There are few awards still undecided. During the course of the year our junior tour players competed in 24 single day " Tournament Series" (TS) events. Our players also competed in 12 2-day " North Florida Junior Players Tour " (NFJPT) events. These 2-day events are normally called our "MAJORS". This tour was once called the " Junior Players Tour". Our season is broken down into three seasons (Fall, Spring and Summer) and for each of those seasons there is a "Tournament Series" point leader for each of the seven divisions. Then for the NFJPT events there is a point leader for Boys 13-18, Girls 13-18 and Boys 10-12 (no Foundation Division). This award is called the "TOP HONOR AWARD". TOGETHER the "TS" points and the "NFJPT" points are combined to determine our PLAYER OF THE YEAR for each division. So, to date, 14 Tournament Series point leaders have been determined and the Summer series is still ongoing and there are some very close battles. That is seven more awards totaling 21 awards for the "TS".