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July 2017
Dear Patricia, 
July is a month with some of the warmest weather and an abundance of colorful flowers. The sounds of waves crashing, kids laughing, and fireworks booming fill the air. Now is the time to enjoy the company of family and friends while celebrating summer festivities.

Happy July! 

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Show preview and special guest interview
July 1st - 2:00pm-3:00pm
Saturday, July 1st
2:00-3:00PM  Opus Total Health - Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien, RN, D.Ac., is the owner of Opus Total Health, a unique  clinic dedicated to improving your health naturally. Dr. Timothy O'Brien is an  experienced Acupuncturist having worked in the healthcare field in critical care as a Registered Nurse. Dr. O'Brien will discuss holistic modalities at Opus Total Health including: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and herbal teas, nutritional response testing and consultations, facial rejuvenation, bio-magnetic therapy, and massage therapy.  More about Dr. O'Brien and Opus Total Health
3:00-3:30PM Rhode Island Solar Solutions - Karen Esposito
Karen Esposito, Energy Consultant associated with Bay State Solar Solutions and Rhode Island Solar Solutions. Rhode Island Solar Solutions is committed to providing their customers with the most effective solar energy systems available. They also pride ourselves on their exceptional service and customer satisfaction. He will discuss all of the services that they offer their customers.  More about Solar Solutions

3:30- 4:00PM     Z-Systems - Art Francis
Art Francis, Sales Development Manager for Z-Systems, USA. Z-Systems is the world leader in ceramic and dental implants made in Switzerland. He will discuss the benefits of Zirkolith® ceramic implants, which are clinically documented and internationally certified, merging constant innovation with sound scientific research.   More about Z-Systems
                                  4:00-4:30PM   Raskin Resources - Patricia Raskin
                                                     The Tony Jones Show - Tony Jones 

Patricia Raskin will talk about how to get the best from radio shows and podcasts with talk show host and podcaster, Tony Jones of the Tony Jones show. Learn about getting your message across to listeners through your own program and finding the best programs to match your values and interests. More about the Tony Jones Show

Upcoming Guests on WPRO
Saturdays 2:00pm-4:00pm ET
Saturday, July 8th
2:00-3:00PM   Bama Companies  - Paula Marshall
Paula MarshallCEO of Bama Companies, an international innovator of bakery products and author of five books including Sweet as Pie,Tough As Nails, Finding the Soul of Big Business and The Executive Entrepreneur.The Bama Pie Company's story began in 1927 in the kitchen of Cornillia Alabama "Bama" Marshall, Paula Marshall's grandmother. She will give tips on how  to make work fulfilling and productive.  More about Paula 
Saturday, July 15th
2:00-2:30PM  Fresh LLC - Michelle Girasole 
  Michelle Girasole, President of Fresh LLC, a marketing, events, and public relations firm representing only fresh, natural and organic food brands. She will discuss healthy summer eating tips for the whole family, how her company strives to educate the general public about fresh food, and how they strive to become an on-line resource for trusted food industry research and breaking news. She will also talk about music concerts and festivals for summer fun in Rhode Island.  More about Michelle Girasole  
2:30-3:00PM Rhode Island Solar Solutions - Michael Goulart
Michael Goulart, Sales Associate for Rhode Island Solar Solutions. Rhode Island Solar Solutions is committed to providing their customers with the most effective solar energy systems available. They also pride ourselves on their exceptional service and customer satisfaction. He will discuss all of the services that they offer their customers.  More about Rhode Island Solar Solutions 
3:00-3:30PM Colon Cancer Alliance - Barbara Joyce 
Barbara Joyce, Chairman and Founder of The Colon Cancer Alliance, Dr. Abdul Saied Calvino, surgical ongologist, and Sheila A. Amaral. They will discuss The Colon Care Alliance, which is the leading national patient advocacy organization. It is dedicated to increasing colon cancer screening rates and survivorship. They will also be discussing screening, access, awareness, advocacy, and research, as well as their upcoming colon cancer awareness 5k walk/run on August 6th in Warwick.  More about Colon Cancer Alliance
3:30- 4:00PM   Anchor Financial - Joe Baptista
Joe Baptista  is the President of Anchor Financial Mortgage Inc., a company that is dedicated to providing qualified individuals with high quality mortgage programs that are "tailor fit" to their unique situation at the most competitive rates in the nation. For 16 years and counting, the company offers their services in the New England region as well as New York and Florida. Joe will be discussing how Anchor Financial Mortgage Inc. can help homeowners refinance to take advantage of the historic low interest rates currently available as well as reverse mortgages and home purchase mortgage programs.   More about Anchor Financial
Upcoming Guests on
Mondays 2-3pm ET
I am in my 15th year with I began in the early days of internet radio and am pleased to say Voice America is outstanding in topics, hosts, and program line-up. Check out their other programs to be inspired. All current and past programs are archived on this site and can be heard after they air at: 
 Monday, July 3rd
2:00-2:30pm ET/11:00-11:30pm PT - Lynn A. Robinson

