I’ve been a member of a Disciples church pretty much my whole life. Even when I was attending another tradition, like a Lutheran Church or a UCC church, I compared those places to my home tradition. It’s a part of who I am. And yet, when people ask the inevitable question that church-goers get asked, “what are the Disciples?” it can be difficult to answer. What makes us who we are?
Disciples can be plagued by this question. Whereas other traditions can claim a set of doctrines, a worship style, or perhaps even an ethnic identity, we were founded by a group of frontiers-people who swore off the trappings of institutional religion. We don’t have a book we can point to and say “that’s who were are,” or a creed we recite every week. Which is one of the great things about our tradition! And yet, it can be difficult to describe our tradition to other people.
I don’t know what Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone were thinking when they decided to start a movement for a Christianity stripped down of doctrines and creeds, but I often wonder if the point was to get beyond fellowship based on formalities, and instead focus on the face-to-face, and day-to-day interactions of believers. Who we are is all about the life we make together, about our interactions, our struggles, and our celebrations. In this way, the church has the freedom to remake itself without the imposition of outside forces.
In a few weeks I’ll be joining with a few thousand other Disciples in Des Moines, Iowa for General Assembly. This gathering, which happens every 2 years in different locations around the country, brings together all sorts or people from all walks of life to connect with one another. At its best, the greatest minds in our denomination debate ideas, talk vision, and dream about the future together. At its worst, assembly is the dullest board meeting you’ve ever sat through. In reality, it’s all of that and everything in between.
General Assembly is the time when Disciples from around the country get together to be Disciples. So much of our identity as a movement in the United States and Canada (and beyond) is based on our desire to be together, to make like together in this way. We don’t gather to decide doctrine, or hammer out easy answers about what it means to be Disciples, but rather we spend a week in fellowship, over meals, and in worship sharing stories about our journeys, holding in prayer our joys and concerns, and learning about the new ways the church is emerging (and re-emerging) in our communities. General Assembly is literally the way in which what it means to be a Disciples takes on its own flesh. For it is in growing together in relationships around common tables that we grow together.
As our movement continues to redefine itself, I ask that you keep me, and all of the leaders in our denomination in your prayers.
Blessings, Rev. Andrew Guthrie
Prayer Concerns:
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Christmas in July!!!
July 28, 2019
We will celebrate Christmas in July on July 28 th . Jubilee Christmas will be here soon and we are getting an early start. Please bring toys, pajamas, and blanket fleece to church and help in the preparation of Jubilee Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!!!        

Contact Michelle at 765-742-4058 with questions!
July 7th Trivia & lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (South location) at Noon
July 21st Bowling at Arrowhead Bowling Alley at 11:30am
July 27th Cookout at the Schluttenhofer's 4-7pm . Meat and drinks
provided just bring a dish to share and a friend! (Call Michelle at 765-490-9297 for directions)
Alexis Bradshaw and her family would like to thank the congregation for their support and graduation gift.



The Back to School Bash will be August 4th from 4:30-6pm in Trinity United Methodist parking lot.

We have collected school supplies for children in the Lafayette schools for several years. There will be a box at the Gathering Place for donations.
If you have questions, contact Michelle at 765-742-4058.
There are First Christian t-shirts and sweatshirts available for sale. The cost is $10 for the t-shirt and $20 for a sweatshirt. Please make the check to First Christian Church with "t-shirt" in the memo or drop off at the church. Contact the office at 765-742-4058 with questions.
July 7th                                       July 14 th
First Service                                  First Service
Team Leader: Hilgediek                         Team Leader: Hilgediek
Serving: Hilgediek                                  Serving: Hilgediek
Serving: Sam Hilgediek                          Serving: Sam Hilgediek
Serving: Dawn Ramey                            Serving: Dawn Ramey
Serving: Cindy McDonald                      Serving: Cindy McDonald
Set Up & Clean Up: Dawn Ramey         Set Up & Clean Up: Hilgediek
Set Up & Clean Up: Cindy McDonald   Set Up & Clean Up: Sam

Second Service                             Second Service
Team Leader: Donna Adams                 Team Leader: Dave Schluttenhofer
Serving:  Carolyn Weedon                       Serving:  Richard Shaw
Serving:  Linda Brammell                        Serving:  Harriet Beeler
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Serving:  Sandie Hauser                           Serving:  Zach Dismore
Set Up & Clean Up: All Available           Set Up & Clean Up: All Available 

July 21 st                                       July 28 th
First Service                                   First Service
Team Leader: Hilgediek                          Team Leader: Hilgediek      
Serving: Hilgediek                                   Serving: Hilgediek
Serving: Sam Hilgediek                           Serving: Sam Hilgediek      
Serving: Dawn Ramey                             Serving: Dawn Ramey          
Serving: Cindy McDonald                       Serving: Cindy McDonald
Set Up & Clean Up: Dawn Ramey          Set Up & CleanUp: Hilgediek         
Set Up & Clean Up: Cindy McDonald    Set Up & Clean Up: Sam

Second Service                               Second Service
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen                     Team Leader: Donna Adams
Serving:  Sue Dismore                             Serving: Dee Chitty
Serving:  Paula Floyd                               Serving: Sandie Hauser
Serving:  Letcher Floyd                            Serving:  Harriet Beeler
Serving:  Josh Tully                                  Serving:  Richard Shaw
Set Up & Clean Up: All Available           Set Up & Clean Up: All