th  and  Friday the 5th.

Happy, happy summer!


Lena Madsen Yoga
The Lotus Flower

The Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It has its roots in the mud, at the bottom of streams and ponds, but rises to bloom above the water without becoming wet or tainted by the mire below. It symbolically represents being fully grounded in earth, yet aspiring towards the divine. For thousands of years the Lotus has symbolized spiritual growth and self realization.