Lynn A. Robinson, author of six books on intuition, which have been translated into more than a dozen languages, including "Put your Intuition to Work" and "Divine Intuition". Lynn has been sought out internationally for her intuitive advice and counsel. She’s a popular and widely recognized author and motivational speaker who works with businesses and individuals as a trusted intuitive advisor. 

She will discuss how to manifest big dreams, the right next steps for your business or life, how to handle life transitions, and insights about relationships and situations. More about Lynn A. Robinson

2:30-3:00pm ET/11:30-12:00pm PT Patricia Panahi
Patricia Panahi, author of "Veil of Walls." Born in Massachusetts, Patricia Panahi moved to Iran at the age of nine. She later returned to the States and completed her graduate work at San Diego State University. Panahi has taught English in Iran, California, and Hawaii, owned and operated The Light Spot Bookstore and Coffee House in San Diego, and directed English language programs for international students for the University of Hawaii. Panahi has recently retired from the University of Hawaii and is focusing on her writing career. VEIL OF WALLS is her first novel. Her book discusses how she longs for freedom and hops one day to finally get it.   More about Patricia Panahi
 Monday, July 10th
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-12:00pm PT Cheryl Krauter

Cheryl Krauter is a Marriage and Family Psychotherapist with almost forty years of experience. Her own voyage through cancer combined with her experience as a therapist brings a unique perspective to her clients. Focusing on and helping others has been an important part of her recovery. She will be discussing how her new bookSurviving the Storm:  A Workbook for Telling Your Cancer Story (March 27, 2017) can help. As a cancer survivor herself, she understands how to help others cope with the trauma of post-cancer healing. More about Cheryl Krauter

2:30-3:00pm/11:00-12:00pm PT Carlyn Montes De Oca

Carlyn Montes De Oca, an author, speaker, acupuncturist, and plant-based nutritional consultant. Carlyn has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and a Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today she is the owner of Modern Alchemy Acupuncture & Nutritional Counseling. Her latest novel, Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse is a unique look at how our loving bonds with our dogs and cats pawsitively affect every part of our well-being – mind, body and spirit. More about Carlyn Montes De Oca

 Monday, July 17th
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-12:00pm PT John Cheney-Lippold

John Cheney-Lippold, author of We Are Data and Assistant Professor of American Culture and Digital Studies at the University of Michigan. His book explores how our data defines us in ways that shape how governments, advertisers, marketers, political campaigners, prospective employers, real estate brokers, and even law enforcers see us—ways that often clash with how we see ourselves and defy facts. He will discuss what identity means in an algorithmic age: how it works, how our lives are controlled by it, and how we can resist it. More about "We Are Data"

2:30-3:00pm/11:00-12:00pm PT Debby Bitticks

Debby Bitticks, CEO and President of Vital Options International, a nonprofit cancer communication, education, and advocacy organization with a special mission: Generating global cancer conversations.  Today, through its Advocacy in Action®, Vital Conversations, and Living With Cancer platforms, Vital Options International continues to lead the most meaningful panel discussions and engaging one-on-one interviews. Debby will discuss her three “G’s”: Get informed, get organized and get moving, the value of a second opinion, and how and where to find support. More about Vital Options International

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