I want to start by saying I can't believe we're just days away from the Intrepid Owners Rendezvous at Ocean Reef Club. I’m stoked about getting to see everybody and sharing a great time together. We’re sorry that we will miss many of you due to the limited space at Ocean Reef Club … we would have included everyone if that were possible.
We will have the new 41 Valor for everyone to see at the Rendezvous. The team did some testing on it and, with twin 600s, the boat was breaking 60 miles an hour. We're still playing with props. We even tested the boat with just one engine running and the other completely trimmed out of the water … the 41 Valor still ran at 26-27 miles per hour!
“SE” stand for side entry, and that's a totally different console. If you look at the 427 Nomad FE that has the sun pad with the fish box forward, on the SE, we remove that, we shift the console forward, and we build that into the console rather than it being a separate entity. By shifting it forward and being able to shrink that space in the bow area, we're able to do a second row behind the helm. That boat is going to be rolling online within the next month and we're going to start production.
Finally, the deck mold for the new 51 Panacea is in process as we speak. We are putting the laminate on it and shot the green gelcoat on the plug itself this morning.
So, all the new boats are coming to fruition. The 41 Valor will be debuting next week. Once it leaves the Rendezvous, you can see it at our facility in Dania, Florida. You can arrange for a sea trial as a part of the Intrepid Nation.
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the Rendezvous next week!
We’re just at the midpoint of the summer season, and we’re already hearing amazing stories of boating vacations from the Intrepid Nation. With plenty of warm weather, calm waters and unmatched powerboats, our customers are having the time of their lives with their favorite activities and travel.
There’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy! We’re looking forward to hearing more tales of boating, fishing and adventures on the Atlantic, Caribbean and beyond.
If you’re looking for another memorable experience this summer, consider Harbour Island. This popular spot in the Bahamas is renowned for its long pink-sand beaches, great marinas, amazing restaurants and beautiful coral reefs.
When planning your Harbour Island vacation, contact our friends at Conch & Coconut. They offer the very best luxury concierge service in the Bahamas with best-in-class charters exclusively featuring an Intrepid fleet. From golf cart rides to a beach picnic, or a fun day on the water fishing, Conch & Coconut can help tailor your once-in-a-lifetime Bahamian vacation.
Alex Rizo
Length 47' 6" | Beam 13' 8"
Max Fuel Capacity 548 Gallons | Water 80 Gallons
To say there is nothing like it is an understatement. This jewel of the Intrepid family is the 15-year byproduct of tirelessly chasing perfection in a luxury sport yacht.
Each innovation and every upgrade is inspired by our best designers: Our customers. Our most luxurious yacht to date, the 477 Evolution’s extraordinary levels of luxury, performance, precision and style will make an impression that will remain with you long after you return to shore.
Once experienced, you will understand why this flagship vessel took 15 years to become a reality. And why it was well worth the wait.
Summertime’s that special season when everyone makes the most of the great outdoors. I’ve heard from friends of ours in the Northeast United States, Michigan, Canada, Mexico, and the Florida Keys lately, and they’re all enjoying their time on the water.
Now is best for boating no matter where you are. It won’t be long until Labor Day, and in some parts of the country, that signals the end of the boating season. So my advice is to enjoy summer to its fullest!
So far, our hurricane season has been a quiet one, but I would like to remind everybody that it's always possible to have a storm come through at this time of the year. With that in mind, the safety of family and friends is paramount. Secondly, it is important to keep your boat out of harm's way. So if a storm approaches, it’s necessary to have a plan to keep your boat safe. If we can offer any advice or answer any questions on that matter, please let me know.
On our boats that have generators, it’s necessary to know that over-cranking a generator can cause internal damage to the generator’s motor. Cranking engages the sea water pump and fills the muffler with sea water even when the unit doesn’t start. If you must make multiple attempts to start, then shut off the raw water supply in the center aft bilge so that seawater doesn’t fill the muffler to a point where it can back up into the generator’s motor. If this happens, then catastrophic damage to the internal parts of the generator motor can occur.
When whatever condition it was that stopped the generator from starting is rectified, you must open the seawater valve simultaneously with start-up so that seawater can flow into the raw water pump again. I need to stress that it’s very important to make sure that the seacock on the generator's raw water intake is open when the generator is running. I’m including the link below for you to see my explanation. If there are any questions, please email or call me.
For well over a decade now, we have been supplying an EPIRB with our new boat deliveries as a gift to new owners. We do this as another method of providing safety to our customers and their families. ACR EPIRB batteries should be replaced every 5 years to ensure proper functioning when needed, so please contact ACR if it’s time to replace your battery.

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We are very excited about our upcoming 2022 Rendezvous at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo at the end of this month. This new venue allows us to add a day to the fun & festivities. Responses were very positive and spaces that were available filled up very quickly. We have a full schedule of events and activities that will allow everyone to enjoy themselves immensely. In the meantime, feel free to contact me to arrange a visit our factory so we can show you some of the exciting projects that we have in process.
Happy Boating,
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