July, the dog days are in full swing
The dog days of summer have hit harder then Rocky Balboa, days of 40 degrees, working in the sun and humidity as thick as the rain forest. It's been a heck of a month. We've repaired fences, washed and stained deck, built a fence, and so much more.
Tip Of The Month: Types of plungers and how to use them
Not all plungers are created equal. In this wonderful tip of the month we will go over the types of plungers and what each one is used for. Check it out in the link below.

Our new toy works really well.
Recently we purchased a new gizmo for our pressure washer which has made our job a lot easier and it does an incredible job from concrete to wood. This bad boy scrubs and sprays for an unmatched 2 in 1 clean. If you look at the right of the picture you can see where we've cleaned and where we haven't. By keeping the spray contained in the circular scrubbing pad, it helps to keep us and everything else dry. This product has made us more efficient and allows us to work faster saving you money. For all your power washing needs, give us a buzz.
The Bold and The Beautiful
Many of use homeowners tend to shy away from colour. We tend to stick to "less offensive" neutral colours like grey, beige and white. It's hard to say why they do this. Are we scared of what others might think? Are we afraid to make a mistake? Who knows, but our suggestion is to be brave and take a chance. the best place to do this is a bathroom, it's small, and easier to change if you don't like it. Another thing people forget about is a bathroom doesn't need to match the rest of your home. It's easy to shut the door and pass the bathroom without even looking inside, so it shouldn't have to blend in with everything else.

Here is a picture of a bathroom we painted this month, and we think it's pretty stunning. The deep turquoise colour brings a fun energy to the guest bathroom.